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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 18: Elf harem

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Book 8: Chapter 18: Elf harem

“Freya, Harris told me everything about what happened last month. Youre willing to take responsibility and take risks to solve the problem, Im very proud of that. But……you have to finish your work. If you run away after taking the risk and leave the other things to others, I think that youre just playing around. If its like this, Im not happy.”

Seeing the serious look on Xu Yis face, Freya became a bit nervous. Her big eyes turned in thought before she understood what Xu Yi meant.

“Father, you mean……the kidnapping incident from last time……isnt over yet”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and shook his head.

“Since you asked this, you clearly participated just to play around. Freya, go and ask your mother for your punishment, I dont have a reason to protect you this time.”

Freyas expression changed before bitterly turning back to look at Still. However, seeing that Still looked at her without any expression, she could only obediently come to Stills side and lowered her head.

“Mother, please punish me.”

“I just think that its wrong for you not to treasure yourself and risk falling into danger, making us worry, so I want to punish you a bit…..Youll properly study spatial magic with your great grandfather for a week and you can only stop when you receive your great grandfathers approval, understood”

Freya looked up and revealed a smile again.

“I understand. Mother, you want me to study more so I can protect myself, so I will seriously study.”

Still shook her head with a smile and patted her head, “Alright, go to your father, he still has other things to tell you.”

“Understood!” Freya gave a mischievous salute before coming back to Xu Yis side, “Father, Ive received mothers punishment and am here to report!”

“You think that itll end there” Xu Yi didnt show any expressions, “Your mother thinks that you making us worry is only a bit wrong, but to me, your biggest mistake is not finishing your work and only playing around. You didnt care about handling what came after and didnt care about the consequences of you participating at all. This is the biggest mistake that you made, understand”

Freya scratched her head, looking a bit confused.

“Father, is there still something to handle after this Didnt we already clean up the den of human smugglers and save the kidnapped people”

“So you thought that the things that came after should be my headache and is unrelated to you” Xu Yi said with a cold snort.

Freya stuck out her tongue and gave a soft snort, “Uncle Harris betrayed me……”

Xu Yi tapped her head, “What betrayal He just truthfully reported to me. Let me tell you, the matter of handling the people behind the kidnapping, that is what is a headache for me. However, when it came to rescuing the kidnapped people, I handed all authority on this matter to you. Because this issue came from this matter, its up to you to handle it.”

“Oh……then is there a problem Uncle Harris said that this was just a matter of handling the procedures, so there shouldnt be a problem, right”

“Dont ask me, I dont know.” Xu Yi shook his head.

“Ah” Freya looked at Xu Yi with a stunned look, “Father, are you…..are you teasing me”

Xu Yi went from a serious look to a cunning smile.

“I really dont know because the Candra Empire delegate is aksin for you. They want to talk about cooperating with you, so its not related to me.”

Freya was stunned before suddenly understanding.

“Alright! Father, you did this on purpose, right”

Xu Yi curled his lips into a smile, “Whether it was on purpose or not, because you caused this matter, you have to take responsibility for it. Theres no need for me to say anything else, right”

Freya gave a helpless sigh before giving a dejected nod, “I understand. Then I should go and meet with the Candra Empires people later”

“Dont ask me, this is your matter.” Xu Yi revealed a hateful look like this didnt concern him which made Freya unable to stop her lips from curling.

Still who had been watching on the side couldnt help smiling, “Alright, you father and daughter, can you not play this kind of childish game in front of our guests all the time Lenoya, come and sit. I have to talk to you about a new program.”

Lenoya who had been silently waiting on the side, watching Freya interact with her parents came over with a smile. She gave Still and Xu Yi a bow before seriously looking at Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, the elder wants me to ask, when are you planning on marrying me”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “I say, Lenoya, can you not ask this every time you see me”

“Because youve never given me a concrete answer.” Lenoya still had the same smile, not feeling anything wrong with her question.

If the diehard fans of Lenoya all over the Sines Continent heard this, countless people would feel dejected.

