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Book 8: Chapter 29: Who is the successor

After around an hour, Duke Giarbots Magic Sedan finally slowly reached the first steel mill of Wimbledon City.

The people who had been waiting for over two hours quickly came forward with smiles on their faces, but no one dared to look impatient at all because they had been waiting for a long time.

The first one to come over wasnt the manager of the steel factory or one of its leaders, it was the Candra Empires magic machine industry departments chief Marquis Askander.

The celebration of this first steel mill didnt need a Lord Marquis who was as powerful and had a high ranking like him to personally attend, but after learning that Duke Giarbot would be participating, he didnt hesitate to attend.

So with him and Duke Giarbot attending, this celebration became the most important event in Wimbledon City and even the entire Candra Empire during this period. There were countless people who paid attention to this event.

Although Duke Giarbot had been late, which slightly delayed the event, no one dared to blame the Lord Duke. So after a slight delay, the event immediately progressed as normal.

After Duke Giarbot came out and greeted everyone, he had planned on following the flow and giving the stage that had been prepared. However, before he could get onto the stage, he saw a guest that he didnt expect.

“Oh, dear young miss Freya, I never thought that you would come to this event as well. It really is surprising.” Duke Giarbot gave a smile that was much warmer than any he had given to anyone else, walking over to Freya who was already standing.

Freya also revealed a perfect and bright smile, giving a graceful bow to Duke Giarbot.

“Lord Duke, I am temporarily representing our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to attend this event, so it isnt strange that you didnt know about this.”

Duke Giarbot gave a laugh, “Young miss Freya, for this event to even attract someone like you, the people of the first steel mill must be dying of happiness, right”

The manager of the first steel mill, Count Reddingale, who had been following behind Duke Giarbot quickly came forward. He nodded as he said with a smile, “Thats right, thats right. Young miss Freya participating in this event is our first steel mills honour. It means that our first steel mills friendship with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is unshakeable.”

Hearing this, Duke Giarbot looked at Count Reddingale before revealing a smile and turning back to give an inviting gesture to Freya.”

“Young miss Freya, since you are here, then how about saying a few things with me”

Freya waved her hand, “I already said my fill as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces representative. Now were just waiting for the Lord Dukes speech before starting the lunch feast.”

After saying this, Freya revealed a naughty smile and there was a bit of complaint in her voice.

“To be honest, Lord Duke, Ive already waited here for a long time and Im already a bit hungry.”

Duke Giarbot broke out in laughter again.

“To make young miss Freya wait this long really is my mistake. Be assured, I will just casually say a few things. At the lunch feast, I hope that young miss Freya can sit with me. I have a few thing that I want to consult young miss Freya about.”

“I dont dare consult. The Lord Duke can ask whatever you want to ask, as long as I can answer it, I wont hide it.” Freya said with a sweet smile.

The smile on Duke Giarbots face turned a bit stiff.

This Freya, she wasnt even willing to give the pleasantries

What “wont hide anything” Did that mean that there were many things she wasnt willing to answer

But thinking of how Freya acted the same as her father Xu Yi, Duke Giarbot immediately relaxed.

As Xu Yis oldest daughter and Xu Yis only successor, it was natural that Freyas actions were very close to Xu Yis.

After exchanging a few more words with Freya, Duke Giarbot headed onto the stage alone and began the speech that everyone was waiting for.

Although he had said that he would only say a few words, with his status, since he came to this event, he would have to act in the play and naturally couldnt only say a few words.

The speech on the stage lasted close to half an hour and after reviewing the history of the steel smelting industry in the Sines Continent over the past ten years, he finally ended his speech.

At this time, it was already close to one in the afternoon and everyone was clearly starving.

But it was a good thing that Duke Giarbot was the final act. Once he finished his speech, the morning events were over and everyone was led by the leader of the steel mill to the lunch feast.

During the feast, Duke Giarbot was naturally sitting at the head of the table with his status.

