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Book 8: Chapter 27: Confident in Xu Yi

Duke Giarbot silently thought for a bit before slowly shaking his head.

“Your majesty, I dont think theres a need to be worried. Xu Yis actions this time were a bit more intense than before, but I dont believe that its because his ideas have changed. Or rather, its just……that hes a bit anxious this time”

Emperor Candra looked over at Duke Giarbot and said with a smile, “You seem very confident in Xu Yi.”

Duke Giarbot was silent for a bit before standing up straight and saying with a serious look, “Your majesty, with Xu Yis achievements in the past ten years, of course Im confident in him.”

Seeing the firm look on his most trusted official, Emperor Candra fell silent.

If it was said ten years ago when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had their greatest momentum, when the armies of the two empires couldnt resist the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, when people said that Xu Yi didnt have any ambition, no one believed it.

But when Xu Yi passed what everyone considered was the best chance, rejecting the temptation of having the greatest authority, instead focusing on having all the countries of the continent invest in developing the magic machine industry. When he showed a stance of peaceful development, everyone was a bit surprised.

Then in these ten years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce led by Xu Yi had really done what he had said in the Banta Declaration. They had focused on helping each country on the continent develop their magic machine industry, changing the lives of the epople of the continent and never changing their actions.

Not to mention the other countries, just in the Candra Empire, in these ten years, they had greatly improved themselves with the help of Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Emperor Candra had already been on the throne for thirty years now, but in the first twenty years he was in power, even if the Candra Empire was one of the two empires of the continent and was considered the strongest country on the continent, they couldnt even have ample crops to provide peace to its citizens.

Even if they didnt talk about external threats, just in the giant Candra Empire alone, there would be all kinds of natural disasters. There would even be some large disasters every few years that caused the empire to be filled with chaos and refugees.

As the emperor, Emperor Candra had been beaten up quite a bit trying to solve these matters in his first twenty years of ruling.

However ten years ago, when they were forced to put down their resistance and cooperate fully with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there was a shocking period of great change and improvement in the Candra Empire with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the magic machine industry that they brought.

First was the most important problem of crops.

Because they worked with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the new method of farming that had been effective in the Lampuri Kingdom had been introduced in the Candra Empire.

With large amounts of magic machines, fertilizers from the elves, and other things, the Candra Empires grain yield had greatly increased every year in the past ten years.

In less than four years, the Candra Empire had already achieved the goal of being perfectly self sufficient that they hadnt accomplished in a thousand years. From the fifth year forward, the empire no longer had a famine and it was even rare for anyone to starve to death.

When it came to disasters, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce working with the governors of each region, they had finished many road and hydraulic projects, along with many prevention projects. Other than a single large flood in the second years, in the past eight years, there hadnt been a single large flood in the Candra Empire.

As for draughts, with the water system in place and other supporting facilities, they could easily be handled. Even if they appeared now, it wouldnt become a real disaster.

Of course, there wasnt a way to stop all natural disasters in this world.

But in the Candra Empire, even if there was a natural disaster, because of the comprehensive road network and the fast methods of transportation, they could easily deliver relief supplies to any disaster area and give them to the victims. They could minimize any disaster in the shortest amount of time, making it so that it wouldnt become a large disaster.

Of course, what Emperor Candra considered the most important was the magic communication network that had covered the entire Candra Empire.

With this, it made communication very convenient, far surpassing the common sense of the Candra Empires people.

Before this, because the Candra Empire was just too big and had complicated terrain, it wasnt easy to transmit any information.

Once something happened, it would take ten days to half a month before the information was transferred to Wimbledon City at the center of the empire.

But with the magic communication network, if something happened in any part of the Candra Empire and they were under the coverage of the magic communication network, they could report to Wimbledon City at any time and could even report to the emperor.

Just take the flood that had appeared in the northeast province in the first half of this year. As soon as it started, the northeast provinces Governor Manor had reacted as soon as they received the news.

Then in less than half an hour, the empires parliament received this news and immediately contacted the northeast provinces Governor Manor for more information, as well as to give them detailed instructions.

Then the next morning, there was a large amount of relief supplies that set out from Wimbledon City, reaching the northeast province in just three days. They were then sent to the disaster areas on the fourth day and working with the Governor Manor, they easily controlled the situation.

This process was very quick and there wasnt any chance of this disaster spreading. There was no turmoil for any of the victims and it was all considered very efficient.

If this matter had happened in the first twenty years of Emperor Candras reign, by the time that the news arrived from the northeast provinces Governor Manor and they reacted, the disaster would have already been out of their control.

Then it would take at least another half a month before the parliament received the news. It would have been hard to estimate when they would have sent the relief supplies.

It would have already been good if they could be sent at all.

Now with this quick communication system, it was hard for the northeast province to hide this matter even if they wanted to. That was because the parliament and even the emperor could learn about the disaster through the communication network right away.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had recently come up with the remote communication method. Even if the center of the empire was several thousand kilometers away, they could immediately analyze the situation of the disaster. They couldnt hide it as easily as before.

To be even more exaggerated, if Emperor Candra wanted to personally go to the disaster area, he could take the Magic Airship and reach any part of the empire in less than a day.

If it was before, if the emperor left the palace, it would create a large stir and cause countless problems.

Now with the convenience of transportation, the emperor could go wherever he wanted to go.

Anyway, he could come back at any time and could be contacted whenever, so nothing important would be delayed.

As for safety……the Candra Empires royal guards had the military support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They had bought some military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so their battle power far exceeded that of any other army in the empire.

With these loyal guards, only if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards attacked them, the emperor wouldnt have to worry about his safety.

So with this convenient long distance communication method and transportation method that surpassed all previous methods, Emperor Candra could sit in the palace and easily learn about anything that happened in the Candra Empire.

After reigning for thirty years, only these few years made him feel like he truly controlled the Candra Empire.

Because before this, he knew that even if he was the emperor, he didnt have any solid control over the nobles of the various areas.

The reason was very simple, he couldnt manage them,

So from an objective perspective, whether it was the citizens or controlling the empire, Emperor Candra had to thank Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It was because of the magic machine industry that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought that the Candra Empire had changed this greatly, letting the entire empire take a great leap forward.

Moreover, Xu Yi had always followed the commitment he made in the Banta Declaration. He and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had always helped the Candra Empire develop their magic machine industry. Other than the military magic machines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt hold back in any aspect and gave the Candra Empire whatever they needed.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never released all their technology, they had disclosed quite a bit in the past ten years. The Candra Empire had also developed when it came to technology and they were no longer like ten years ago, they had some understanding of the magic machine industry.

The current Candra Empire, even without the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could be said to have a near perfect magic machine industry which satisfied their large internal demands.

No matter how one looked at it, Xu Yi had kept his word in these ten years and never had any demand for excessive power. He didnt do anything like the countless people in the Candra Empire had been worried about, meddling in the internal affairs of the Candra Empire.

So even someone as important as Duke Giarbot couldnt help admiring Xu Yi and didnt hesitate to display his confidence in Xu Yi in front of Emperor Candra.

He was right, if Xu Yi had this ambition, he would have done it ten years ago. He had countless opportunities to do it over the past ten years, so why would he suddenly have this idea ten years later

However, Emperor Candra wasnt fully at ease.

He looked at Duke Giarbot before saying with a sigh, “Duke, you should understand what I mean. My worry isnt whether Xu Yi is willing to do it or not, but rather whether he can or cant……”

How could Duke Giarbot not understand the emperors meaning After looking at the emperor, he could only give a bitter laugh.-

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