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Book 7: Chapter 137: Advantages and disadvantages of the Magic Cloud Continent

“Xu Yi, do you know When I landed on Fire Rock Island and I saw more than ten dragons lining up in front of me, you dont know how nervous I was! But after knowing them for less than half an hour, all my nervousness was gone. You never would have guessed how wonderful the scenic shots the dragons took me to looked!”

“Its not just the dragons, the local elves and halflings also liked the Illusion Films very much. I was actually very surprised by this. Although Lumi and the elves of our Sines Continent liked watching Illusion Films as well, they couldnt compare to the elves and halflings on the Magic Cloud Continent…..how infatuated they were.”

“You said that goblins Of course we met them and we met them quite a few times, but the base has been finished and there are many company guards there, so its very easy dealing with those backwards goblins. To be honest, those goblins only have their numbers as an advantage. They were only using weapons that were made of polished stones, so not to mention our company guards, they couldnt even compare to the elves or the halflings.”

“We made contact with the humans of the Magic Cloud Continent at the end of last year through the black dragons and at the beginning of the year, the base sent a Magic Airship to meet a few local humans. These things should have been reported to you. They are very interested in whats happening on our Sines Continent and towards our magic machines, especially the Magic Illusion Projectors that I brought. I think that when the time is right, it wouldnt be a problem to promote magic machines to them at all.”

“To be honest, I feel that although the Magic Cloud Continent is more backwards compared to the Sines Continent, the development potential is bigger because the local market is empty……”


Seeing Still speaking without stopping, Xu Yi had a smile the entire time.

It should be said that other than a few details that werent accurate because there wasnt enough information, Stills account of the Magic Cloud Continent was very correct.

The Magic Cloud Continent was more backwards compared to the Sines Continent, but it was because of this that the Magic Cloud Continent was like a piece of white paper. They could develop it how they wanted and it was in theory easier to develop compared to the Sines Continent.

At least the Magic Cloud Continent was currently controlled by the goblins and the goblins were a very backwards race, so backwards that they couldnt even create a proper country.

This race had relied on their population that far surpassed other races to obtain domination, so their control of the Magic Cloud Continent was very weak. It created many loopholes for the other races, so they could find a place to survive.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce being able to build a base on the Magic Cloud Continent and quickly developing it was also because of these loopholes.

In the beginning, although the goblins had discovered this human base that appeared out of nowhere and organized attacks against it, with the powerful firepower of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, the goblins were easily repelled.

Then the goblins attacked again and again, being repelled repeatedly. The situation didnt develop like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had worried about, drawing in a large amount of goblins to attack them. Instead they withdrew and allowed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to freely develop.

If this was the Sines Continent and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did this, they would cause the local country to attack them and it would be hard to create a strong foothold.

So if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could take advantage of this and work with the other races of the Magic Cloud Continent, then they could truly take root on the Magic Cloud Continent and be the first to seize those rich resources.

This was something that was hard for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to do on the Sines Continent.

All the resources on the Sines Continent had been carved up by the human countries, so if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted them, they had to pay a large price.

In fact, in the war between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the two empires, other than the two empires wanting to seize control of the magic machine industry from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other important reason was seizing resources.

If they had invested the price that they paid on the Magic Cloud Continent, they would receive a harvest that was countless times greater.

Of course, that was the premise that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could build a solid foundation on the Magic Cloud Continent.

Moreover, the Magic Cloud Continent had a big disadvantage compared to the Sines Continent, which was a lack of population.

Although there were many goblins, because their society was basic, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would find it hard to turn them into customers and they had zero value as a market.

There were few intelligent races other than the goblins, so the market on the Magic Cloud Continent was much smaller than the Sines Continent.

This was the most difficult thing to develop since it required a large amount of time and effort.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had discoveries after searching in other directions, finding two other continents and many large islands, but the intelligent life on those two continents and islands were even smaller and couldnt be relied on.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could only treat the Magic Cloud Continent as an important place to develop, with their main market still being on the Sines Continent.

In the end, the war with the two empires would decide everything.

After Still told him about everything she had experienced on the Magic Cloud Continent, she still brought the topic back.

“Although youve told me to care about the Magic Cloud Continent right now, our companys Magic Illusion Projector production line, our actors, scenery, and even the main audience is based on the Sines Continent, so its impossible for me not to care about this place.”

Still paused and after hesitating a bit, she still asked, “Xu Yi, tell me, how long will it take before this war ends”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I dont know that because it depends on the Candra Empire. If they choose to fight with us to the end, I can only tell you that this war might take a long time to end.”

“They wont be that dumb because theres no need for this. Then again, the nobles of the Candra Empire arent fools, they wouldnt die with the Candra Empire.” Still pursed her lips as she spoke in a voice filled with disdain.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

This was the drawback of this world.

The human society of the Sines Continent was still a half feudal and half slave society, so most countries were influenced by the large nobles, which was a bunch of large landowners and large slave owners.

In a normal situation, the country had a certain degree of control and binding force on these nobles, but in times of danger, the large nobles could choose to escape with the lives of their family or their own lives. They wouldnt be loyal enough to die with the country.

When the southern province declared their independence, it proved this point.

Then almost half of the Candra Empires provinces had declared their independence, with one province even splitting into several smaller countries. This was also the reason for that.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Rudson Kingdom allied armies took Wimbledon City, maven destroying the power of the Candra Empire royal family, the other nobles of the Candra Empire definitely wouldnt be angry or sad, but rather most of the nobles would be filled with joy.

But like this, the giant Candra Empire would fall into chaos.

This was not what Xu Yi wanted to see because this did not favour him developing the magic machine industry.

A stable and obedient Candra Empire was his desired result.

As for how to keep the Candra Empire stable and obedient, that was a difficult matter that took a lot of effort.

Xu Yi agreed to these peace talks during this time to intentionally give some time to the Candra Empire royal family, letting them make a few attempts.

Of course, the Candra Empire wouldnt truly submit to a company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Before this, they would still try to make some moves.

Xu Yi wasnt worried about this.

After all, the power that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had right now was much greater than the Candra Empire or the other countries of the continent. It was even countless times greater than the power that the Mongols had when they were at their peak on earth.

Because this was a modern civilization going against a backwards ancient civilization, so they would be beaten in all aspects.

With the advantage of absolute power, no matter what the Candra Empire did, it would be hard to create a wave.

On October 2nd, the Candra Empire had their third round of peace talks with the Rudson Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but they couldnt reach an agreement.

Three days later, on October 5th, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces finally moved from San Antonio City. They headed to the northeast and in less than a week, they had captured three cities in the Candra Empires central province. They advanced two hundred kilometers closer to Wimbledon City, only being less than three hundred kilometers away now.

At this distance, they could even call out to the soldiers of Wimbledon City.

On October 16th, after several days of rest, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces set out again. They stopped at the biggest Tara Plains in the Candra Empires central state that was two hundred and fifty kilometers away from Wimbledon City, meeting a powerful force that they didnt expect.

It was a giant army of two hundred thousand that blocked the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces.

With two hundred and fifty troops from the Marlow Empire, totaling four hundred and fifty thousand. The sixty thousand Rudson Frestech Allied Forces troops had been completely surrounded on the Tara Plains.-

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