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Magic Industry Empire Book 7: Chapter 155: Solving the riot

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Book 7: Chapter 155: Solving the riot

Based on his experience from earth, Xu Yi knew that if he directly appeared in front of everyone like this, he would cause a riot.

If it was more serious, it was even possible to cause injuries from people getting trampled.

So he wasnt in a rush to make an appearance. Rather he contacted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff in the square with his Magic Communicator and passed down his orders.

After a while, there were four large Magic Illusion Projectors that were set up in the four directions of the square, as well as up to a hundred smaller Magic Illusion Projectors that were set up around the streets of the old part of Banta City, along with many more Magic Illusion Projectors all over Banta City. They suddenly started broadcasting the same image.

Which was a full body shot of Xu Yi.

As the Magic Illusion Projectors suddenly started broadcasting Xu Yis image, it attracted the attention of the crowd.

Everyone was surprised to see the Magic Illusion Projectors, but then it was unknown who started it, but there was a cheer that came from the crowd.

The voices even shook the buildings around the square, causing Xu Yi who was flying in the air to be shocked.

He never thought that his appearance through the Magic Illusion Projector would create such a large response.

It was a good thing that he didnt appear in front of everyone, or even more serious consequences would have occurred.

This was Xu Yis first time being cheered by this many people, so he couldnt help feeling a bit of self satisfaction.

But he quickly calmed down and after a pause, he raised his hands.

Then following this action, in the hundreds of projectors in the square and around the city, the projected image of Xu Yi also performed the same action.

Thats right, it was a live broadcast.

Under Xu Yis guidance, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had made breakthroughs in the Magic Illusion Projector. The live broadcast that the New Moon Chamber of Commerce kept trying to push had become a reality.

Although this live broadcast required the target to be in the live broadcast environment to be broadcasted, because Xu Yi was an Arch Magus, he just needed to create an illusion array with the same frequency to allow him to create a live broadcast environment around himself.

It was like the live broadcasts on earth. Xu Yis every action was now linked to the display of the hundreds of Magic Illusion Projectors set up.

“Hello everyone, I am Xu Yi. I am currently talking to you all through the Magic Live Broadcast set up by the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi greeted everyone with a smile.

His voice was sent through every Magic Illusion Projector, reaching the ears of everyone in Banta City.

After the crowd was stunned, they immediately reacted and cheered even louder compared to before.

Xu Yi waited for around two minutes before the crowd gradually fell silent.

“Everyone, Im very happy for your support and willingness to join my personal press conference.” Xu Yi paused before continuing, “But I think that everyone can see that since too many people have come, the small Banta City square cant hold everyone. I have even noticed that many people dont even have the space to stand up properly.”

Everyone looked at each other and found that they were in extreme positions because of the crowds, so they couldnt help revealing smiles.

They didnt notice it since they were all trying to push into the square, but once Xu Yi reminded them of this, everyone realized how crazy they had been.

“Im very happy about everyones love and care towards me, but since were restricted by the current situation, its impossible for me to allow everyone to come to my personal press conference.” Xu Yi paused before continuing, “So, Im very sorry to tell everyone that for this personal press conference, only the invited reporters from the various newspapers will be allowed to attend. As for everyone else, please follow the instructions of the city guards and leave the old parts of the city.”

Hearing this, everyone was first stunned before creating an uproar. Almost everyone revealed dissatisfied looks.

“Based on what!”

“Right! Why can these reporters participate and why cant we We also want to see chairman Xu and hear what chairman Xu has to say!”

“Right, right, the square doesnt belong to the reporters, cant we just go in and listen”

“I definitely wont leave!”

“Me too!”


Seeing how agitated the crowd was, Count Belmo who was observing the situation from the City Lord Manor couldnt help being covered in a cold sweat.

This chairman Xu, couldnt he be a bit more tactful with his words

Doesnt he know that if he was this direct, he would make everyone unhappy

When Count Belmo was about to send the guards to calm the crowd, Xu Yi spoke again.

