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Book 8: Chapter 13: Still taking the first exam

Seeing the doubtful look of this staff member, Lucian felt a bit of bitterness in his mouth.

Could it be that that mysterious girl was lying to him

She didnt have the right to give him a special recommendation spot at all

But thinking about it, this was a natural thing.

No matter how deep the backing of this mysterious girl was deep, how could she possibly have the ability to give a recommendation spot for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces recruitment This didnt make sense at all!

Then again, why did that girl think he was important

Thinking of this, Lucian revealed a bitter smile. He gave a sigh and shook his head, preparing to take back this small thing.

Although he didnt get the recommendation spot that he was expecting, he had come here with great difficulty, so he couldnt go back with nothing.

Even if it was a hard recruitment, he still had to give it a try.

“Its nothing, I……” Lucian said this as he was about to put the small thing back in his pocket.

But before he could put his hand in, there was another person who grabbed his hand.

Lucian turned his head in a surprised manner and saw a serious looking middle aged man staring at his right hand.

“Young man, can you let me see the thing in your right hand” The middle aged man asked.

Lucian looked at him with a confused look. When he was about to shake his head, the staff member who was taking care of Lucian suddenly stood up and gave a respectful bow to this middle aged man.

“Manager Harley, are you here to inspect our work”

The middle aged man called manager Harley waved his hand, “Just do your work, Im just here for a casual look.” After saying this, he used more force to pull Lucians hand out of his pocket and then he pointed at his right hand.

Lucian had a thought and then opened his palms, revealing the small thing he was holding.

Manager Harleys eyes shrank when he saw this and then he looked over Lucian several times with a look of doubt in his eyes. After that, he waved his hand at Lucian.

“Come with me, lets change places to talk.”

The people around saw Lucian leaving with manager Harley. Some people expressed doubt while some expressed envy.

After several minutes, Lucian was brought to a separate room in the stadium by manager Harley.

“Sit.” Manager Harley pointed at a seat for Lucian to sit down before stretching his hand out, “Can you let me have a proper look at this small thing”

Lucian hesitated a bit before putting this small thing in manager Harleys hand.

Manager Harley looked at this small thing for a while before asking, “How did you get this thing”

Lucian hesitated a bit before telling him about running into the mysterious girl a month ago.

After he finished, manager Harley thought in silence for a bit before giving a nod.

“Thats right, that did happen last month. Then that means……the young miss wanted you to take this token to register with and promised you a special recommendation spot”

“Yes, that was what she said.” Hearing the meaning in manager Harleys voice, Lucian couldnt help being a bit excited as he looked at manager Harley with a look of expectation.

Manager Harley looked over Lucian again.

“Since its the recommendation of the young miss, your abilities should have caught her attention. Alright, since the young miss wants to give you a special recommendation spot, I wont do anything unnecessary.”

Manager Harley took out a Magic Communicator from his chest and said a few things into it in front of Lucian.

“Alright, Ive already given the order. Go back to the registration and theyll take care of it. As for this thing……” Manager Harley looked at the small thing and hesitated a bit before giving it back to Lucian, “Since this is a gift from the young miss, then you should keep it. I hope that you will treasure it and take care of it.”

After saying this, manager Harleys face that had always been serious revealed a smile.

“Young man, youre very lucky. Someone that can catch the eyes of the young miss will have a bright future. I hope that you will cherish this opportunity.”

Lucian saw the smile of deep meaning on manager Harleys face and a bit of doubt appeared in his heart.

It was fine if that Harris called the mysterious girl “young miss”, but why did this manager Harley call her young miss as well

Was there a relation

After bidding farewell to manager Harley, Lucian came back to the registration.

As expected, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff treated Lucian even more warmly this time. They personally helped him fill out the form and pulled him to the side to say a few things in secret.

“Lucian……Mister Lucian, since you have a special recommendation spot, you wont need to take the first exam and can enter the second exam the day after tomorrow. About the second exam……”

“Wait.” Lucian cut him off, “Can I take the first exam”

The staff member was stunned, “But you have a recommendation spot, you dont need to take the first exam.”