Other than Duke Giarbot, there was the first steel mills manager Count Reddingale and the magic machine industry department chief Marquis Askander.

Of course, there was also Freya.

“Young miss Freya, since youve come to our Candra Empire this time, is it because of the magic communication network matter” After drinking for a bit, Duke Giarbot asked Freya sitting beside him this question.

“Yes.” Freya nodded.

“Then……since chairman Xu has sent young miss Freya, does that mean that hes planning to accept the empires request”

Freya revealed a smile, revealing a pair of tiger teeth and slowly shook her head.

“That isnt certain, but I can tell the Lord Duke a good piece of news. Our company does have the intention of transferring the magic communication network technology to your country, but before that……it will depend on if your country can give us some satisfying conditions.”

Duke Giarbot broke out in laughter, “As long as youre willing to transfer, its good. As for the conditions……of course they can be discussed.”

Duke Giarbot raised the cup of wine in his hand after saying this and gestured to Freya.

“Come, let us give a toast to our future cooperation!”

Freya raised her cup, but there was only normal fruit juice inside.

However, she didnt touch glasses with Duke Giarbot and just raised it before drinking it down. Then she said with a smile, “Im sorry, Lord Duke. Lord father is very strict with me and doesnt permit me to drink wine before I turn twenty five.”

Seeing Freyas actions, Duke Giarbot had a dark look that flickered on his face, but the smile instantly reappeared.

“Chairman Xu must be strict with his education or he wouldnt be able to raise an outstanding daughter like young miss Freya. Speaking of this……Young miss Freya, Ive heard some rumours that you and chairman Xu have an agreement. When you turn twenty five, you will be deciding on whether you will take over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“There is this agreement.” Freya gave a nod.

The others at the table had been listening to their conversation, but hearing this topic, everyone focused their attention. They even forgot their wine and all turned to look at them.

The matter of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces successor wasnt just an important problem for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was a very important problem for the entire Sines Continent.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces successor would determine their long term development plans, so there couldnt be a single mistake allowed.

So countless people of the continent cared about whether Freya would take over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or not.

This wasnt a problem in the first place because although Xu Yi had many children, when Freya was born twenty years ago, he had already designated her as his only successor. So everyone had already recognized the fact that Freya would receive the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from him in the future.

But after Freya grew up, there was this rumour that appeared that stated that Freya might not take over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, she might even give up the position of the next chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Almost everyone didnt believe this rumour at first because no one thought that Freya would give up an important position like the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But over the years, the rumours about Freya kept coming out and gradually proved this point.

This fellow Xu Yi, he actually gave Freya the right to choose and allowed her to not take over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

“Then young miss Freya, if I remember correctly, you will be turning twenty five next year, right Have you already made your decision” Duke Giarbot asked the question that everyone cared about.

Freyas eyes opened wide as she thought that she had already thought about this question many times.

“I still havent decided yet.” Freya shook her head, “I currently am not interested in becoming the same kind of person as lord father, but I cant guarantee that I will think the same next year.”

The people around looked at each other in blank dismay.

What kind of answer was this It was like she didnt answer at all……

Marquis Askander couldnt help saying, “Young miss Freya, I can see that youre already taking care of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces matters over the years. This time chairman Xu gave you the full rights to handle this magic communication network matter, so he must……already be preparing for you to take over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right”

Freya pursed her lips and snappily said, “That is a hole that lord father dug for me, I have no interest in handling this matter.”

Everyone could only look at each other in blank dismay again.

It seemed like the interaction between Xu Yi and Freya was already beyond everyones speculations.

But they did hear a good piece of news. Xu Yi clearly had the intention of making Freya take over.

Since Xu Yi had this intention, if nothing unexpected happened, Freya would respond to his intentions and take over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This meant that the candidate for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces next chairman was decided, which was this young and beautiful young miss Freya in front of them.

Thinking of this, everyone became even more friendly towards Freya.-

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