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Book 8: Chapter 10: Magic Surveillance System

After the girl disappeared, everyone looked at each other and lost interest in speaking.

After silently waiting for around ten minutes, the Magic Airship started moving again. After around two hours of flying, they had returned to Dollar City.

When the Magic Airship landed, the official from the Dollar City City Lord Manor, representing the Candra Empire, took away the kidnapped students.

They were questioned about the kidnapping by the City Lord Manor official before being sent off.

Before setting them free, the Dollar City City Lord Manor official not only reissued their identification documents, but also gave them expenses as per their requests to go home with.

For example, Lucian was given two gold coins. It was enough for him to take the fastest long distance Magic Car back home and there would still be some left.

Of course, his luggage wasnt found and the Dollar City City Lord Manor wouldnt compensate him for the things he had in it.

But for Lucian, compared to getting kidnapped and then being sold to an unknown place, this result was already very satisfying.

What made him truly regretful was that because this matter took two days, which meant he didnt have time to stay in Dollar City to find employment. He could only go back to school to graduate for now and then come up with new plans.

For Lucian and the other kidnapped students, this matter seemed like it ended there.

But for the officials of Dollar City and special dispatched officials of the Candra Empire, this matter was just beginning.

There was such a serious kidnapping incident in the Candra Empire and based on the reports, this organization hadnt only existed for a few days. So after the major newspapers of the Candra Empire exposed this matter, there was serious backlash.

The first target was the officials of Dollar City,

So many young students were kidnapped this easily in Dollar City, so naturally the Dollar City City Lord Manor couldnt avoid responsibility.

Second was the southern provinces Governor Manor.

Ignoring all the personnel that this group of kidnappers had, the most terrifying thing was that they had heavy military magic machines like the Magic Combat Vehicle. It wasnt an exaggeration to call them a small army!

Such a powerful organization had been in the southern province for so long without being discovered. Just what was the southern provinces Governor Manor doing

The current Sines Continent was no longer as misinformed as before. As the newspapers and the Magic Illusion Projectors became popular, news circulation far surpassed the level that it was at before, so any piece of news would be quickly known by countless people.

So once this matter was revealed, from the southern provinces Governor Manor to Dollar City City Lord Manor, they all felt enormous pressure.

In response to this matter, the Candra Empire royal family even sent a document, ordering the southern provinces Governor Manor to thoroughly investigate this matter and not allow it to happen a second time.

The emperor had even personally given a decree in this document, stating “they definitely couldnt allow the empire to lose future talents this easily because of this”.

“That is the key issue.” The new governor, the young Duke Windsor who had replaced his father three years ago looked at the official document with the seal of the royal family in his hand and gave a sigh, “The emperor wouldnt care about these commoners being kidnapped. What he cares about is that the people kidnapped were the students from the various academies, who are the key future talents of the magic machine industry. If they were kidnapped, this would have indeed been a huge loss for the empire.”

“Yes.” The official on the side gave a nod, “Lord Governor, for this matter, I think that we should strengthen the security in Dollar City. Dollar City is the most lively city in the southern part of the empire and the biggest city in terms of traffic. Although this is a glorious matter for us, its also a form of pressure.”

“Look, each year at this time, there are many students from the various academies that come looking for jobs, so they are very easy targets. If we cant protect them, similar events will happen again in the future.”

“Un……this is indeed a problem……” The young Duke Windsor thought about it for a bit before giving a nod, “Alright, write a detailed proposal for me first. Right, speaking of this, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce recommended a…..a what to me”

“The Magic Surveillance System, Lord Duke.” The official said.

“Right, this whatever Magic Surveillance System. The fellow from the New Moon Chamber of Commerce said that with this thing, we can use Magic Illusions to record what happens in certain places. If something happens, we can use this Magic Surveillance System to easily investigate it and it would save us quite a bit of effort.”

