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Book 7: Chapter 159: Even higher pursuit

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces goal

The reporters were all a bit confused, but then some realized something.

This topic could be big or small, it all depended on what Xu Yi would say.

“As for our Frestech Chamber of Commerces goal, perhaps to many people, it is something that doesnt need to be discussed. Because in the end, we are only a company. As a company, our goal should naturally be to make money. Thats right, I admit that the original intention of creating the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just to make money and even now, I emphasize that I am only a merchant.”

The reporters couldnt help laughing at this.

When it came to Xu Yis status, it had always been a controversial topic on the continent.

In the beginning, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have any fame, so naturally no one cared what status Xu Yi had.

But later one, as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gradually became more famous, everyone found that this chairman Xu was actually quite a famous magician.

When Xu Yis grade wasnt that high, people would feel emotional that such a noble magician like Xu Yi would go create a company. This was lowering his own status, which was a pity.

When Xu Yis talent as a magician was gradually revealed and his grade quickly increased, even becoming a High Level Magician in a few years before becoming a Great Magician in his early thirties, the dispute about Xu Yis status became even bigger.

The Magicians Guild and the other magicians all thought that since Xu Yi was a powerful Great Magician, then his primary status was as a magician and his status as a merchant was only secondary.

Magicians always looked down on merchants, this was something that people had taken as a fact.

But this Xu Yi always stressed that he was a merchant and that his status as a magician was secondary.

This without a doubt displeased the Magicians Guild and the other magicians.

You, Xu Yi are a Great Magician and you are insisting that you are only a merchant. Where did the face of the magicians go How would you let the magicians feel their sense of superiority

So the magicians had always insisted that Xu Yi was a powerful magician. His opening the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just to study the special magic tools known as the magic machines.

Most of the normal people easily accepted Xu Yis status as a merchant as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman because the various magic machines produced were linked to the lives of the normal people. Most of the normal people would rather see Xu Yi working as a merchant rather than a magician.

In the beginning of this dispute, there was no doubt that the magicians had the high ground since magicians had a higher position on the continent. This was what everyone knew.

But as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fame grew and they gained more influence, when the continent talked about Xu Yi, their first thought was his status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman. They would often ignore the fact that he was a powerful magician.

Until the news about Xu Yi becoming an Arch Magus was spread, then the dispute about Xu Yis status started again.

There were still over a thousand Great Magicians on the continent and Xu Yi as a Great Magician not caring about his status as a magician could be ignored, but there were only around twenty Arch Magi on the continent.

Xu Yi as an Arch Magus, if he kept insisting that he was only a merchant and ignored his status as a magician, what kind of position would that put the magicians of the continent What would they do about it

However, Xu Yi still insisted that he was a merchant. It was as if in his eyes, even becoming an Arch Magus wasnt worth mentioning.

This view was demonstrated even more in the war against the two empires.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards used cold facts to tell everyone that magicians could no longer decide battles anymore.

Then the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed the «Magicians Peace Convention», completely pulling magicians from the battlefield.

So everyone understood that the status of magician didnt mean anything to Xu Yi. What he really cared about was his status as a merchant, as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman.

“I wont hide it from everyone, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has made quite a bit of money. Even in the past few years, our yearly profit has broken the hundred million gold coins mark.”

There was a cold breath that came from beneath the stage.

Although everyone knew that the magic machines were popular on the Sines Continent, so the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would earn quite a bit of money, no one had thought that they would be this rich!

A hundred million gold coins!

This was a terrifying number that most people wouldnt even dare think about, not to mention that it was only the Frestech Chamber of Commerces yearly profit.

“So that means that from the perspective of a merchant, I am very successful. I have enough money that I can live my life without any worries. The problem is that after making this money, what should I do”

Everyone under the stage suddenly revealed a look of understanding.

Xu Yis topic had without a doubt reached the level of his life goal.

With his status and his wealth, it was normal to consider these questions.

This means that just what was his personal goal that he wanted to realize through the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

“After a long time considering this, I thought of why I started the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I started the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the first place because I wanted to make a Magic Fan to cool down from the summer heat. Then our Frestech Chamber of Commerce started developing various magic machines that helped people solve many problems that hadnt been solved for a long time. Among them, what has made me the most satisfied was the agricultural magic machines.”