“Its nothing, I just want to test my own abilities.” Lucian said.

The staff member knitted his brows as he looked at Lucian with a confused look.

“If you insist on taking the first exam, its not impossible. But your special recommendation spot will be wasted like this. If you cant pass the first exam……of course, I am saying that there is this possibility, you wont be able to take the second exam……”

“I understand. If I cant even pass the first exam, then theres no meaning in being able to directly enter the second exam, right It means that Im not worthy of this special recommendation spot.” Lucian said with a nod.

Seeing the determined look on Lucians face, the staff member helplessly gave a nod.

“Alright, if youre insisting on doing this, I will arrange it for you.”

“Alright, Ill have to trouble you.”

After getting the details of the recruitment from the staff member, Lucian finally left this stadium.

The first exam would be starting tomorrow, so there was no meaning in staying here. It was better to find a place to sleep for the night while it was still early.

Frestech City was called the most modern and luxurious city without equal, so when it came to lodging, there were luxurious hotels that reached the sky everywhere.

Just outside the stadium, there were three hotels like this that were all imposing and luxurious.

But Lucian could only enviously look at these three buildings before going to find a more remote place.

He couldnt afford those luxurious hotels, remote places were his true home.


The first exam the next day seemed calm to Lucian.

He specialized in magic communications when he studied at the Philip Academy, so in this recruitment, just like the girl had said before, he was here for the lowest research assistant position in the magic communication department.

The first test of many different difficult topics wasnt hard for an outstanding student from Philip Academy like him. Although the questions were a bit harder than what the school taught him, with his solid foundation, he was able to easily answer them.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was very efficient. The test was in the morning and the results were announced in the afternoon.

Lucian unsurprisingly was on the list that passed the first exam and he was a forerunner.

This was a happy matter for Lucian, but for the other applicants who had failed, it was without a doubt sad news.

After the results were announced, countless people had depressed looks and there were even people who broke out in tears.

Lucian couldnt help feeling emotional seeing this.

If he had failed the first exam as well, while he wouldnt have broken out in tears, he definitely would have been disappointed.

Losing the chance to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would have been a large blow to him.

He wasnt confident in joining the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before, but after meeting that mysterious girl and receiving the token from her, he was strangely filled with confidence.

Otherwise, he wouldnt even have had the courage to come to this exam.

After the results of the first exam were announced, manager Harley specially found Lucian to congratulate him.

This made Lucian feel surprised.

Manager Harley clearly had a high position in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but he cared this much about a boy from the countryside like him. It was clearly because the mysterious girl had given him her token.

Just who was that mysterious girl

Manager Harley didnt answer Lucians doubts. He just said that since the young miss didnt reveal her identity, she had her reasons and he couldnt reveal it.

If Lucian wanted to know, it would be best to find some time to ask her face to face.

Lucian couldnt do anything about this.

It seemed like he could only find the truth when he met this mysterious girl again.

But thinking of the mysterious girls special identity, Lucian felt that it would be very hard to have a chance to meet her.

In the end, they were people of two different worlds.

Just like the goddess Lenoya in his heart, if nothing unexpected happened, it would be very hard for them to ever meet in this life.

The matter from last month, it was better for Lucian to treat it like a dream.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces recruitment was very compact.

There was only a day of rest after the first exam and then the second exam came.

Compared to the thirty thousand people that came for the first exam, after being screened out by the first exam, there were far less people here. There were only a total of less than three thousand people, which was a passing rate of less than 10%.

Among these three thousand people, there were two hundred that were applying for the communication department.

There were only three spots for these two hundred people, so one could imagine how difficult it was.

Lucian wasnt confident about his chances of passing the second exam, but since he was already here, he couldnt back down.

But when he anxiously came to the second exam with the other two hundred applicants, he saw someone that he never expected to see.-

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