“In order to make up for everyones losses, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has set up live broadcast areas in the various squares outside of the old city. After everyone leaves the old city, not only can you still watch my personal press conference through these live broadcast Magic Illusion Projectors, you can also receive some gifts from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff. The gifts will be divided into several levels. The lowest will be a Frestech Brand Magic Fan and the highest will be a new generation Magic Sedan. Because the gifts are limited, those that arrive first will have a greater chance of winning a bigger prize.”

Everyone looked at Xu Yi with the foxs smile on his face in a daze, not knowing what to say in response to this.

This was their first time hearing about this prize event. Moreover, the smallest prize was a Frestech Brand Magic Fan and the biggest price was actually a Magic Sedan!

Was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this generous

Everyones hesitation only lasted less than half a minute before they were all filled with desire for the prizes.

It was about to enter the middle of summer and if they could win a Magic Fan, there was no doubt that it would make their summer much better.

Even if they didnt use it and sold this Frestech Brand Magic Fan, they could at least earn a gold coin or two.

If their luck was a bit better, they could win a better prize or even the biggest prize, the Magic Sedan……

The crowd immediately stirred, but this time they didnt head towards the square, but rather they poured out of the old city.

Count Belmo looked at Xu Yi who flew back in a daze and only after a while was he able to speak.

“Chairman Xu, did you already plan this ahead of time”

“Of course not.” Xu Yi shook his head, “If this was already planned, it wouldnt have become this bad.”

“Then the prize event that you mentioned……”

“This was the event that our company had prepared ahead of time for our summer sales event. I just had the staff use the prizes prepared for that event for this event, so it wasnt that hard. You can be assured.”

“I believe in the ability of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, only……” Count Belmo licked his lips as he didnt know how to express what he really felt, “Only chairman Xu was able to defuse this dangerous situation this easily and could advertise your Frestech Chamber of Commerce like this, it really fills me with admiration.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh and waved his hand, “Its just a small matter, it cant be considered much.”

“This might be only a small matter for chairman Xu, but to me, this is a good example to learn from. I thought that you could only use violence to deal with a crowd that had lost their sanity, but I never thought that you could cheat them all with a few benefits like chairman Xu did……Oh, I mean urge them to leave. It really has opened my eyes.”

Xu Yi was too lazy to deal with the “cheating” that Count Belmo used because this method was in truth not that different from cheating them. The only difference was that cheating them meant not paying a price at all, but he had paid a small price that wasnt even worth mentioning.

As for Count Belmos admiration, he didnt dare take it.

In the end, this was the experience that he gained from the events that had been held on earth.

Count Belmo had never seen this method before because to the nobles of the Sines Continent, the commoners werent worth taking seriously, so they could naturally suppress them with violence.

Although the crowd outside had been pushed away by Xu Yis small gifts, there were still too many of them and it took quite a bit of time for them to all leave.

Only when it was eleven in the morning, an hour and a half after the scheduled time for the press conference did the people outside finally leave and it returned to normal.

However, this normal state didnt include the square.

In this square that was over ten thousand square meters, it was still filled with people. With a rough estimate, one could tell that there were over ten thousand people here.

“It seems like not everyone is willing to leave.” Count Belmo looked at the crowd and gave a sigh, “Chairman Xu, do we not need to drive these people away”

“Theres no need, we can just hold the press conference normally.” Xu Yi shook his head as he looked at Count Belmo.

Count Belmo understood what he meant and gave Xu Yi an inviting gesture. The two of them went down at the same time, coming out of the City Lord Manor and heading to the square that was around five hundred meters away from the City Lord Manor.

When the two of them came out, they attracted the gazes of countless people.

The eyes of over ten thousand people in the square all gathered on Xu Yi, so it could really be considered being the center of attention.

At this time, there was a tall figure that came from the square and arrived in front of Xu Yi with a wide smile.

Xu Yi spread his arms and gave him a big hug.-

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