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Book 7: Chapter 160: The goal is the sea of stars (End of volume seven)

It had to be said, spreading the knowledge of astronomy among people who didnt have any foundational knowledge really was a very hard thing to do.

Xu Yi had spoken on the stage for a while and the reporters and the commoners all had stunned looks, as well as confused gazes. No matter how one looked at it, it was clear that they didnt understand.

Of course, Xu Yi didnt have any hopes that they would understand now. He said all this was just to give these people a foundational concept of this.

After half an hour, Xu Yi stopped his explanation.

After a period of silence, the reporter from the «Banta Times» suddenly stood to his feet.

“Chairman Xu, you……”

As soon as he spoke, he closed his mouth again and revealed a hesitant look.

Xu Yi nodded at him with a smile, “You can ask about anything you dont understand.”

The reporter hesitated for a while before shaking his head. It was as if he had made a decision as he asked, “Chairman Xu, you said that we are standing on a planet and theres a bigger star, the sun above our heads. The planet that we are on is revolving around the sun and the stars in the night sky are also balls of fire just like the sun. Although I dont understand these things, I feel that what you said is very reasonable. Only……Only, how did you learn all this”

This question attracted everyones attention.

Right, although the things that Xu Yi described were very powerful and it opened everyones eyes, understanding that the world they were in was this mysterious and colourful, where did Xu Yi learn all this from”

“If I said that I obtained an ancient inheritance and gained this knowledge, would you believe me” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

The reporter from the «Banta Times» and the other reporters, as well as the commoners in the area all looked at Xu Yi with a look that said “youre kidding me”.

If there was this ancient inheritance, it would have been impossible that there wasnt a trace of this on the Sines Continent.

Then again, Xu Yi never mentioned it before, so why would he say it now

Xu Yi didnt believe that these hopeless people would believe his explanation and before they could ask questions, he said, “As for how I obtained this knowledge, I cant disclose, but I can guarantee to you all that this knowledge is real and can be proven with research.”

Everyone looked at each other and no one had any opposition to this.

With Xu Yis current status, there was no need for him to make this joke.

Moreover, his description had been very enticing that it made people completely change the way they looked at this world.

If this world really was as wide as Xu Yi had described it and there was a boundless universe above them, just how moving that would be.

“Chairman Xu, the things that you just mentioned…..how is it related to the goal you mentioned” A reporter suddenly asked.

Everyone was stunned before finally reacting.

Right, Xu Yi talked for all this time, but how was it related to the topic that he mentioned

“Of course its related.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Everyone, think about it. Twenty years ago, people had thought that this world only had the Sines Continent, thinking that there were only endless seas other than the Sines Continent. But since our Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet have proved that the rumoured other continents are real, people have found that the world is much bigger than we imagined.”

“Next, I want to show everyone that there is a sphere under our feet and there are several continents on this sphere. Each continent will have different living beings and different cultures.”

“When we have enough understanding of the planet under us, what I want to do next is bring everyone to experience the stars above us. I want to let everyone know that other than the planet under us, there are countless worlds out there for us to explore.”

Everyone followed Xu Yis gaze to look at the sky, but they could only see the clear sky that was blue and they didnt see the endless universe hidden in the sky that Xu Yi had mentioned. They couldnt even see a star.

The reporters of the major newspapers found that they couldnt keep up with Xu Yis thoughts at all.

In the end, just what did he want to say

Xu Yi looked at the sky for a while before looking back down at the thousands of reporters under the stage. He looked at the stunned civilians, he looked at the shocked Heinz before taking a deep breath and spreading his hands.

“The world is this big, but why do we need to be stuck on a small place like the Sines Continent and fight over small benefits. Do you think that this……has any meaning”

The reporters were all stunned before they gave bitter laughs.

They had to admit that Xu YIs description of this world was very beautiful and his questions were strong, but for the people of the Sines Continent, especially those that controlled the most resources in this human society, Xu Yis words didnt have any meaning at all.

Right, there wasnt just the Sines Continent and even if they were only on a planet, what did that matter to them

They could only control the resources of the Sines Continent.

With the human technology of the Sines Continent, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there was no other country or organization that could go the legendary new continent. So how could they gain the resources of that new continent

Xu Yi on stage revealed a smile as his eyes showed his understanding.

“In order to let the people of the Sines Continent understand the true face of the planet under us, I want to announce something. Before conducting the voyage around the world, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be opening all our Magic Ship technology to every country and organization. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce invites everyone to go to the new continents of this planet together, inviting everyone to explore the planet under our feet together.”

The uproar that had been under the stage suddenly calmed down and the entire square fell into silence.

However, this silence only lasted a few seconds before there were deafening sounds that erupted.

The commoners didnt react that much, but the various reporters all revealed shocked expressions.

Out of all the technology the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had, if what every country and organization wanted the most was the military magic machine technology, what ranked second was the Magic Ship technology.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced they found the new continent, the Sines Continent had been stirred.

Everyone hoped that they could go to the new continent, but other than the Frestech Chamber of commerce, no one had ships that could go on this voyage. So they could only watch as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce started exploring the new continent.

Now that Xu Yi was announcing that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was releasing the Magic Ship technology, didnt that mean that other countries and organizations, or even other people could organize fleets and go to other continents

This press conference, this could be considered the first big piece of news. After their initial shock, all the reporters immediately raised their hands or stood up to ask their questions.

Xu Yi replied to the reporters questions about the Magic Ship technology with a smile on his face while also silently complaining.

He had spent all this time explaining and pouring out his emotions, but these fellows didnt know any limits and didnt show any interest in the world he described, only being interested in the technology he released.

But this couldnt be blamed on them since they didnt transmigrate like Xu Yi did, so they didnt have the same set of knowledge from earth.

Their understanding of the world, before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce appeared, was only the small Sines Continent.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce discovering the new continent was already shocking enough for them.

To have them accept the new world view that Xu Yi gave them was clearly too hard for them.

Xu Yi wasnt disappointed by this.

The reporters under the stage were only megaphones for him, they were only responsible for transmitting the concepts that he spoke about today.

As long as the people of the continent could know what Xu Yi said today and slowly accept it, then half of Xu Yis goal for today would be accomplished.

He believed that after they learned what he said today, the people of the continent will have people of foresight that will understand Xu Yis attention, working hard as Xu Yi planned.

When the reporters questions about the Magic Ship technology slowly calmed down and peace had been restored, Xu Yi looked around before saying with a smile, “Everyone, I think that since Ive said all this, everyone should understand what our goal is, right”

The reporters all looked at each other with uncertain looks.

They could guess what Xu Yi wanted to say, but not a single person really believed it.

“Our goal is very simple, its the sea of stars above our head!” Xu Yi pointed at the sky and said in a loud and clear voice, “The current us are limited to the planet under our feet, but there will be a day when we will break through the sky above us and enter the endless universe!”

The reporters all looked at Xu Yi in a daze, not knowing how to respond to this.

It was said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu was a maniac, but no matter how crazy he was, he wouldnt say this completely unrealistic goal, right

Break through the sky above them Enter the endless universe

No one knew how far the sky was, so no one really knew how far away the goal that Xu Yi mentioned really was……

(Volume seven «Our goal is the sea of stars» end)-

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