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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 118

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Splitting research

After he left the household magic machine workshop, Xu Yi came to the magic machine workshop. After discussing a few things with Camby and the other dwarves, he took several blueprints before heading back to his office.

The office had already been expanded and other than the office that Xu Yi used occasionally, there was another room that was specially put aside as Wellas research lab.

When Xu Yi came in, he found Wella was immersed in some material, looking through them with complete focus.

These materials were related to the magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently produces. After Wella was employed by Xu Yi, Xu Yi didnt immediately have her work on researching, but rather gave her some material for her to study first.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Wella looked up and saw Xu Yi. She gave him a simple nod and didnt greet him.

Xu Yi was already used to her indifference and this had become more clear after he had her sign the confidentiality contract.

“Wella, what do you think Do you have an approximate idea of the design of our Frestech Chamber of Commerces products” Xu Yi didnt care about her attitude and saw down in front of her as he asked this.

Wella thought for a bit before giving a slight nod, “I have some ideas. Xu…..Chairman, after seeing these materials, Ive found that it isnt strange at Rem and I lost at the Leo Chamber of Commerce at all.”

“Oh Why did you suddenly say this”

“Because after I studied the material you gave me, Ive found that in these magic machines, the magic actually isnt the main factor. What decides its use is actually the design and structure of the magic machine itself. If it was just in terms of Magic Array, the ones that me and Rem created wouldnt lose to your Magic Arrays in terms of power. But if these Magic Arrays were used in magic machines, because there is a big disparity in terms of design, there would be a large contrast.”

Xu Yi looked at Wella in surprise as he couldnt help revealing a look of appreciation.

Although this logic was simple, other than Great Magician Camilla and Stills group who researched with him, the other magicians didnt seem to understand this point.

In everyones thoughts, they felt that the power of the magic machines is because of the power of magic. They completely ignored the powerful mechanical engineering knowledge Xu Yi had brought from earth.

Wella was the first person who recognized this in front of Xu Yi. Even with Still and the others, they recognized this, but they didnt openly accept it like Wella.

“Congratulations, Wella. Recognizing this point, it means you have taken a step closer to becoming a magic machine designer.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Since you have this understanding, I feel like I can now give you some real work to do.”

Xu Yi took out a blueprint and handed it to Wella.

“This is the blueprint for the Rolling Forge Magic Punch Press that Im planning to develop and I need you to study something, which is this Magic Array that provides the power. Because there needs to be explosive power in this driving force, I feel that it is most suitable to use a burst type Flame Magic Array. Wella, you are more skilled with Fire Magic Arrays, so I decided to give this part to you to study. I have already written down the specific requirements for this Magic Array on the blueprint, so you can just properly study the patterns and details on the design.”

Wella took the blueprint and was shocked by the dense amount of details written on the design. After she looked it over, she looked up to ask Xu Yi, “Chairman, when you designed the Magic Fan, you didnt use such a complicated blueprint, right”

“Of course.” Xu Yi replied in a natural manner, “The Magic Fan technology is so low leveled, how could it compare to this Rolling Forge Magic Punch Press You should know that the Magic Fan only used a simple Revolving Wind Array and this Rolling Forge Magic Punch Press, my initial plans has it using eleven Magic Arrays of different grades and three different elements! Do you think it would be the same”

Wella looked at the blueprint in a daze before suddenly giving a bitter smile, “Chairman, now Im willing to admit my defeat.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile. He pointed at a few places on the blueprint before saying with a serious expression, “I dont care if you admit it or not, but you have to do well with this Magic Array. You are now an employee of our company, Wella, I hope you will not mess it up.”

Well glared at Xu Yi and gave a soft snort. Her expression was filled with confidence again, “Who do you think I am”


In order to complete the three thousand agricultural magic machines before the spring harvest, Xu Yi was incredibly busy.

After taking care of the research Wella was responsible for, Xu Yi immediately left the factory and headed back to Banta City.

When first went to see Sancheli who had been thinking about the Magic Array problem in a room by himself. After giving him a few words of instruction, he immediately went to Evita and Akalis little house.

After they saw the new Magic Lamp design that Agnes and Vivian made together, Evita and Akali couldnt help gasping in shock.

“Sir chairman, who drew this This is simple…..too beautiful!” Feeling excited, Akali even forgot about how she was deliberately acting cold towards Xu Yi. She grabbed Xu Yis arm in pleasant surprise as she cried out in shock.

Although Evita was more reserved compared to Akali, she also couldnt help revealing a look of excitement.

“Thats right, chairman, this Magic Lamp is too beautiful! If there really was this kind of Magic Lamp, I dont care how much it costs, I would definitely buy one!” Evita said in a certain voice.

“Are you both very interested in this Magic Lamp You both want to buy it” Xu Yi asked.

