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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 9: Weak self respect

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Book 8: Chapter 9: Weak self respect

The other students who had been looking around the Magic Airship all turned to look at that girl.

If what Lucian said was true, this girl had just put them in more danger just now.

Why would she do this

“Thats right, I could do it.” The girl didnt have any intentions of hiding it and openly admitted it.

“Then why did you let me do it” Lucian kept asking.

“Because you said you could try, so I let you try.” The girl gave a shrug as she spoke in a relaxed tone.

Lucian was enraged by the girls uncaring attitude.

“Then what if I couldnt do it Wouldnt that mean that we would have been in more danger just now If something happened, someone might have died!”

The girl was a bit surprised that Lucian had really lost his temper. After blinking for a bit, she looked over him and revealed a faint smile.

“He, he, you really are an interesting young man. What if you couldnt do it Its very simple, then I would have taken over and sent the signal. As for the accident you mentioned……” The girl pointed at the people in the Magic Airship, “Isnt everyone safe now”

Seeing that the girl didnt care at all about his accusations, Lucian felt even more rage in his heart.

“Now is now, but what if something had happened earlier How could you guarantee that everyone would have been safe”

The surrounding students saw the angry Lucian and felt that this situation wasnt good, so two boys came over to pull Lucian back.

“Hey, kid, what are you doing We were rescued by her, what kind of attitude is this”

“Right, if it wasnt for her, we wouldnt have been able to get out. How can you be like this”

Lucian threw off their arms. Although he didnt keep talking, he looked at that girl with an angry look, clearly feeling unconvinced.

The other students were anxious as they looked at Lucian and that girl. They knew in their hearts that they had been saved by this girl and this girl clearly had a strong backing. If Lucian were to offend her, they might even suffer because of it.

The girl looked at the angry Lucian and slowly gave a nod.

“Alright, there was no need for me to explain, but this time I was acting willfully, so I have some responsibility. Yes, I could have immediately sent the distress signal to have uncle Harris find me as soon as possible, while also rescuing you all.”

After saying this, the girl pointed at Lucian.

“But since you said that you could solve the magic signal issue, I was willing to create an opportunity to let you try it. As for the accidents that you mentioned…..perhaps you wont believe it, but I could have protected all of you just with my alone, so there wouldnt have been an accident.”

“To be honest, you being able to solve the magic signal problem that quickly surprised me. I thought that you would take a while or wouldnt be able to solve it,s o Iw ould have to reveal my skills. To be honest, I have to blame you for having abilities that surpassed my expectations.”

Everyone looked at the girl with strange looks.

It wasnt a problem that she was confident, but based on what could she say that she could protect all these people by herself

It had to be known that that place was a den of human smugglers and just with what they had seen before, when the three Magic Combat Vehicles came out, it was clear that their strength wasnt normal.

But thinking about how this girl had easily destroyed two Magic Combat Vehicles by herself before chasing off the last one, showing off a shocking amount of strength, everyone couldnt help believing in her.

Even Lucian couldnt refute this, so he could only remain silent.

The girl paused before saying, “As for why I let you solve the magic signal problem, it was because of my fathers words of guidance. My father said that you have to give people a chance to show off their abilities, that way you can find enough talented people, seeing the talents of people that I normally dont see. Look, through this matter, Ive found that you have an ability of magic communications that far surpasses that of normal people. Right, you said that you were from the Philip Academy, then the fact that you arent in school and were caught by these people, it should mean that you were out looking for work, right”

The girl suddenly changing the topic to this surprised everyone.

Lucian nodded in a daze.

“Yes, I was looking for work in Dollar City and then was tricked, which was why I was caught.”

“Un, very good. I think that with the ability you just demonstrated, you have a chance to work as a research assistant in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facilitys magic communication department. Are you interested”


Lucian and the other students looked at the girl with surprised looks.

She actually said that Lucian was able to apply for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility

Although it was only a research assistant position in the magic communication department, this was something that normal students like them could never dream of!

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility, it was the holy ground for these students who studied magic theory!

If they could enter the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility, it would be simply their ultimate dream!

