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Book 7: Chapter 144: Scientific view of magic

The faces of the seven Arch Magi sank at the same time.

What was magic

This question was only said by those magicians who had just started learning magic or common people who didnt understand magic at all, but now Xu Yi was asking this to the seven Arch Magi that represented the peak of the magic world. This was no different from shaming them.

They thought that Xu Yi gathering them was to make peace, discussing it with the Arch Magi that represented the magicians of the two empires first, but they never thought that this would be the first thing that Xu Yi said to them. It instantly filled their hearts with displeasure.

If they didnt have scruples on this battlefield, the seven Arch Magi would have left without a single word.

“Chairman Xu, what do you mean by this” A Marlow Empire Arch Magus said in a cold voice with a dark look, “Do you think that you can act this wild because your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has some small tricks”

“Small tricks” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “Everyone, if you still have these ideas now, then I can only say that Im very disappointed.”

“Enough, chairman Xu, just say what you have to say, theres no need to beat around the bush.” Another Marlow Empire Arch Magus impatiently waved his hand, “I admit that with the current situation, even us Arch Magi cant do anything to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but theres no meaning in shaming us like this.”

The expressions of the Marlow Empire Arch Magi were ugly and the expressions of the three Arch Magi from the Candra Empire were dark. They all had pensive looks, but they didnt join in the reprimanding of Xu Yi.

“Why do you think that this is shaming you” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I dont think so, Im just honestly asking you a question. The understanding of magic is related to the true difference between our Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research and your magic research. If you dont understand this, you will never understand why we can easily repel all your magicians, including Arch Magi without even sending out a single magician.”

The Arch Magi fell silent together.

If didnt matter if they were willing to admit it, the facts of the battle were that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt need to send out a single magician to defeat these Arch Magi, even causing several of them to fall.

This matter had never happened even in the most intense race wars three thousand years ago.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had grasped powers that these Arch Magi couldnt understand, which caused them to be at a loss.

So even if Xu Yis words were arrogant, they couldnt refute them at all.

Strength was the foundation of all words.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had this power, so Xu Yi had the rights to say these words.

After being silent for a while, a Candra Empire Arch Magus said with a sigh, “Alright, chairman Xu, although I dont understand your goal, since you want to have a sincere discussion, then Ill tell you my view. Speaking of what magic is…..I dont care what other magicians think, but to me, the so-called magic in the end is just a magician using their magic power to create a phenomenon with the elemental magic energy around them. Dont you think so”

The other six Arch Magi all nodded along.

Magic had already existed for over ten thousand years on the Sines Continent, even humans as the youngest race had grasped it for three thousand years.

After all these years of evolving, the foundational concept of magic had already reached a uniform concept that no one doubted.

Although each magician had a difference in their understanding of magic, as well as having their unique thoughts, the most basic concept of magic was something that no magicians doubted. It had already become a common fact on the Sines Continent.

Now that this Candra Empire Arch Magus had taken out the most standard and impregnable answer, they wanted to see if Xu Yi could give a different explanation.

“Un, I admit that this view of magic isnt wrong……”

Xu Yis first words had disappointed these Arch Magi.

“But, this view is superficial and too general, so theres no practical meaning at all. The so-called magic is just using magic power to control elemental magic energy, so where does the magic power come from What changes happen during the production of this magic power Using magic power to control elemental magic energy, how will it be controlled What about the speed and the quantity of the elemental magic power controlled What about the shape and the various data sets of the shape For example, the exact shape, the volume, the density, the vibrational frequency, the resonating intensity, how should that data be measured If you dont know any of this……”

If they could barely understand the first half of Xu Yis words, the second half had completely confused them.

What density, what vibrational frequency, what resonating intensity…..What was all of this

“Wait, chairman Xu, what are you saying” A Marlow Empire Arch Magus couldnt help cutting Xu Yi off, “What do all these things that youre saying mean”

Xu Yis eyes swept over everyone and he gave a sigh before shaking his head, “As expected, you havent read the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» that our company publishes.”

The Arch Magi looked at each other with embarrassed looks on their faces.

The Arch Magi had paid some attention to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after their rise.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce mainly focused on those magic machines and in the eyes of these Arch Magi, the magic machines were just at best magic tools. Even if the designs were ingenious, they were still crude and couldnt enter their eyes.

As for the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» that was related to magic machines, of course they wouldnt care about it.

“If you read the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», you would have a concept of the things Ive mentioned. What I said arent strange things, but rather the foundational concepts of a theory that our company has developed in our research of magic. I call it……the scientific view of magic.”

“Scientific view of magic” The seven Arch Magi all knitted their brows.

They understood magic, but what was this science

They had never heard of the word from Xu Yis mouth before, they had never even heard of this word in the common language of the Sines Continent before.

Xu Yi was helpless towards the expressions on their faces.

That was right, there wasnt the word “science” in all the languages of the Sines Continent, so Xu Yi had translated it and come up with a new term.

He could only simply explain what the word “science” meant to everyone.

After hearing this, everyone was even more confused.

“Chairman Xu, based on what you said, this science is to refine every aspect of a piece of knowledge and thoroughly study each aspect before finally bringing it together to completely grasp this piece of knowledge. Then the studies of the countless magicians on the Sines Continent over ten thousand years, is that not refined enough, not thorough enough”

“Based on the view that you just gave, it is indeed refined enough, but from my personal perspective, it is far from being enough. For example, what I am most surprised at is that magic research has been on the continent for this long, but there has been no magician that has conducted a study into elemental magic energy. You have to know that elemental magic energy is the foundation of all magic.”

The seven Arch Magi looked at each other in blank dismay, still not understanding what Xu Yi meant.

Xu Yi couldnt help giving a sigh. He knew that to explain the scientific view to these seven Arch Magi with just words in a short period of time was impossible to do.

The magicians of the Sines Continent had studied magic for over ten thousand years and there were still many things they didnt understand. The reason was the the magicians of the continent had treated magic as work, so their path of research was to use elemental magic energy to create stronger spells, as well as using these spells more proficiently.

To put it in earth terms, the magic research of the Sines Continent was focused on practical application and it was more focused on the practical application of deadly magic, so naturally they didnt pay attention to the theoretical side of magic.

Although the magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could be considered part of the practical application side, because Xu Yi was someone who came from earth and was someone influenced by the science of high level mechanical engineering, he naturally studied magic from the beginning with a scientific view.

In the twenty years the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been established, Xu Yi had always requested the magic research facility to study how to use magic better, but also why they could use it better.

To put it simply, it was to know the reason why the things they did did what they did.

It was because of this request that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facilitys researchers would gradually train in the scientific view of magic after working there long enough. They would have a deeper and more accurate view of magic, which greatly increased their level of magic.

Xu Yi as their leader naturally had the most profound understanding of magic, so his level of magic increased the fastest.

Otherwise, if he followed the traditional views of the Sines Continent, Xu Yi never would have become an Arch Magus just after turning forty.

But these things were things that definitely couldnt be understood by the seven Arch Magi who had the traditional view of magic carved into them.

So Xu Yi thought about it before deciding to do a small experiment.-

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