Hearing Xu Yi mention the agricultural magic machines, whether it was the reporters or the commoners, they couldnt help revealing a look of respect as they looked at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi was right. Among all the magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invented, the ones that everyone welcomed the most and changed their lives the most were without a doubt the agricultural magic machines.

Because of the agricultural magic machines, the Lampuri Kingdom had completely changed their method of farming and had greatly increased their grain yield. It allowed countless people to no longer starve to death, so it could be said that it had completely changed the Lampuri Kingdom.

Then as the agricultural magic machines spread, there were now countless countries on the continent that used the agricultural magic machines. Then with the fertilizer from the elves, it solved the food crisis of many countries, allowing the Sines Continent to not have a large scale famine in many years.

To countless people, not mentioning anything else, just this action from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had surpassed all other countries. Many people even declared Xu Yi as their saviour.

“The agricultural magic machines are very good, but I still think that its far from enough. In my opinion, the people of this world shouldnt just be satisfied with filling their stomachs and having warm clothes. Other than this, we should have a higher pursuit.”

Everyone under the stage looked at each other in blank dismay.

Xu Yis words were a bit too much. For many people on the Sines Continent, being able to fill their stomachs and have warm clothes was already hard enough.

Even on the current Sines Continent, many people starved to death and froze to death in the cold wind.

Xu Yi could use the agricultural magic machines to increase grain yield, which solved the hunger problem for countless people which was a great merit, but now he was saying that humans should have even higher pursuits. This was simply being irresponsible.

“I know that you have doubts about my words.” Xu Yi could see the thoughts of the people under the stage and continued with a faint smile, “Indeed, to solve the problem of everyones basic needs isnt an easy matter, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and I have been working hard and will continue working hard on this matter. I took the magicians from the battlefield in hopes of investing them in industries that would benefit the development of humanity. Believe me, as long as there is enough time, it isnt hard to solve the problem of basic needs.”

The reporters all had strange looks, not knowing what to say in response to this.

In theory, Xu Yi was right.

But reality was complicated. For most people on the Sines Continent, would they follow his wishes and develop themselves

“We should talk about the topic that I mentioned before.” Xu Yi suddenly looked up at the sky and was lost in thought.

Everyone under the stage looked at the sky with curious gazes, but they only saw the bright sky without any clouds.

After a while, Xu Yi lowered his head and said, “Everyone, do you know what the land under your feet is like”

Everyone looked at each other before the reporter from the «Banta Times» tentatively raised his hand.

Xu Yi nodded in response.

“Chairman Xu, I remember that in an article you published in the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», you discussed this before. You said in that article that under our feet, there was a giant sphere and the Sines Continent was only one piece of land on this giant sphere. As for the sphere itself, most of it was covered in endless seas. Am I right”

Before Xu Yi answered, the crowd was in an uproar.

Among the reporters, there were many people who read the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», but there were few people who had read this article from Xu Yi.

Even if they had seen it, they thought that Xu Yis brain was too crammed full of thoughts and would spout nonsense from time to time.

What a joke!

There was a giant sphere under our feet If it really was like this, wouldnt the people in the north fall off

Xu Yi noted the various expressions the people had and revealed a faint smile. He thought that it really wasnt easy to make people of this world accept basic astronomy and geography.

But his advantage was that with his position, people would seriously listen no matter what he said and analyze it.

“Yes, I have published this article before and it did say this.” Xu Yi nodded at the reporter from the «Banta Times» and indicated for him to sit down, “As for the planet under our feet, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be conducting a sea voyage across the world to prove this to everyone.”

The crowd was in an uproar again.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to sail across the world

Although they couldnt fully understand what that meant, they could tell from the name that it was a large event that would require quite a bit of funding.

Could it be that Xu Yi was going to invest all that much to prove that they were on a planet and that planet was round

Xu Yi didnt care about everyones reaction and continued, “As for today, were about to discuss something even deeper. If everyone raises their head, they should be able to see the sun in the sky. Then if I were to tell everyone that the sun is just a giant star that releases light, which is countless times bigger than the planet under our feet, what would you think”

Everyone looked at Xu Yi in a daze, not reacting to his words at all.-

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