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Book 8: Chapter 4: This is a kidnapping

Lucian woke up with a violent shaking.

When he opened his eyes, he found that there was only darkness in front of him.

After being in a daze for a bit, he suddenly remembered what happened before he passed out.

He had followed uncle Rondo to his small manor outside Dollar City. He thought that he was a part time worker invited by uncle Rondo and he would make some money, but he was suddenly knocked out by that strong man


Even if Lucian wasnt that familiar with worldly matters, he knew that he had fallen into a trap. That kind looking uncle Rondo was most likely not a good person.

He even helped him out with his problems just to make him let down his guard and gain his trust.

Thinking of this, Lucian could only reveal a bitter look.

Before coming out, many people had warned him not to go to Dollar City alone. There were good and bad people here, a student like him who had just left school would be easy prey.

But he thought that he was just a poor student and people wouldnt get anything from him even if they did trick him, so they wouldnt target him.

As long as he was a bit careful, there shouldnt be a problem.

But this matter told Lucian that he was too naive.

First his little bit of money was stolen by a thief and then he was tricked by someone, falling under their control……


Lucian knitted his brows as a bit of doubt appeared in his heart.

The sound of metal clashing came from beneath him and he could tell that he was in a Magic Car that was moving at high speeds. It was most likely that they werent traveling on a smooth path.

Based on this, he could tell that he had been kidnapped by someone.

But this confused Lucian. Why would they kidnap him

He was just a poor student and his family didnt have any money, so he didnt have anything that people would want. What were the benefits in kidnapping him

Even if these were human smugglers, they wouldnt care for his body. It couldnt compare to the normal children in the villages that were much prettier, right

Lucian suddenly felt a bit of fear in his heart.

Based on the current situation, he was being transported to another place and it was hard to tell where they were going.

If it was like this, he might never be able to see his friends and family ever again!

Lucian took a deep breath, but he let out a loud cough when the muddy air filled his nose. This still made him calm down a bit.

After moving his body, he found that he wasnt tied up. Lucian moved his hands around him and forced himself up.

At this time, his eyes were gradually adapting to the darkness around him.

With the few wisps of light that came from an unknown place, he found that there were a bunch of other people placed in the back of this large transport Magic Car that didnt have much space with him.

Lucian thought about it before raising his right hand to release his magic power.

There was a faint light that appeared on his right index finger that acted like a candle being blown in the wind before being put out.

Lucian was surprised before trying to gather his magic power again.

However, it was no different from last time. The light only appeared for an instant before disappearing.

Lucian felt that this was very strange, but he didnt give up as he tried to gather his magic power several more times. It all ended the same way in the end.

After trying several times, there was an exhausted voice that rang out.

“Alright, stop wasting your effort. Theres a Magic Sealing Array placed in this trunk, otherwise do you think they could lock up all these magicians”

Lucian looked in the direction this voice came from and saw a fuzzy figure.

“Youre also a magician”

“What also Everyone here is.” A laugh came from the corner, “Otherwise you think those fellows would just capture a bunch of normal people”

Lucian could tell that this persons voice was very young and became even more confused.

“Youre also a student”

“Youre also a student” That person asked back.

“Im from the Philip Academy, I graduate this year.” Lucian replied.

The person was silent for a bit before suddenly breaking out in laughter, “Youre this so casual about where you come from, its no wonder you were tricked this easily.”

Lucian knitted his brows, “Arent you the same”

That person fell silent and no longer spoke.

Lucian wasnt interested in bickering with that person. He patted his body and found that other than his clothes, everything else had been taken.

This wasnt surprising. After thinking about it, he gathered his magic power again.

This time, he didnt use the elemental magic energy for illumination. He carefully used his magic power to induce the situation of the elemental magic energy around himself.

Through this check, he found that the surrounding elemental magic energy really wasnt normal. The elemental magic energy in the air had their flow restricted and was almost stagnant, so it would be very hard to gather it to form a spell.

This should be the Magic Sealing Array that the other person had mentioned before.