But……how could she say something like this

Even if she had a deep backing, how could she forcefully send someone to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility

That place was famous for being very strict and even relations werent easy to use.

“If youre interested, I can give you a recommendation spot. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility will be holding their annual public recruitment next year, so you can take this recommendation spot to apply. Of course, this recommendation can only get you to the second round and as for whether you can become a research assistant or not, that will depend on your own abilities.” The girl said.

Everyone was stunned once again.

What this girl said was the truth!

She actually had a recommendation spot for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility!


Although this recommendation spot wouldnt let one directly join the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility, with it, one could directly enter the second round of testing, saving quite a bit of time and effort. Not to mention that they would receive special attention because of this recommendation, so their chances of succeeding would be higher than a normal applicant!

No one would have thought that after Lucian impolitely accused this girl, not only would she not care, she would give him such a big benefit!

For Lucian, this was simply a pie falling from the sky!

In front of everyones envious gaze, Lucians expression was a bit excited, but after a while, he became hesitant. After his expression changed a few times, he gave a sigh and shook his head in the end.

“No, I cant accept this gift. With my current ability, it isnt worthy of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Everyone fell into an uproar.

This idiot!

This was clearly a good thing falling on your head and you rejected it!

What was he thinking!

Only that boy named Danson looked at Lucian with wide eyes that had a trace of admiration.

The girl was a bit surprised by Lucians response, but then her voice turned cold for the first time.

“You think that this is a gift If your self respect is that boring and weak, then I really think that you arent suitable for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility. Father said that only people with strong hearts could truly have strong abilities. You arent qualified.”

After saying this, it was as if the girl had lost interest in talking to them. She closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat, taking a nap.

The other students looked at Lucian with different expressions, but no one said a thing.

Lucians expression changed a few times, but he sat down in the end and lowered his head, clearly not planning on saying anything.

The Magic Airship fell into an awkward silence.

After a while, this silence was interrupted by the clear sounds of music.

Everyone looked in the direction of this sound in surprise, finding that it was the girl who had taken a nap who took out that small Magic Communicator from her chest, pressing the button to accept the call.

“Hello Uncle Harris, un. Im still waiting above. Did you solve it There were some captives that were injured No one died Its good that no one died. Un, well leave the rest to the Candra Empire to deal with, our mission is over. As for the ones behind the slavers…..well let lord father deal with them, its not my job yet. Alright, Ill go back in a bit. Relax, I promise that I wont sneak off again. Did you forget Its aunt Agnes birthday. Although shes had over a hundred birthdays, we will still need to celebrate it……”

Everyone listened to the girl as she recovered her relaxed tone and talked to that person called uncle Harris on the phone, as the doubt in their hearts became even stronger.

The aunt Agnes that she mentioned already had over a hundred birthdays, didnt that mean she was a hundred years old

She was still being called an aunt at this age……it really was too strange.

But the mysteries of this girl wasnt just this. No one would mind if she became a bit more mysterious.

After a while, she ended the call with uncle Harris.

After hanging up, she looked over at the students and said, “This Magic Airship will take you all to the nearest city. The officials of your Candra Empire will take care of what happens to you next, it isnt related to me. So, we will now say goodbye to each other. Right……”

The girl gave a clap and dug in her chest before taking something out. She walked over to Lucian and pulled out his hand, slapping that thing down in his palm.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facilitys open recruitment will start on the fifteenth of next month. If youre interested, you can take this token to join. With it, you will receive the recommendation spot that I mentioned.”


Lucian wanted to say something, but the girl glared at him.

“Even if you want to throw it away, you should do it after I get off this Magic Airship!”

Lucian opened his mouth, but he could only give a sigh. He didnt even look at what this little thing was and put it into his pocket.

The other students looked at Lucians pocket with envy, how they wished they could take this recommendation spot for themselves.

“Alright.” The girl gave another clap and drew everyones attention back. She waved her hand at everyone, “I should leave now. Take care of yourselves and dont be tricked again. Goodbye.”

After saying this, the girls figure disappeared.

Everyone was shocked.

This was clearly spatial teleportation magic!

This girls powers really were shrouded in mysteries.-

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