“Un, this is indeed a very novel system. When the New Moon Chamber of Commerce demonstrated it last month, I went to take a look. The results are very good, the Magic Illusions are very clear and it perfectly replicated everything that happened. It was very amazing.” The official said in a voice of praise.

“Then do you think……if Dollar City had this Magic Surveillance System, it would solve many of the problems” The young Duke Windsor asked.

“This……” The official knitted his brows, “It might not be proper……”

“Why not”

“Lord Duke, this Magic Surveillance system is good, but if it was set up in Dollar City, wouldnt that mean that the actions of every person in Dollar City would be under the surveillance of this system”

“Isnt that what I want to see” The young Duke Windsor glared at him, “If we can control every action of every person in the city, who would dare cause trouble As for kidnapping, theres no need to even think about it!”

“But……Forget about the commoners, but the nobles and the large merchants will not be willing to let their every action be monitored……”

“Idiot, do you really think that I would set this up in every place Clearly it only needs to be set up in the streets, we cant just install these things in peoples homes, can we” After saying this, the young Duke Windsors eyes lit up, “Yi Speaking of this, we can completely cover the City Lord Manor and make the City Lord Manor much safer.”

The officials lips couldnt help twitching. He thought that if the City Lord Manor had this Magic Surveillance System, wouldnt his affair with the big breasted maid in the City Lord Manor be exposed

He wanted to persuade him against this, but he couldnt say it. After thinking about it, he gave a cough and reminded him, “Lord Duke, we can talk about the City Lord Manor later. We should first talk about arranging the Magic Surveillance System in the city. Un…..Ive considered it and as for the monitoring range, we can seriously consider it so that it wont offend the important people in the city. As for monitoring the entire city, it isnt that hard. As for the difficult part……how can we ensure that this giant system will be effective”

“The issue with the technology is for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to consider.” The young Duke Windsor waved his hand as he said in an uncaring voice, “If the New Moon Chamber of Commerce cant solve this issue, they arent qualified to sell this Magic Surveillance System to me.”

“Un, that is right. The New Moon Chamber of Commerce has the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so this request wont be difficult.” The official gave a nod before revealing a bit of worry, “But Lord Duke…..theres still an important problem that needs to be solved……”

“What problem”

“Its the finances.” The official spread his hands and said in a helpless voice, “For such a large Magic Surveillance System, if we want to lay it down, it will take a lot of money. Moreover, this system has to be maintained, so we have to continue spending money. If you are really planning on doing this, you have to be prepared.”

“Money……” The young Duke Windsor stroked his chin and seriously considered this. He looked down at the official document in his hand and gave a slow nod, “Since its the Magic Surveillance System of Dollar City, naturally it will be Dollar City paying for it.”

The official let out a sigh.

The Lord Duke had said all this and in the end, when it came to the money, he still pushed it to Dollar City.

Although the finances of Dollar City and the southern province were linked, Dollar City and the southern provinces expenditures were two different matters.

Constructing this Magic Surveillance System was the idea of the Lord Duke, representing the will of the southern province and the Governor Manor, but now that he wants Dollar City to pay for it, the Dollar City City Lord Manor would certainly have their opinions.

“Lord Duke, I feel that……shouldnt our Governor Manor take the lead on this matter This is also good for promoting this on a large scale. Think about it, if each city in the southern province had this same Magic Surveillance System in the future, then the public safety of the entire southern province would greatly increase. Not only will a similar incident never happen again, your control over the southern province would be greater.”

The young Duke Windsor knitted his brows to think for a bit before slowly giving a nod.

“Thats also good. Anyway, its impossible to immediately install this Magic Surveillance System over a large area, so we have to do our experiments. Lets just let the Governor Manor first…..what was that phrase called again Right, let us be the first to eat crab! Contact the New Moon Chamber of Commerce in a bit and tell them our requests!”

The official let out a sigh before revealing a smile.

“Alright, Lord Duke.”-

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