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Dwarven magic mechanical engineers

Perhaps it was because they were shocked by the Magic Air Conditioner, but after Xu Yi had led them on a tour of the two workshops, there were a total of nine people of the thirteen magicians who were willing to stay with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As for the four people who rejected him, the ones who made Xu Yi most disappointed were Erwin and Bob.

“Im sorry, Xu Yi, I really do want to struggle with you, but……” Erwin was a bit embarrassed, “My dream since I was young was to become a powerful magician. I am still young, so I dont want to give up yet……”

Xu Yi asked in a confused voice, “You can also study magic here. Even Rooney is stay and his magician grade is higher than yours.”

Erwin scratched his head before saying with a laugh, “Compared to here, I prefer going through danger to increase my power. As for Rooney…...His familys condition isnt good, so he always hoped for a stable income, he is different from me and Bob. Based on giving me face, I hope you can take care of him.”

Seeing that Erwin had made up his mind, Xu Yi could only give a helpless sigh and a slight nod, “Alright, I will take care of him.”

After sending off the four magicians who wanted to leave that included Erwin and Bob, Xu Yi didnt have time to be hurt. He brought the remaining nine magicians to find Sebas, to have them sign an employment contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

From this day forth, these nine magicians would be officially employees of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The work they did was to finish drawing all the Magic Arrays on the magic machines.

Even though there were only nine people, because they were full time workers, being able to work longer than the Baron Rickto Magic Academy students and adding in the fact that they had studied magic longer, their experience in drawing Magic Arrays was much higher than the students.

As long as they familiarized themselves with their work, Xu Yi was certain that the work they completed each day would surpass the students.

After signing the contract, Xu Yi had Sebas lead them back to Banta City.

In order to welcome these magicians, Xu Yi specially contacted Heinz ahead of time to rent two buildings in Banta City as their temporary residence.

Of course, as there were more and more workers for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, these two buildings wouldnt be enough. Xu Yi had long planned to build worker dorms near the factories, giving a place for the employees of the company to live in.

After taking care of these magicians, Xu Yi went to the magic machine workshop. He called together Camby and the other dwarves in charge to hold a small meeting.

“Three thousand unit” Hearing the number Xu Yi gave, Camby and the other dwarves all revealed look of pleasant surprise.

Of course they were happy because of the large orders, which meant that the dwarves would have quite a bit of work to do and they would receive a large wage from this work.

They were shocked because this number was just too high. With the current production of the magic machine workshop, they probably couldnt finish this amount by the spring harvest at all.

“Chairman, you should be very clear on our abilities right now, so why did you accept this order” Camby looked at Xu Yi doubtfully and asked, “Or are you going to gather more dwarven brothers to increase productivity Time is short now and it takes some time to grasp how to make the agricultural magic machines. Even if you can recruit enough dwarven brothers, Im afraid this bit of time isnt enough.”

Xu Yi revealed a bitter smile and helplessly replied, “Of course I know this, but there was no other way. This was the lowest amount the king would take and if we cant complete it, perhaps this order would be gone.”

Camby was even more confused, “That isnt right. The king should know that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the only one who can make agricultural magic machines, so even if we cant complete the order, could it be that he would find others to do it”

“Of course he wouldnt. But the king said that if we couldnt complete this order, he would force us to hand over the technology and use the kingdoms power to build them. Do you think I had a choice”

Camby and the other dwarves looked at each other and after a while, Camby let out a long breath.

“Your human king really is unreasonable.”

Xu Yi shrugged his shoulders, “Alright, lets forget about this. Ive already taken the order, so we should be thinking about how to complete it.”

Camby awkwardly scratched his head, “Chairman, I can have the brothers work overtime and supervise everyone to increase productivity, but there is a limit to this. It would still be very difficult to complete such a large order. Then again, other than this order, we also have to complete the orders for the nobles of the cities around Banta City, who also want agricultural magic machines. Moreover, you said before you left that because we are working with the large companies in the city, we also have to complete some production magic machines If its this much…...I feel like we cant do it.”

The other dwarves all looked at each other before giving sighs and shaking their heads, clearly thinking this would be very difficult.

“Relying on pushing people to do labour isnt a good choice, so I have some other plans.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and took out a blueprint from his chest which he opened in front of the dwarves, “Come, everyone take a look. This is the new magic machine that I drew in my spare time on the road, how long do you think it will take you all to finish this”

The dwarves gathered around and looked at the blueprint for a while. Camby made a yi sound, “Chairman, this magic machine is a bit like the small Magic Punch Press.”

