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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 12: Application

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Book 8: Chapter 12: Application

Three days later, the news of the Dollar City City Lord Manor ordering a hundred Magic Surveillance System units from the New Moon Chamber of Commerce spread across every major newspaper in the Candra Empire.

When people saw this piece of news at first, they were all a bit confused by it.

Magic Surveillance System What was that

Why did the newspaper say that this was the southern provinces Governor Manors and Dollar Citys City Lord Manors response to the kidnapping incident

After seeing the newspapers explanation of the Magic Surveillance System, everyone gradually started to understand.

It was like this. With this thing, the entirety of Dollar City would be monitored, so evil wouldnt be able to hide. Naturally it would be hard for a similar kidnapping incident to happen.

Even if it really did happen, it would be easily tracked down with this surveillance system.

No matter how you look at it, this surveillance system would have a great effect on reducing crime.

Of course, not everyone supported this.

When this report was released, there were many newspapers that had a different point of view. They stated that this Magic Surveillance System would take away the privacy of people, which violated the basic morality of humans.

However, there were others that immediately refuted this.

If you didnt do bad things, why would you fear this Magic Surveillance System

Then again, the Dollar City City Lord Manor had clearly stated that this system would only be used to monitor public areas in Dollar City. This would not include the private residences of people, so the others wouldnt need to worry about their privacy being violated.

If you still feel like your rights were being violated, you should first see if you had a guilty conscience or not.

The increasing rate of arguments for both sides in the newspapers would become a very fiercely discussed topic in the Candra Empire in the future.

Because of these fierce discussions, the Magic Surveillance System quickly spread across the Candra Empire and even became popular in countries other than the Candra Empire.

After the Dollar City City Lord Manor ordered a hundred Magic Surveillance System units from the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, not long after, there were ten different cities in the Candra Empire that ordered the same Magic Surveillance System.

These orders added up to over a thousand units, reaching a value of over two million gold coins.

Even for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce that had developed strongly in the magic entertainment industry and spread to countless countries, this was still a large order.

So after taking this order, the entire New Moon Chamber of Commerce became much more busy.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerce even created a new Magic Surveillance department to deal with this business.

For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that was also involved, this order didnt affect them that much.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce only needed to send out a single research team to develop the various technologies needed for this Magic Surveillance System. Other than that, they would just need to add a single production line for the various magic machines needed for this Magic Surveillance System.

For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that was already a giant, for a business that didnt touch their core industry, there was no need for them to spend that much effort in managing it.

Compared to this, their annual recruitment was what the current Frestech Chamber of Commerce cared about the most.


July 7th, it was the day before the Frestech Chamber of Commerces annual recruitment started. Lucian had just gotten out of the long distance passenger Magic Car and as he looked up, his eyes lit up.

The city in front of him was different from any city he had ever seen before.

The large and tall buildings all around him, the broad streets that intersect with each other, the street lights and traffic signals all around him, the different kinds of Magic Cars passing by on the street, the different races wearing different styles of clothing walking along the street……

Although he had seen these things in the large cities of the Candra Empire, it was far from being the norm like in this city in front of him.

Lucian stared on in a daze for a bit before slowly coming back to his senses. He couldnt help taking a deep breath.

It was no wonder countless people said that only Frestech City had the true charm of the new era.

It wasnt wrong at all!

Just with a single look, Lucian felt like he was in a whole new world. Even the air he breathed felt like it was from a whole new world.

Even if he had heard various descriptions of Frestech City and seen illusions of it many times, only after personally seeing the city could he understand what was different about this city. How…..modern it was.

Just seeing the building on the other side having an entire wall covered by a giant Magic Illusion Projector, Lucian felt a bit dizzy.

Such a giant screen, it was even several times bigger than the one he had seen outside Dollar City before and looked much more magnificent. He couldnt help feeling shocked by it.

As if responding to Lucians thoughts, the Magic Illusion projected on this giant screen suddenly changed to a figure that he was very familiar with.

Miss Lenoya!

The Lenoya projected was as big as that building, but she was still incomparably beautiful. That sweet smile and that pure and noble aura, every action she gave made one fall.

Lucian stared at her in a daze for a long time and only came back to his senses when Lenoya disappeared.

Perhaps it was because it would be holding a recruitment over the next few days, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had clearly marked out the buses heading to the application area.

Lucian followed these instructions and after asking several people, he easily arrived at the special area that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up for the recruitment after two bus transfers.

This place was a large stadium outside Frestech City, covering several dozen hectares, so it could be considered very large.

But even such a large space was currently filled with people, not leaving a single space at all.

Looking around, one could see many young people who were around the same age as Lucian.

Of course, there wasnt a lack of older people and there were even people with white hair.

These people had clearly come for the recruitment and their goal was to pass and become an official staff member of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

For the people on the current Sines Continent, being able to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the highest honour.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces pay wasnt the highest, but the prestige that it gave was very high.

If one was an official staff member of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was something worth showing off in any small place.

If one could become a Frestech Chamber of Commerce magic research facility researcher, they would become a powerful person that countless people bowed down to.

In small countries, any Frestech Chamber of Commerce researcher could become a guest of the countrys king!

Even in the two empires, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces researchers were important people who wouldnt be treated worse than nobles.

So for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces annual recruitment, especially for the magic research facility, countless people from all over the continent came to participate.

Every year at this time, students that graduated from the magic industry academies like Lucian all came here to try their luck.

If they could be employed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility, it would be like soaring into the sky!

Lucian saw the dense crowd around him and felt a bit nervous.

He heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce magic research facility only recruited less than fifty people each year, but there were over ten thousand people here fighting for these fifty positions.

With his abilities, would he come out above ten thousand people

Thinking of this, Lucian reached into his pocket to touch the thing with a fine carved pattern and his heart calmed down.

This thing was what the mysterious girl had given him before, she said that it was her token.

The mysterious girl had said that as long as Lucian took out this thing, he would be able to receive a special recommendation to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce magic research facilitys recruitment, directly entering the second exam.

Lucian had been very dissatisfied with the girls attitude and even wanted to reject her good intentions.

But after they separated and Lucian calmed down, he couldnt help feeling shameful about his response.

The two companions who had stopped him were right. No matter what, this girl had saved them from their crisis.

If it wasnt for her, they might have been sold to some unknown place by the human smugglers and lived very tragic lives.

So based on this, even if the girl wasnt honest with them, even if her attitude was bad, Lucian wasnt qualified to say anything about her.

Not to mention that this girl didnt mind giving space to Lucian. Anyway, because of the small amount of talen he showed, she gave him this token and a precious recommendation spot.

“This really is shameful……”

Lucian secretly let out a sigh. He pushed through the crowd and reached the place to register.

After he filled out the form as per the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staffs instructions, Lucian hesitated a bit before taking out the small thing from the mysterious girl out of his pocket.

He thought that since the mysterious girl told him to take this out, he wouldnt need to explain what this was.

With the people watching, Lucian was embarrassed to say that he could get a special recommendation spot with this token.

However, the staff member had a confused look when they saw this small thing in Lucians hand.

“May I ask…..this thing that youre showing me…..what is it”-

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