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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 19: Trapped

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Book 8: Chapter 19: Trapped

An hour later, when Freya appeared in front of the Candra Empire delegate, she had already changed into a long dress that complimented her nobility and beautiful figure. There wasnt a single bit of naughtiness from when she was with Xu Yi and Still, rather there was a perfect faint smile.

Looking over, the Candra Empire delegates immediately stood up with smiles.

“Young miss Freya, it truly is an honour seeing you.”

The leader of the delegate group was the vice chief of the Candra Empires department of foreign affairs Marquis Mufara, who was in charge of discussing this matter with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, gave a bow to Freya with a bright smile on his face.

“When young miss Freya came to our Candra Empire last time, I didnt have a chance to meet you. The first time meeting you, I really cant help praising your beauty. Young miss Freya, if youre willing to appear on the Magic Illusion shows, I think that you might be as popular as miss Lenoya.”

In order to protect Freya and also because she wasnt willing, Xu Yi and Still hadnt allowed Freyas true appearance to appear in any newspaper or Magic Illusion broadcast.

The people of the continent knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yis daughter was in her twenties and was an extreme beauty, but there were few people who had actually seen her face before.

So in many newspapers, the name Freya had already been assigned as the most mysterious girl on the Sines Continent.

Freya revealed a faint smile, “Thank you for your praise. Marquis Mufara, I wonder, why did you designate that you wanted to meet me Ive never had any contact with you before, right”

“Un” Marquis Mufara was a bit surprised before his expression returned to normal and he said with a smile, “This time we came to cooperate with your company to deal with the human smugglers from last month in our empire. Young miss Freya, I heard chairman Xu mention that you participated in this action with your companys guards, right”

Freya was surprised before suddenly understanding what happened.

The Candra Empire didnt know that she had participated in last months mission at all!

It wasnt strange since it was an internal secret that she was participating. She had even used the Illusion Skin the entire time and never showed her true appearance, so she shouldnt have been revealed.

Hearing Marquis Mufara say this, she understood that she had been sold out by her lord father!

Freya gave a snort in her heart, but she still maintained the perfect smile on her face as she gave a nod.

“Yes, I participated as per lord fathers instructions, but I was only an observer the entire time and never directly participated. Lord father wanted me to be more familiar with the actions of the companys guards so I could contact them more easily in the future.”

Marquis Mufara gave a laugh, “Young miss Freya, as the successor of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, its natural that you would have contact with the company guards ahead of time. Chairman Xus arrangements arent strange at all.”

Freya couldnt help slightly knitting her brows.

When she had just been born, Xu Yi had announced to everyone that she was Xu Yis only heir. The other children could inherit some material goods, but they couldnt inherit anything else.

Everyone understood that if nothing unexpected happened, Freya would inherit Xu Yis position and become the next chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was not only something that everyone in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce recognized, everyone outside the Frestech Chamber of Commerce also recognized this.

So when people met Freya, they would treat her as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces successor and would be respectful to her.

Freya didnt really hate this, but she didnt like it either.

Before she had made her decision, she didnt want her destiny to be decided like this.

Marquis Mufara naturally didnt understand what Freya was thinking. For him, being able to become the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman was something that everyone dreamed of.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently controlled over 50% of the magic machine industry on the continent and the other half couldnt leave the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, being heavily influenced by them.

With the importance of the magic machine industry in all the countries of the continent, it wasnt an exaggeration to say that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce controlled the fates of everyone on the continent.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, Xu Yis position on the continent wasnt low, he was even higher than the emperors of the two empires.

If Freya inherited the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even if she couldnt have the same position as Xu Yi, she would become one of the top people on the continent.

So even if he was the vice chief of the Candra Empires foreign affairs department and was an important person in the Candra Empire, when he met Freya, he didnt dare be negligent.

“I just had a look on the side and didnt handle anything, that is too early.” Freya gave a casual wave of the hand before changing the topic, “Lets get down to business. Marquis Mufara, you said that its related to last months actions, but what are the specifics”

Marquis Mufara gave a small cough before explaining, “Young miss Freya, although last months mission could be considered perfectly done, with us capturing the evil smugglers with the help of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and rescuing a bunch of kidnapped people, the empires performance in this matter is a bit lacking.”


“Look, whether its dealing with the enemies or information about the kidnapped people, the empires actions couldnt compare to the actions of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, it was rather slow. When the emperor saw this report, he was very angry with this and immediately requested us to come up with a solution for this. So…..we came to your company for help.”

“Then what kind of help do you need” Freya asked.

“First, its the information exchange. The empire hopes that we can work with your Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce to strengthen the magic communication network in the empire, allowing us to lay down an entire magic communication network in the entire empire and allowing real time communication in any place.”

“Shouldnt you be looking for our company then” Freya said in a surprised voice, “We have always been promoting laying down the magic communication network and have spared no efforts in this. The main issue is that you and the other countries arent willing to invest. If you want to achieve this dream of a complete magic communication network, you should first bring out the funds before talking about it.”

“The empire already had the idea of investing in this, but……theres a small worry……” Marquis Mufara said in a hesitant voice.

“Worry” Freya understood in her heart, but she didnt nod and looked at Marquis Mufara with a questioning look.

Marquis Mufara gave a cough and after some thought, he continued, “The empire attaches great importance to the construction of the magic communication network, but since the magic communication network is mainly led by your company and all the technology is in the hands of your company, with the empire only being able to participate in its operation, but not actually interfere with the magic communication network itself…..Oh, no, without having a detailed understanding of it, its very disadvantageous when it comes to operating the magic communication network. Once something happens, we have to look for your company for help which really isnt convenient……”

“So you want all the related technology and control the magic communication network yourself You want to lay it down and then kick us out” Freya interrupted him without any courtesy.

“No, no, no……” Marquis Mufara quickly waved his hands, “Young miss Freya, youve misunderstood. My meaning is that we dont want to always trouble the technical staff of your company. We want to solve the small problems by ourselves as much as we can. Wouldnt this be beneficial for you As for kicking you aside, how could that be……”

“So in the end, you want the magic communication network technology”

“He, he……This……If your company is willing to sell the related technology, the empire is willing to pay a price that will satisfy you.” Marquis Mufara still confidently stated his goal.

“A satisfactory price” Freya looked over Marquis Mufara and thought for a bit before asking, “You should have already seen lord father, right What did he say”

“Chairman Xu said that he had already handed this matter to young miss Freya to handle and your opinion is his opinion.” Marquis Mufara and the other Candra Empire diplomats all looked at Freya with expectant looks.

Xu Yis sly smile appeared in Freyas mind.

Good, lord father dug a hole for me.

Freya closed her eyes and seriously considered this.

Seeing her reaction, Marquis Mufaras group revealed pleasantly surprised looks.

Before this, the Candra Empire had made the same request several times and had been rejected each time.

They had come looking for Xu Yi because of this matter, but Xu Yi had acted differently. Although he didnt give a clear answer, he told them to talk to Freya instead.

This attitude was a favourable turn for them.

Now that young miss Freya had closed her eyes to seriously consider this, didnt that mean that she might agree to their request

Everyone anxiously waited for a bit before Freya slowly opened her eyes.

“Young miss Freya, what do you think” Marquis Mufara quickly asked.

Freyas lips curled slightly, revealing a bright smile that also hid a trace of cunningness.

“Before discussing this, shouldnt you at least show your sincerity”

Marquis Mufaras group was stunned before being filled with joy.-

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