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Magic Industry Empire Book 7: Chapter 142: Final battle (5)

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Book 7: Chapter 142: Final battle (5)

Marshal Senri didnt even have time to feel hurt because without caring about the price, after ten thousand light cavalry were destroyed, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Tanks had gathered together again and worked with the Rudson Kingdoms Magic Combat Vehicles to approach the Marlow Empire lines.

After taking a deep breath, Marshal Senri turned to the four magicians in Arch Magi robes and said in a serious voice, “For masters, well have to depend on you and the honourable magicians.”

The four Arch Magi from the Marlow Empire who came to this war looked at each other and they all had bitter looks in their eyes.

In the past, whenever there was a fight, as long as a single Arch Magi appeared, it would be enough to decide the battle.

Now there were four Arch Magi working together and they had the most elite magicians of the Marlow Empire under them, but they werent confident in winning this battle at all.

Until now, they still didnt understand what methods the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had used to kill their fellow Arch Magi.

Although the three Arch Magi that had been injured fighting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had given them the details, they still didnt understand the reason, so naturally it didnt help them.

So for the four Arch Magi, the battle with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was still filled with mystery and danger.

However, they were already here.

Not to mention the Marlow Empire, just to explore the magic, they had to come.

“Prepare to attack.”

The four Arch Magi nodded at the same time and wildly released their magic power, creating various phenomena above them.

A Forbidden Spell released right away!

The other magicians werent idle and all released their magic power, opening magic barriers with all their strength and completely surrounding the Marlow Empire soldiers.

To stop the powerful attacks of the Magic Cannons, it was impossible with the flesh bodies of the soldiers and it was only barely possible with the magic barriers.

But the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces clearly didnt have enough Magic Shells, so using their magic barrier and the armours that the elite soldiers had, it wasnt a problem to defend against normal Magic Repeating Crossbows.

But when they were ready, there were clouds that appeared in the western sky.

Marshal Senri looked up and his face sank.

It was the Magic Airship squad that had never appeared that was finally appearing.

Moreover when they appeared, it wasnt just thirty to fifty like the two empires had expected. Just with a rough look at the patch of black, one could tell that there were over a hundred of them!

Seeing the Magic Airships quickly approaching in the sky, Marshal Senri felt a bit of hesitation.

To deal with these Magic Airships high up, normal soldiers wouldnt work and they could only rely on magicians that could fly into the sky.

However, in the countless battles before, it had been proven that the Magic Airships had a very special method to deal with magicians. Even Arch Magi might not survive.

When the two Arch Magi of the Marlow Empire fell, it was because they had been fighting the Magic Airships.

Since these Magic Airships could even kill Arch Magi, then normal magicians naturally couldnt survive.

But if they ignored these Magic Airships, then with their air superiority, not to mention winning the fight, it would be hard to say if they could even defend against being completely wiped out.

“Sir Marshal, let us go.” An Arch Magus looked at the Magic Airships in the sky before saying to Marshal Senri, “Weve already prepared for a long time, we can give it a try.”

Marshal Senri hesitated before giving a nod, “Then be careful.”

That Arch Magus gave a nod before flying out with another Arch Magus and seven Great Magicians.

When they flew halfway up, there were several figures that appeared from the Candra Empire lines. It seemed that the Candra Empire had taken the same action after seeing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships appear.

There were a total of four Arch Magi and sixteen Great Magicians between the two sides. They had already contacted each other beforehand and without any words, they quickly gathered together.

“These Magic Airships have the Magic Domain Sealing Array, but this array has a limit to its range and there are clear signs when it is being released. There will be small sparkles that will appear, so it is very easy to detect.”

A Candra Empire Arch Magus quickly told them the information he had received from Arch Magus Laduca and Arch Magus Ofalian.

“As long as we pay attention to these signs and keep changing our position, we shouldnt be affected by the Magic Domain Sealing Array. As for how to attack them…..as long as we can break the magic barrier around them, they should just be some normal steel frames.”

The four Arch Magi quickly confirmed their battle plan and then spread out, launching attacks at the dense group of Magic Airships from a distance.

The attacks of four Arch Magi and sixteen Great Magicians were naturally terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, the sky was filled with countless lights that represented high grade spells.

However, when those spells approached the Magic Airships, the Magic Airships suddenly released a light blue glow that disappeared with those spells, making it seem like nothing had happened.

The four Arch Magi and sixteen Great Magicians in the sky, as well as the camps of the two empires who had been watching were all stunned by this.

How was this possible!

If these Magic Airships had used their magic barriers to block these spells, no one would be surprised.

But before these spells had even touched the Magic Airships, the Magic Airships didnt even release their magic barriers and had made those spells disappear without a trace. This…..went against their common sense too much.

But there was no time for them to react as the hundred Magic Airships quickly dispersed in the sky, instantly occupying the upper ground in this battlefield.

Then all the Magic Airships suddenly released bright glows.

The four Arch Magi and sixteen Great Magicians in the air knew that this was bad in their hearts and released all their magic power, going all out to attack the Magic Airships.

But it was the same as before. When their spells approached the Magic Airships, the Magic Airships just released that same blue glow before their spells disappeared.

At the same time, the Magic Airships attacked.

Countless white lights came from the Magic Airships, directly flying out to surround the camp of the two empires.

Magic barriers of different colours appeared above the camps of the two empires, as the magicians of the two empires went all out to resist these attacks.

However……it was a meaningless resistance.

The white lights seemed like they completely ignored the full force magic barriers of the magicians and fell down without any hindrance, landing right on the countless soldiers of the two empires.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

The four Arch Magi and the sixteen Great Magicians were stunned as they saw the camps of the two empires fall into chaos, not knowing what to do.

Before this, the two empires had carefully come up with a plan, considering almost everything that was possible.

The Arch Magi that were considered the peak of the two empires had put aside all prejudice and discussed countless methods of dealing with the strange military magic machines, as well as a plan to deal with the Magic Airships.

However, they found that all the plans that they had discussed had become a joke in front of the unreasonable attacks of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships!

Their spells didnt pose any threat to these Magic Airships and they couldnt deal with the attacks of those Magic Airships at all.

They even…..completely ignored their final magic barrier. So how were they supposed to resist the attacks of these Magic Airships

The camps of the two empires below were completely stunned by this surprising situation, not being able to react for the longest time.

Everyone just started at the hundred Magic Airships that were like clouds in the sky in a daze, as their hearts filled with despair.

They had lasted this long and were about to enter the final battle as per their plans, even seeing some hope for victory, but they never thought that once these Magic Airships appeared, it would crush their hopes completely.

Among them, the Arch Magi of the two empires felt even more despair.

They had always relied on their great power as Arch Magi to turn the battle around.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had powers that surpassed their understanding, they were Arch Magi after all. They were powerful people at the peak of this world, so as long as they were willing, they could definitely change everything.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had used hard facts to give them a hard slap.

So what if they were Arch Magi In front of the unbelievable power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships, no matter how strong their spells were, they couldnt do anything. Then what difference was there between them and normal magicians, or even normal people

The Candra Empires Arch Magus in the sky who had told everyone the plan suddenly thought about what Arch Magus Laduca and Arch Magus Ofalian had told them before.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu has told us that Arch Magi will no longer decide battles, so we should withdraw from the battles of the continent.”

Thinking of this, he felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

As a powerful Arch Magus, if he couldnt display his use on the battlefield, where would he show his value-

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