Of course, no one would feel angry.

Because…..the one Lenoya was asking this to was Xu Yi.

“But I already clearly told you many times that I wont agree to this.” Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “Go back and tell elder Undine that Im already a sixty year old old man, marrying a young girl like you is wasting natural resources. Then again, I already have all those wives, I dont want another.”

“But chairman Xu, Im already ninety eight years old, Im almost forty years older than you.” Lenoya said with a smile.

“You are an elf, can you compare ages with humans” Xu Yi refuted.

“But chairman Xu, youve already received the life essence of our elf race and with your own magic power, even if you are sixty years old, your body is better than most thirty year old humans. So this isnt a problem.”

Seeing that Lenoya wasnt willing to give up, Xu Yi could only helplessly roll his eyes again.

“Lenoya, I wont agree no matter what. Look, my daughter looks like shes around the same age as you, how could I marry a young elf girl like you Then again, you and Freya are good friends, so if I were to marry you, what would Freya call you”

Freya who was having fun watching Lenoya “proposing” to Xu Yi suddenly heard herself being mentioned and she couldnt help giving a laugh. After blinking for a bit, she gave a serious nod, “Un…..this is indeed a problem. But…..father, this doesnt conflict with you marrying Lenoya, right I support you marrying Lenoya very much, then we can all be one family. Dont you think so, Lenoya”

“Of course.” Lenoya gave a firm nod.

Xu Yi could only look at Still with a gaze asking for help.

Still gave a shrug and said with a faint smile, “You know that I dont care about this, you can marry Lenoya if you want. I wont oppose it.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and tapped his head before waving his hand at Freya and Lenoya.

“You can leave first.”

Freya gave a giggle before pulling Lenoya to her room. She waved her fist at Xu Yi while running, looking like she was encouraging him.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling. When Freya and Lenoya disappeared, the smile on his face also disappeared as he said with a sigh, “It seems like the Azshara Tribe isnt willing to live under the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe.”

“Of course. Elder Undine has seen the many benefits the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe has received from working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce over the years. Although the Azshara Tribe is cooperating closely with our New Moon Chamber of Commerce, it cant compare to the benefits of cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so its normal that she has these thoughts.”

“But why do they have to marry an elf girl first to accomplish this” Xu Yi revealed a bitter smile.

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “Who told you to marry Agnes”

“Is Agnes the same She was the first elf I met and the one who was closest to me, as well as the elf girl who had the deepest feelings with me. Moreover, even if it was Agnes, I hesitated a long time before marrying her. Now that elder Undine wants to push Lenoya onto me, how can I accept this”

“But since you married Agnes, you set a precedent. So in order for elder Lisanya to balance things out, she married Tvisti to you. Now that the Azshara Tribe wants the same treatment as the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe, its clearly more convenient to start with you as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce chairman. So it isnt strange at all that they want to marry an elf girl from their tribe to you.”

“Your analysis is very reasonable, but Still, why do I find it strange” Xu Yi had a strange expression, “Based on your words, if there is an elf tribe that wants to work with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, wouldnt they have to marry an elf girl to me Not to mention the Magic Cloud Continent, there are more than ten elf tribes on the Sines Continent alone. Wouldnt that mean that I would have a large elf harem in the future”

Still looked at Xu Yi and revealed a faint smile, “That isnt a bad thing. Anyway, the elf girls are all beautiful, so youre not suffering a loss.”

“What a joke!” Xu Yi glared at her. After knitting his brows to think for a bit, he shook his head, “No, I have to think of a way to solve this problem or itll be troublesome in the future.”

Still looked at the door and said with a sigh, “If you want to firmly reject it, you should make this decision as soon as possible. Otherwise, Im worried that this little girl Lenoya really wont be able to pull herself out.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “It cant be, I havent even met her that much.”

Still revealed a smile and pinched Xu Yis face, just like she had done when they were younger.

“Theres no other way, who told my husband to be this charming.”-

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