Xu Yi nodded, “Thats right, this magic machine is called the Rolling Forge Magic Punch Press, its used to create parts like connecting rods. With these things, you dont need to rely on hand forging to make connecting rods when it comes to agricultural magic machines.”

Camby seriously looked at the blueprint for a while before he sighed, “Chairman, although I dont completely understand this blueprint, I can tell that it is very powerful. If it is really like what you described and we can rely on this production magic machine to make connecting rods, our efficiency would be greatly increased.”

Xu Yi laughed, “It isnt just this Rolling Forge Magic Punch Press, there are also others. There is the Mechanical Magic Punch Press, the Extrusion Magic Punch Press, and other machines. My goal in the end is to use magic machines to replace as much human work as possible. Although the craftsmanship of you dwarves is very good, to increase productivity and produce in batches, we need to start using more magic machines.”

Camby couldnt help asking, “Chairman, since you had such a good thing, why didnt you take it out earlier”

Xu Yi pointed at the blueprint, “If I didnt let you come in contact with the simpler magic machines and directly took out this blueprint, would you have understood it”

Camby could only scratch his head as he said with an awkward smile, “No.”

“Right, this meal had to be eaten bite by bite and this road had to be walked step by step. I want to design all the magic machines at once and make it so everyone can easily produce what they want, but that is not realistic. Its a good thing that you dwarves are so skilled and have an especially strong comprehension for this matter that I could take out these magic machine blueprints for you all. If it was a normal person, I wouldnt dare take it out at all.”

Hearing Xu Yi say this, the dwarves all revealed looks of pride. Camby forcefully patted his chest and loudly said, “Be assured, chairman, as long as you can give us complete blueprints, I can guarantee that without a single mistake, we will make this…...this……”

“Rolling Forge Magic Punch Press.” Xu Yi reminded him.

“Right, well make this Rolling Forge Magic Punch Press!” Camby confidently said.

“Chairman, you are planning to let our magic machine workshop be the same as the household magic machine workshop, having these production magic machines make these components and then have us assemble the components, right” A dwarf suddenly asked this.

Xu Yi looked at that dwarf and recognized him to be Bordeau, one of the dwarves from the Angola Tribe. Because he was skilled and learned quickly, he became one of the backbones of the magic machine workshop.

“Thats right, that would be the ideal condition. But as for how closely we can reach that, itll depend on my research and your craftsmanship skills.” Xu Yi replied.

Bordeau turned to look at the busy dwarves in the workshop and said with a depressed look, “But chairman, like this, wouldnt us dwarves become useless If these magic machines solved all the problems, what would you still need us for”

Hearing Bordeaus question, including even Camby, the others dwarves looked at Xu Yi. Their eyes were burning, clearly showing that they cared about the answer to this question very much.

Xu Yi smiled and softly shook his head, “No, Bordeau, youre looking down on your value too much. Machines are just machines in the end, although they can help us complete some work, there are many kinds of work machines cant do. Just like Bordeau said, for the small Magic Plowing Machine that you are responsible for making, when each machine is made, you need to listen to it to ensure that there is no problem with the machine. Can this task be done by a machine”

Bordeau revealed a smile and looked confident.

“To me, an experienced worker is far more valuable than an inflexible machine. Bordeau, you dont have to worry that once there are more magic machines, it will mean the dwarven brothers will have nothing to do. Rather, as the magic machines become more and more developed, I will need the help of you dwarven engineers with rich experience, strong skills, and a deep understanding of magic machines even more. Let me tell you, each dwarven brother in the workshop is a precious resource for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce! They are much more important than those ice cold machines!”

Hearing Xu Yis passionate words, Camby, Bordeau, and the other dwarves all revealed smiles of incomparable joy.

The dwarves were a fairly simple and honest race. Since they arrived at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they had already noted in their hearts how Xu Yi treated them.

Now that Xu Yi had given them such a high evaluation, confirming that they were precious, it filled the bottom of their hearts with joy and pride.

“Engineers” Another dwarf called Ailim repeated this before revealing a happy smile, “Chairman Xu, although I dont know what this word means, it sounds very powerful and I like it. Alright, when I introduce myself to others from now on, Ill tell them that Im a dwarven engineer!”

Xu Yi laughed, “The accurate way of saying it should be a dwarven mechanical engineer. Oh, no, its dwarven magic mechanical engineer.”

The dwarves looked at each other before breaking out in wide smiles at the same time.

“Right, we are all dwarven magic mechanical engineers!”-

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