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Magic Industry Empire Book 7: Chapter 140: Final battle (3)

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Book 7: Chapter 140: Final battle (3)

Although this was already expected, after seeing the horses and people getting sent flying by the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces Magic Cannons, causing the cavalry squad to fall into chaos, the generals of the Candra Empire and Marlow Empire armies had ugly expressions.

The heavily armoured soldiers sitting on these warhorses were considered the strongest forces among the two empires and in past battles, as long as these heavy cavalry were sent out, there wouldnt be an enemy that could stop them on open plains like these.

The enemies couldnt even slow down their advances, they would be steamrolled under their charge.

But now, with a casual round of Magic Shells, there was a wide hole that was created among the cavalry. With just a single round of attacks, the cavalry that had been using a systematic group charge had been scattered.

Even the soldiers that had two tons of armour on them, they could face that endless crossbow bolts before, they could charge the enemy with their spears. However, facing the Magic Cannons and the incomparably powerful explosions, they werent able to disregard everything to charge the enemy.

As the Magic Cannons blasted out, countless heavy cavalry were thrown into the air like scarecrows, as if that two ton weight of theirs didnt matter at all.

There were even many cavalry that had limbs missing as they flew out, as they had stopped breathing.

They had started their full charge when they were three kilometers away from the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, but when they had pushed to two kilometers after great difficulty, the twenty thousand heavy cavalry that charged from all four sides had less than 30% that were still charging.

Scattered along the large Tara Plains, it was clear that they were scattered.

Seeing this scene, Marshal Sudman gave a long sigh.

“It seems like its time for us traditional soldiers to withdraw from the battlefield.”

The other Candra Empire generals around him all had dark looks.

Even if it had been clear in the countless battles before that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines had changed the method of war on the continent, the concepts of these veterans with many years of war under their belts were hard to change. They couldnt accept the new things like military magic machines ruling the battlefield, so they had always resisted these military magic machines from the bottom of their hearts.

But the countless battles attacked their determination and todays battle, these heavy cavalry that easily demonstrated their might had been destroyed this easily. It had made the final bit of determination in their hearts collapse.

“Sir Marshal, let those two new regiments go out. As for us old fellows…..well do our best to cooperate with them.” The armys staff officer departments chief Boroger put down his telescope as he revealed a serious look, “This is our final chance, I think that we shouldnt have any more scruples.”

“It should be as such.” Marshal Sudman gave a nod before giving an order, “Send the signal to the Marlow Empire, tell them our plans.”

Seeing the officer run off, a general said in a worried voice, “Sir Marshal, were already playing our cards this early, if the Marlow Empire were to hold back……”

“It doesnt matter.” Marshal Sudman waved his hand, “This is our Candra Empires final battle, we dont have a choice. If the Marlow Empire is smart, they will know what to do.”

“I think that you dont need to worry. Since the Marlow Empire was willing to send reinforcements, it means that they are clear on the situation. So I feel that they should know not to hold back.”

Borogers words were approved by the generals.

So the order was quickly sent and the Candra Empires army closed their encirclement of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces.

“Count Darcy, your Rudson Kingdom and our allied army has always been attacking, but this is our first time defending, right” Chief Hart in the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces line suddenly spoke.

Count Darcy was surprised, but thinking about the fights over the past few months, he was surprised to realize that Chief Hart was right.

Since their allied army invaded the Candra Empire, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces had always been attacking and had won each fight.

The Candra Empire found it very hard to defend against the attacks of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, so naturally they couldnt force them into defending.

After several months of battling, this was the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces first time defending against the attacks of the Candra Empire.

Thinking of this, Count Darcy couldnt help revealing a strange look.

He never thought about it before, but now that he was thinking about it, he realized that it was a bit unbelievable.

Their enemy was the Candra Empire, one of the two strongest empires on the continent!

They were only a small Rudson Kingdom with a company, it was unthinkable that they were able to force the Candra Empire into this situation.

But thinking about it, the facts were in front of him, so he had no choice but to believe.

But……why did Chief Hart suddenly say these words

Seeing the doubt in Count Darcys eyes, Chief Hart gave a laugh and slapped Count Darcys shoulder as he said, “You might not know this, but while our companys military magic machines are powerful on the attack, they are even more powerful when defending.”

Count Darcy forced out a smile. Although he believed that the military magic machines were more powerful when used to defend, there were four hundred and fifty thousand armies, which was the elite army of the two empires. How could it be that easy to defend against them

Chief Hart ignored the strange look on Count Darcys face and grabbed the Magic Communicator as he shouted, “Magic Cannon squad, pay attention! I want you to fully open fire! If theres an enemy cavalry that gets within one kilometer of us, I will write a report when we get back that will deduct everyone of one months pay and bonus!”

Count Darcys lips twitched.

Gods, he had seen generals threatening to behead their subordinates on the battlefield, but he had never seen anyone threaten their soldiers with wage and bonus deductions like Chief Gart was doing.

But thinking of how even the lowest wage of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards was twenty gold coins, which would be over thirty gold coins with the bonus, Count Darcy felt that this threat was very terrifying.

If it was a Rudson Kingdom soldier and you gave them thirty gold coins, they wouldnt hesitate to give up their lives.

After all, although the lives of the Rudson Kingdom citizens had greatly improved over the past few years, thirty gold coins was still very important for many families. It was more than enough to buy a life and to have some left over.

Perhaps they were affected by Chief Harts threat, but the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards Magic Cannon squad released countless flames that were like fireworks.

These countless Magic Shells rained down all around them and instantly submerged the Tara Plains around the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces in explosions and flames.

There was less than 30% of the first wave of heavy cavalry from the two empires left after the first strike, but after this second strike, they had all been turned into ashes.

Behind these heavy cavalry, the two empires had sent a bunch of light cavalry. They had planned on using the time that the heavy cavalry drew out the firepower of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces to find some space to charge into thief formations.

However, under the dense firepower of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, they werent able to find a chance at all.

They could rely on their high mobility as light cavalry to avoid the cannon fire at first, so their casualties were lower than the heavy cavalry.

But now that the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces had gone crazy with these terrifying cannon shots, covering all the space around their formation, they couldnt evade them at all.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

There were endless explosions that filled the entire Tara Plains and as far as the eye could see, there were flames all around as well as people and horses flying away.

In less than two minutes, most of the forty thousand light cavalry were injured and there wasnt a single regiment that could maintain formation.

In the Candra Empire lines, the generals all had pale faces as they watched this situation, not being able to say anything for a long time.

They had expected the fight to go poorly, but they never expected that the fight would actually go this badly.

The fight had only been going for less than twenty minutes and the strongest heavy cavalry unit had been destroyed. The most mobile light cavalry that they had placed their greatest hopes on had mostly been destroyed and had almost lost all their combat power.

On the other hand, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces hadnt suffered a single loss yet.

Even……all these heavy and light cavalry units couldnt even break through their lines.

“Sir Marshal, how about……we have the light cavalry come back……” A general couldnt help suggesting in a low voice.

“No. Send down my order, let them keep charging! Whoever dares to flee will be executed on the spot!” Marshal Sudmans face was dark, but there wasnt any hesitation in his voice as he said, “All of you remember for me, to win this fight, we have to be ruthless! The sacrifices of these knights wont be wasted because they have consumed a lot of the enemys ammunition for us.”

The generals all looked at each other with dispirited looks.

The light and heavy cavalry that had always been regarded by them as the strongest force had only been able to play a role in consuming the enemys ammunition.-

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