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Book 7: Chapter 157: One of the main topics

Xu Yi wasnt reminiscent that long.

He pulled Heinz in to talk about some trivial things about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce over the past twenty three years. After leaving plenty of room for the reporters to use their imagination, he stopped this period of fond reminiscence.

“Alright, the old peoples time has passed.”

The reporters under the stage let out a wave of laughter before focusing their eyes on Xu Yi.

They knew that they were finally about to get to the main topic today.

“Next, lets get into the main topic of this press conference today. Eh……actually, its like I just said, Ill be chatting with everyone.”

Xu Yi stopped as he swept his gaze over everyone under the stage, looking at all the reporters and commoners that were focused on him and he gave a satisfied nod.

“My teacher used to tell me that when talking with people, its best to gather your thoughts and know what you want to talk about, so you can get your point across. So, before we start talking, I want to first gather my thoughts to share with everyone.”

All the reporters raised their pens and prepared to write at any second.

“There is only one thought, which is to discuss with everyone what magic is in my mind. But as for this, we have to split them into several topics. First, are the magicians.”

“I think that in your minds, or perhaps the minds of most of the people of the continent, the understanding of magicians is the traditional mold of those who can wield strange magic. People that have powerful destructive might or something like that……”

Xu Yi waved his hand and everyone felt a strange feeling. They all looked up to see a dazzling flame in the sky, as if the flames would fall down at any moment.

Most of the reporters were experienced people, so some reporters quickly shouted out.

“Heavenly Fire Fall!”

“Its a Fire Attribute Forbidden Spell!”


Hearing the shocked cries, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He took his hand back and the cloud of flames in the air disappeared as everything returned to normal.

“Magicians grasp great power and great destructive might, even being able to determine the results of battles. So in the eyes of many people, magicians bring fear, which isnt a strange thing at all.”

“But to me, this is a completely different matter.”

Xu Yi flipped his hand again and a small fireball appeared in his palm.

“Magicians do indeed have great power, but this power cant just be used for destruction only, right”

At this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces staff on the side took out a pan and placed it over the fireball in Xu Yis hand.

The fireball was very hot and it didnt take long before smoke came from the bottom of the pan.

Then another staff brought some oil and two eggs over. He first put a bit of oil in before cracking the two eggs.

After a while, there were two fresh eggs that were cooked, releasing a bit of fragrance from the stage.

The reporters under the stage were all confused by this situation.

What was Xu Yi doing

In front of everyone, he used magic to cook eggs

Xu Yi took a bowl from another staff member and put the two eggs in before raising them for everyone to see.

“You must be curious why Im doing this. Actually, if youve ever gone to school and felt hungry in the middle of the night, but you didnt have a stove and couldnt make anything, you would know why Im doing this.”

Everyone had strange looks on their faces.

In the end, how was this related to Xu Yis experience when he went to school

Where had Xu Yi gone to school before

It seemed to be an unknown school called the Senkaiser School……

“Dont laugh at this. The first time that I realized that magic didnt need to be used to destroy and could be used for other matters was when I had the inspiration to use it to cook eggs in my school dorm. It isnt an exaggeration to say that the appearance of the first Magic Fan and the formation of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, along with all the other magic machines was all because of these two eggs.”

Hearing Xu Yis explanation, the people under the stage finally understood what he meant.

The reporters quickly wrote this down.

This was a very worthy topic related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to report on, it was enough to write a full article with.

“Through this matter, Ive realized that magic could be used for other meaningful things and this allowed me to make other associations which allowed me to do more research. It allowed me to create many strange magic tools when I was still in school. But no one took those things seriously until I came to Banta City and made my first Magic Fan.”

“Theres no need for me to say anything else about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce since I think that everyone should already know. I wanted to say that through this matter, as well as the magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce created, it proved my point that magic didnt just need to be used to destroy. Magicians didnt only have value in destroying and threatening others and they shouldnt be used on the battlefield.”

A reporter suddenly raised his hand.

Xu Yi looked over and saw that it was a reporter from the «Banta Times», so he gave a nod.

That reporter quickly stood up and asked in a loud voice, “Chairman Xu, is this the reason why your company along with the two empires and the two great magician organizations released the «Magicians Peace Convention»”

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded with a serious look, “In my opinion, magicians that grasp the strange thing known as magic being used to destroy is a waste of our natural resources. So I dont want to see magicians acting this way anymore and we should be using our natural resources for more beneficial things.”

“Then do you think that the more beneficial thing is to enter the magic machine industry and study magic machines” The reporter asked.

“No, benefiting others isnt just limited to studying magic machines, there are many other things that can be done. But right now, studying magic machines is the most effective way and has the most achievements, dont you think” Xu Yi asked back.

That reporter and all the other reporters fell into deep thought, but they had to admit that Xu Yi was right.

The magicians on the Sines Continent might not have considered this matter before, so naturally they didnt know how they could use their magic to benefit others.

Now that Xu Yi and his Frestech Chamber of Commerce had provided the new magic machine industry, it could be said that it had solved the problem perfectly and was naturally the best method.

Seeing the reporter sitting down, Xu Yi continued, “Lets bring this topic back to the understanding of magicians. In the opinion of most people, magicians represent destruction, but for me, each magician is a precious talent that has the hope of becoming a researcher or engineer for our company. For other people, what decides the value of a magician is their grade and the might of their magic, but for me, the real value is their understanding of magic and their creativity in practical applications. Speaking of this, I will start with the second topic. What is magic”

When it came to the first topic, the people under the stage were a bit confused, but when it came to the second topic, the people under the stage focused their minds and attentively listened.

Xu Yi was now one of the strongest Arch Magi on the continent and according to the rumours, he had defeated several Arch Magi from the two empires. He was even called the strongest Arch Magus on the continent.

An analysis of magic that came from him was without a doubt a valuable reference.

“Actually, this topic is aimed at the magicians of the continent. Of course, its impossible to gather all the magicians on the continent together and have them listen to me, so I gathered all the reporters here in hope that through the major newspapers, my words will be passed down to all the magicians on the continent.”

The reporters under the stage revealed proud smiles.

Xu Yi placing this kind of importance on their newspapers naturally made them feel honoured.

Thinking of how the first newspaper on the continent, the «Banta Times» was personally created by Xu Yi, the reporters felt quite close to Xu Yi.

However, Xu Yis expression suddenly became serious.

“Because the following words are for the magicians of the continent, I want to seriously request to you all that you will not change these words at all. You must not omit a single word when you publish this and cannot have any errors, do you understand”

The reporters under the stage focused their minds and their smiles quickly disappeared.

Although Xu Yis words were a bit domineering, with his power and prestige, as well as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces position that was far above all the newspapers, no newspaper dared to go against his request.

However, the reporters were excited about Xu Yis request not to change a single word.

For Xu Yi to be this serious, it meant that his following words had to be very important.

Moreover, Xu Yi had pointed out that these words were for all the magicians on the continent, so as long as these words were published, it would attract the attention of all the magicians.

If even those noble magicians paid attention, naturally the normal people would be even more curious.

Would they have to worry about their sales numbers then

After thinking this through, all the reporters looked at Xu Yi with glowing eyes.-

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