“Of course!” The two both nodded as they replied in a very certain voice, “This is simply a work of art!”

An embarrassed look suddenly appeared on Evitas face, “Sir chairman, since you had just a good Magic Lamp design, why didnt you tell me earlier You caused me to give you such an ugly Magic Lamp……”

“No, no, that Magic Lamp isnt ugly at all. Moreover, the Magic Lamp drawn here was modified from that Magic Lamp.” Xu Yi quickly comforted her, “This design has just entered my hands, I didnt know about it at all before. Un…..Since you two are very satisfied with the design of this Magic Lamp, then there should be no worries in terms of selling it. Very good, this has been decided. The next product our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be selling is this Magic Lamp!”

“Great! I support you sir chairman!” Akali gave an excited clap, “When this Magic Lamp is made, I will definitely buy one!”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes at her, “You are one of the designers of this Magic Lamp and youre still thinking of buying it Relax, when it is made, Ill give you one.”

Akali cheered in happiness, even swinging as she hugged Xu Yis arm, not acting depressed like before after suffering a blow from Xu Yi.

Seeing Akalis exaggerated appearance and Evitas happy appearance, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a smile.

The powerful magic machines that he worked hard to make, in the eyes of these little girls, they couldnt compare to a single Magic Lamp.

After saying goodbye to Akali and Evita, Xu Yi headed to Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce already had Still, Evita, Akali, Wella, and Sancheli researching Magic Arrays for them, which was completely enough to finish researching the Magic Arrays needed for magic machines, in order to complete the mass produce the agricultural magic machines, Xu Yi had to invent a series of Magic Punch Presses for them.

Compared to the previous simple Magic Fans, Magic Rice Cookers, Magic Air Conditioners, and small Magic Punch Press, the Rolling Forge Magic Punch Press used to make agricultural magic machines was much more complicated. Naturally there were several times more Magic Arrays that needed to be researched.

To complete this large amount of Magic Array research in a short period of time, it was naturally impossible to just depend on Still and the others. So after discussing it with Camby and the others, Xu Yi decided to ask for Great Magician Camillas help.

Not mentioning the large amount of Magic Array research, the core driving part of the Magic Punch Presses had high requirements, so naturally the Magic Array also had to be of the same level. Although Xu Yi theorized that Fifth Grade or Sixth Grade Magic Arrays should be enough, to be sure, Xu Yi planned to give this core research to Great Magician Camilla to finish.

If Xu Yi gave all these research projects to Great Magician Camilla before, he would have definitely been reprimanded by Great Magician Camilla. But after receiving the gold coin subsidization from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and receiving some extra rewards from helping with the research, Great Magician Camilla had seen the benefits of helping Xu Yi complete this research and also gradually lost his resistance to the work Xu Yi gave him.

Not to mention that helping Xu Yi complete this research also helped Great Magician Camilla gain new understanding of magic and Magic Arrays, which was quite a large help to increasing his magic power.

So each time he saw Xu Yi, Great Magician Camilla was not filled with regret like before. It was more like he was expecting something, as he always had a smile, looking very friendly.

But seeing Xu Yi this time, Great Magician Camilla had a different expression. When he saw Xu Yi come in, he gave a cold snort.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised. He had already left Banta City for over ten days and this was his first time seeing Great Magician Camilla, so he shouldnt have done anything to make him made, right

Great Magician Camilla looked at the stunned Xu Yi and gave another snort. He said in a deep voice, “I thought that after you became a Fifth Grade Magician, you would ascend into the heavens. You wouldnt be willing to see me, but you still know to come.”

Xu Yi was even more surprised. What did Great Magician Camilla mean by that

He had just come back yesterday afternoon and came to see him the next morning, but he was actually dissatisfied

Great Magician Camilla suddenly changed the topic, “Kid, do you know that after Still knew that you would come back yesterday, she was happy for several days. It was rare for her to even make several dishes and she waited to invite you to my house for a meal. Kid, in the end, you ran to the little girls Evita and Akalis place. What Are those two little girls more beautiful than Still”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry. So Great Magician Camilla wasnt saying something about himself, rather he was saying something for Still.

But Still was even more strange. The reason why he went to Evita and Akalis place was to bring home Vivian who had been there for several days. It wasnt like Still didnt know what was going on, so why was she so angry

“This…...Your excellency Great Magician, you dont mean that right Stills charm is not only something everyone in the city knows, even in the surrounding cities, she is considered the goddess of Banta City. If you say that she isnt beautiful, isnt this speaking nonsense with your eyes wide open” Xu Yi thought about it before replying like this with a dry smile. Then he quickly changed the topic and asked, “Thats right, how did you know I became a Fifth Grade Magician”

Great Magician Camilla gave another cold snort and pointed at the thick book on the table as he said, “Kid, youve become famous!”-

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