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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 6: Strange girl

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Book 8: Chapter 6: Strange girl

Everyone turned in the direction of this voice in a daze, seeing one of the girls slowly stand up and meet everyones gaze.

This girl never did anything before this and had always had her head down, so she didnt attract any attention. Now that she had suddenly spoken, she had shocked everyone.

“What are you looking at me for I said that the game is over, everyone can go now.”

The girls voice sounded very naughty, but there was no change in her expression which made people feel very strange.

The two men looked at each other before one of them came over and angrily roared, “Hey, little girl, what nonsense are you saying Are you looking to be beaten”

The girl tilted her head before sweeping her eyes over this man. Then with a laugh, she suddenly threw out a fireball that appeared in her hands, throwing it right at that man.

The other man was stunned as he watched his companion fly away. It took him a while to react as he shouted with a shocked look, “Impossible! How can you possibly still use magic!”

“The Magic Array was filled with holes, is it worth being called a Magic Sealing Array” The girls voice was filled with disdain that couldnt be hidden, “Its still not as strong as the Magic Sealing Array that was in the labyrinth I played in when I was younger.”

The large man raised his fists and looked like he wanted to punch the girl, but he didnt dare do it.

The girl pointed behind him.

“Hei, didnt you see your companion If you dont take care of him, hell be burnt to death.”

The man turned around in a daze and found that his companion that had been sent flying by this girls fireball was covered in flames, screaming out in pain as he rolled on the ground.

He quickly took off his jacket and started slapping him with it.

However, the flames on his companion didnt weaken at all. He just glared at the girl before running into the manor.

The other young people including Lucian looked at the man rolling on the ground in a daze before turning to the girl with the wooden expression, not knowing how to react to this.

“Alright, Ill help you undo your handcuffs first.” The girl suddenly thought of something as with a soft clap, the cuffs that were on her hands automatically fell off.

Lucian was stunned.

After putting on the handcuffs, he had tried many times in secret to break free of their effects on his magic power, finding a way to break free of their control.

However, the magic in the handcuffs was very complicated. While he was being affected by them, he couldnt even gather his magic power, not to mention breaking free of them.

But this girl didnt do anything special and easily broke free of the handcuffs. It meant that her understanding and grasp of magic was far beyond Lucians.

After breaking free of the handcuffs, the girl stretched her hands before coming to each persons side. She tapped on their handcuffs and they immediately opened.

When it was Lucians turn, he focused his mind to sense the strange magic power that came from that girls finger. Then the magic fluctuations coming from the handcuffs that controlled his magic power disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, the strange magic power entered the handcuffs, affecting their mechanism to automatically open the handcuffs.

Lucian looked at the handcuffs on the ground before looking at the girl who was helping the next person as his heart filled with shock.

This girl looked to be around the same age based on her appearance, but not only could she use magic while being under the Magic Sealing Array, she could even easily break through these complicated handcuffs. It really was too unbelievable.

But what Lucian was most confused by was why was such an outstanding girl caught like the rest of them

With her abilities, she shouldnt have fallen for this trap.

“Hei, everyone, run quickly! That fellow will definitely call for help!”

A boy who had just broken free of his handcuffs quickly shouted out.

Everyone looked at each other with worried looks in their eyes.

It was clear that the man who ran into the manor would definitely call for help. If they stayed here any longer, they might be caught again.

“I suggest you dont do that.” The girl who saved them gave a chuckle before waving her hands at everyone, “With your power, you cant run that far. Moreover, this place is very remote, so even if you left this place, you wouldnt be able to find the way home.”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

Another girl from the group couldnt help asking, “Then what do we do If we wait for their helpers to come, wouldnt we be caught again”

The girl who saved them gave a shrug, “Theres no need to worry. If they can call for help, why cant we”

After saying this, she pulled out a small Magic Communicator out of an unknown place.

Everyone saw this and revealed shocked looks.

These were all students from magic related schools, so they could tell that this girl had just taken this Magic Communicator from some external Magic Space.

To have this external Storage Magic Space, one either had to have the corresponding magic item or they had to have very powerful magic, as well as a deep understanding of spatial magic.

This girl clearly didnt have any special items on her, so the only explanation was that she was a powerful magician with a deep understanding of spatial magic!

If this was ten years ago, someone who was familiar with spatial magic like this would definitely be a Great Magician.

But now, although with ten years of modern magic theory developed, making spatial magic no longer as mysterious and hard to grasp, to grasp it to the point where one could create a personal Storage Magic Space, those magicians were all elites.

Any magician with this ability would have a high level of spatial magic knowledge, they were even qualified to go study at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility.

While they were all confused why such a young girl had such a powerful ability, everyone also felt much more assured.

With this kind of powerful magician present, they might really have a hope of escaping.

However, everyones expression quickly changed.

There was a rumble that came from outside the manor. When they turned to look, they saw three fierce looking Magic Cars rushing over.

Magic Combat Vehicles!

For these young people who had spent a long time study magic machines, which one of them didnt recognize the Magic Combat Vehicle that countless people panicked at on the battlefield

In front of this kind of terrifying military magic machine, just with these young magicians alone, not mentioning how they were being restrained by the Magic Sealing Array, they wouldnt have been able to fight it even if they were in their normal conditions.

Even powerful Great Magicians couldnt do anything when facing these Magic Combat Vehicles. In the war against the two empires ten years ago, as well as other disputes on the continent in the past few years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had made this clear.

Everyone couldnt help turning back to that strange girl again.

Even if she was strong, how could she resist three Magic Combat Vehicles by herself

Then…..what about the helpers she mentioned

The girl saw that everyone was looking at her and gave a shrug.

“Its just three obsolete Magic Combat Vehicles that were eliminated, what are you worrying about”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

Another girl couldnt help saying in a worried voice, “This…..classmate, that is a Magic Combat Vehicle! We definitely cant beat it! You should quickly call for your helpers!”

“Yes, yes, well all be dead if you wait any longer!”

“Quickly! I dont want to be caught by them again……”


Their group kept urging her.

The girl had no expressions as she gave a sigh and shook her head.

“You all really arent calm enough.”

She said this, but she raised the strange Magic Communicator in her hand and pressed the button.

However……under everyones hopeful gaze, the light on the Magic Communicator that represented that it connected kept flashing, not showing any signs that it was connecting.

“What is going on”

“Could it be that its broken”

“It cant be that you dont have any helpers and you were just lying to us, right”

“Are you kidding! Youre still joking in this situation!”

“Gods, please save us……”


The young people saw that their hopes were dashed and they couldnt help panicking.

The girl looked at the Magic Communicator in her hand and shook it.

“Strange……could it be broken It cant be……”

Everyone looked at her with tearful looks, thinking that they might have been played by this fellow.

At this time, the boy who talked to Lucian the most in the beginning and had rushed out of the trunk before being beaten said to the girl in a deep voice, “Before theyre here, you get out of here. Since you can use your fireball in a place like this, then you should be able to escape. As long as you escape, you can contact others and we have a chance to be rescued.”

The others were stunned before thinking that this was a good idea.

However, thinking of how only this girl would escape, some people were a bit unwilling. The expressions on the faces of some people became strange.

Lucian didnt care about any of this, he had been staring at the Magic Communicator in the girls hand with his brows deeply knitted in thought.

Hearing this boys voice, he suddenly had an idea. He came over and reached his hand out to the girl.

“Can you let me see the Magic Communicator”-

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