This thing was clearly to limit a magicians ability to use spells. A normal magician wouldnt be able to gather elemental magic energy with their magic power in this situation, so they would be no different than a normal person.

But after Lucian closed his eyes to carefully sense it, he stretched out a finger to start drawing on the ground.

A bit of light penetrated the line that he drew before disappearing.

There was a laugh from the corner as if it was mocking Lucian for overestimating himself.

Lucian ignored it and gathered his magic power again, drawing another line on the ground.

As the bits of light appeared in the trunk before disappearing, after a while, Lucian had already formed a rough Magic Array with many different lines on the ground.

After finishing his preparation, Lucian put his hand on the Magic Array. He sent the magic power in his body into the Magic Array while carefully adjusting the magic vibration, carefully fine tuning this Magic Array.

The light of the Magic Array flickered at first, but after a while, it slowly stabilized. In the end, it released a stable and bright light that wasnt dazzling, lighting up the dark trunk.

Lucian kept sending his magic power into the Magic Array before lifting up his head, looking around with the light. He saw the young faces looking at him with surprised looks.

This trunk wasnt big, but looking around, he saw that there were more than twenty people here. They were all young people who were around the same age as Lucian, with males and females mixed in, but there were more males.

Lucian looked at everyones faces before raising his voice to ask, “Are you all magicians”

The question surprised everyone before a young boy suddenly said with a nod, “Im from the Carmen Academy. Did you say that youre from the Philip Academy just now”

The boy looked over Lucians body with a bit of doubt in his eyes.

“When did the Philip Academy become this strong”

“Right. You can actually break this Magic Sealing Array” A young girl with a round face came over with a curious look, lowering her head to look at the Magic Array that Lucian drew. After thinking for a bit, she shook her head, “I cant understand it. How did you do this”

“It isnt much, I just adjusted the magic vibrational frequency to the elemental magic energy around and then forcefully drew this Magic Array with the resonance. This wont last long, so it cant be considered me breaking the Magic Sealing Array.”

“That is still incredible!” The girl looked at Lucian with a surprised look, “You seem like youre around the same age as me and you can adjust the magic vibrational frequency at will. Even our schools top students find it hard to do that.”

Lucian revealed a smile, wanting to say that your school was just too weak.

At the Philip Academy, Lucians abilities wouldnt even be able to be ranked in the top ten.

“Hey, you said that you cant break this Magic Sealing Array” Another boy on the side cared about the main issue as he asked, “Since you can draw this Magic Array, then you should be able to break it, right If you can, perhaps we might be able to break out of this car.”

Hearing this, everyones eyes gathered on Lucian.

“Yes, if were transported to an unknown place, it will all be over.”

“Right, think of a way. As long as you can break this Magic Sealing Array, we can all fly away.”

“Quickly give it a try……”


Lucian waved his hand with a bitter smile.

“The Magic Sealing Array is one of the most complicated research topics, how could I be that powerful that I could casually break it.”

“Its not a problem to give it a try.”

“Right, you can clearly draw this Magic Array.”

“You have to try before we arrive or there wont be a chance anymore……”


Lucian wanted to reject, but the boy in the corner suddenly stood up and walked over, slapping his hand down on Lucians Magic Array.

“Stop wasting words. Everyones telling you to try, so just try. Anyway, we cant do anything, so you wouldnt lose anything if you tried.”

Lucian could tell that this was the first person who spoke to him. After being surprised, he wanted to say something, but that person pushed him and his left hand on the Magic Array was pushed off.


Lucian wanted to say something, but he found that the light of the Magic Array only flickered twice before becoming stable again.

Seeing the thread of magic power that was coming from the boys right hand, Lucian was surprised.

This fellow could actually activate the Magic Array that Lucian drew this easily. It meant that he had a certain understanding of Magic Arrays that wasnt weaker than Lucians.

Seeing him maintain the effects of the Magic Array, Lucian fell into deep thought. While everyone was staring at him, he walked to the side of the trunk and pressed his hand on the wall.

As he sent out his magic power, Lucian deeply knitted his brows.-

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