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Book 7: Chapter 158: I look down on all of you

“To not hold back at all, for most of the magicians on the continent, they dont understand what magic is at all.”

When Xu Yi said this first sentence, the entire audience fell silent.

Whether it was the reporters of the commoners watching, they all looked at Xu Yi with eyes of shock and faces filled with disbelief.

This Xu Yi……did he know what he was saying

Even if he was the top Arch Magus on the continent and could defeat other Arch Magi, being called the most powerful magician on the continent, could he be this arrogant

Saying that most magicians didnt understand what magic was Could it be that he didnt understand

After this shock, the crowd immediately filled with an uproar.

The reporters whispered to each other, giving different interpretations of Xu Yis words.

However, no matter who it was, they felt that Xu Yis words were going too far. He really shouldnt be saying something like this in front of everyone.

The reporter from the «Banta Times» didnt even wait for an answer to his raised hand as he stood up to loudly ask Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, what do you mean by this”

“What do I mean It means what it means.” Xu Yi replied in a natural manner.

The crowd fell silent once again.

That reporter was also suffocated by Xu Yis words and after a pause, he asked, “Chairman Xu, can I take that as you looking down on the other magicians of the continent”

Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a smile.

The newspaper media industry had developed on the Sines Continent for over ten years, but it was far lacking compared to earths. However, these reporters had learned quite a bit about digging holes, even this reporter from the «Banta Times» that should be close to him didnt hold back at all.

However, it was like he didnt understand the meaning in this reporters words at all as he nodded with a smile, “Yes, I look down on them.”

This answer was like throwing oil into the pot as the restlessness under the stage suddenly exploded.

There were countless voices that rang out and the large city square had turned into a chaotic pot.

Xu Yi looked at the chaotic reporters under the stage with a smile. He thought that these people really were as he expected, they reacted this fiercely.

Heinz on the side looked at Xu Yi with an astonished look. Although he had been working with Xu Yi for many years, knowing fully that this fellow would have strange ideas and said things that filled people with disbelief, the words that he said just now had surprised him very much.

He knew that Xu Yi wasnt an arrogant person. On the contrary, he was normally very calm and could see through various situations before slowly judging them.

So in this unnecessary situation, he wouldnt be the kind of person that would say these words that would make many people unhappy.

But……why did he have to say these words

As if he could sense Heinz looking at him, Xu Yi turned to reveal a faint smile before patting his shoulder, signaling for him to calm down.

Heinz felt his heart calm down immediately.

Xu Yi had this kind of charm, he could give people confidence that would make them believe that his choices were the most accurate.

In all these years, his choices had always confused people in the beginning, but they had never disappointed once.

So Heinz sat back down and calmly watched the reporters in chaos, silently waiting for Xu Yis next move.

After a while, the reporters finally reacted. Several dozen reporters stood up at the same time and even more reporters raised their hands.

“Chairman Xu, your words……”

“Chairman Xu, I think you……”

“Chairman Xu……”


There were a bunch of questions asked, but Xu Yi just calmly waited for a bit. Then he revealed a smile and raised his hand for the crowd to calm down.

“I know that you have many questions about what I said, this is understandable, but Im not planning on answering each question, so everyone please sit down. Please calmly listen to what I have to say.”

The reporters who were standing looked at each other before sitting down.

The reporters who had raised their hands also brought them down one by one.

Everyone focused their eyes on Xu Yi again, patiently waiting for his explanation.

“Perhaps you as reporters will not understand, but I think that after hearing my words, the magicians of the continent will not feel confused, they wont even feel displeased.”

The reporters under the stage couldnt help rolling their eyes at Xu Yi.

Nonsense. Youre opening stating that you look down on other magicians and they wont feel displeased

“But no matter how displeased the fellow magicians on the continent are, I stand by my view. Most magicians dont understand magic, that is just a fact.”

Xu Yis strong tone made the reporters tremble.

They knew that Xu Yi wasnt a maniac, so he must have some reason for saying this.

“When it comes to understanding magic, on the battlefield, I had a discussion with several Arch Magi from the two empires. Later I drew a conclusion that the several thousand years of magic theory passed down on the Sines Continent is already obsolete and not applicable to this new era. Starting now, we need to create a new system of magic theory and have a new way of studying and understanding magic.”

Hearing that Xu Yi had actually discussed this with Arch Magi from the two empires on the battlefield, the reporters were stunned before understanding what happened.

It was no wonder Xu Yi was willing to say these words in front of everyone. It turned out that he had already shared his views with the Arch Magi of the two empires and it seemed like he had received the approval of those Arch Magi.

If it was like this, adding in Xu Yi, his views had already received the approval of almost half of the Arch Magi on the continent.

At the same time, other than Xu Yi, there was also Arch Magus Camilla and Arch Magus Sarandal Clay at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so Xu Yis views would naturally be approved by the two of them.

Like this, Xu Yi had obtained the approval of over half of the Arch Magi.

The Arch Magi were without a doubt the guiding light for the magicians of the continent.

If the Arch Magi approved of this view, even if the other magicians werent convinced, they wouldnt have the courage or skills to go against it. At most they could curse it in their heart, but they would also have to study the views that the Arch Magi had proposed.

“Changing methods isnt just as simple as changing magic materials, magic equipment, or magic properties, rather……” Xu Yi pointed at his head, “It has to start with changing ones thoughts about magic. What is magic It sounds very mysterious and it feels mysterious to study, but magic is a tool in the end. Its no different from a shovel or scissors in the hands of a normal person.”

The people under the stage had strange expressions again.

Comparing magic to shovels and scissors Wasnt this pushing magic too far down……

“Understanding what forms magic and how it can be used, that is the mentality that we as magicians studying magic should have. As for making things concrete, we cant use things likesense,feel, orgeneral……or other terms like that to describe it. We should use more concrete terms like how much elemental magic energy is in a spell, how dense it is, what is the tension of the elemental magic energy……As long as we can understand this, we can truly understand magic.”

“As for this new method of studying magic, after discussing it with the Arch Magi of the two empires, weve created a new name, which is the scientific method of researching magic. It means studying magic with a scientific attitude and not studying it based on feelings alone. As for what is science I wont explain it here, but if you want to know, you can learn a bit about it if you look at the magic machines our company produces.”

“As for studying magic with a scientific attitude, its to study magic just like how our company produces magic machines. Accurate, precise, and fine tuned, without a single error or fuzzy definition, that is the true way of researching magic.”

“But this is still far from enough. On the current Sines Continent, other than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there isnt a single true set of magic theory. So I hope that all the magicians on the continent will learn how to study magic with science and learn how to scientifically use spells.”

“Remember, my magic research isnt to let everyone study how to increase their destructive might because theres no meaning to that. I hope that everyone can research magic that will make peoples lives more convenient. According to the analysis of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, its magic that is used in the lives of civilians.”

“To be honest, Ive always thought that the many magicians on the continent were dumb or selfish. Theres clearly all these people who cant even fill their stomachs, but these magicians that have power that far surpass that of normal people only know how to study magic all day to slaughter or insult normal people. Could it be that you dont feel ashamed”

“I disliked this, so I spent a lot of effort driving all magicians from the battlefield. I wanted to force everyone to study things that would improve peoples lives, I wanted to force everyone to enter the magic machine industry.”

“As for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather what the magic machine industry should be like and what it should do, that is our third topic of the day. The topic is, what is our goal”-

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