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Magic Industry Empire Book 7: Chapter 130: Becoming legends

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Book 7: Chapter 130: Becoming legends

Everyone in the conference room was shocked.

The CEO Glarus knitted his brows and said in a heavy voice, “Manager Sebas, please dont say things to scare people. Although our company has seriously invested in the war over the past two years and it has created a large financial burden, saying that our company will go out of business is too much.”

“Right, our company isnt foolish, would we really help those countries for free Dont forget that we got quite a few mineral resources from them.” The Frestech Mineral Chamber of Commerces chairman Lithorp also added, “Although we dont have time to get those mineral resources now, theyll be more valuable if we leave them there, so we will slowly earn back our money instead of losing it.”

“It isnt just mineral resources.” The Frestech Household Magic Machine Chamber of Commerces chairman Ankhto also said, “Other than those things, as long as our company wins this war, we can force the two empires and the other countries to reduce the high tariffs theyve set against us. Even if we put aside everything else, we can earn enough just with this alone. When the time comes, not to mention a few million, do you not believe that just our household magic machine department would be able to make over a hundred million gold coins a year”

“Hey, you fellows have said all this, but havent you forgotten the most important thing It isnt that we wanted to fight, but werent we forced by those fellows from the two empires If we didnt help those countries, could it be that we should wait for the empires to reach us and wipe us out”

When this was said, the entire conference room fell into silence again.

Thats right, with the current high speed development trend of the Frestech Chamber of commerce, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces goods would have spread to all the countries on the continent without waiting long.

With the high quality, high performance, and convenience of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines, it was impossible for them not to earn a profit.

For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, steady development was the best way, there was no need for them to start a war.

This war had been started by the two empires and it kept expanding, so the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could only accept it.

It wasnt hard to guess what the two empires were thinking.

They clearly saw the large influence the magic machine industry led by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had, as well as the benefits hidden in it. They werent willing to let a normal company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce control it, so they made an exception to ally themselves against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It was all to snatch the benefits of the magic machine industry into their own hands.

Of course, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines were scruples for them, otherwise with the power of the two empires, they wouldnt need to work together and could come alone.

In this situation, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt retaliate, then the two empires would have taken care of their allies and then swallowed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was a matter related to the survival of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there shouldnt be any hesitation at all.

As for whether there was money or not……if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt exist, what meaning did money have

Many people looked at Sebas with dissatisfied looks.

Today was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces important first meeting of the year, it was to discuss the policies of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in this new year.

At this crucial moment, everyone wanted to unite and solve these problems together.

However, Sebas had thrown out this bucket of cold water, so naturally people were dissatisfied.

Sebas didnt care about the people looking at him, he just looked at Xu Yi, waiting for him to speak.

Everyone looked at Sebas for a bit before also turning to Xu Yi.

In the end, the strategies of the company would be decided by sir chairman, so there was no meaning if other people said anything.

Xu Yi looked around before patting the report and saying with a smile, “Sebas was only giving his opinion from his perspective as the finance manager, what are you all getting so excited for”

Everyone was surprised. Lithorp immediately asked, “Sir chairman, could it be that you share Sebas opinion and want to reduce or stop supporting the Lampuri Kingdom”

“No, of course thats impossible.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Its the most crucial moment in the war and weve seen the light of victory, so its the most important moment of our counterattack, how could we give up on our allies at this time”

Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Sebas expression also didnt change as if he wasnt surprised by Xu Yis answer at all.

“Sir chairman, the companys finances are in a tight situation, please put importance to this.”

“I understand.” Xu Yi nodded before turning to ask Ankhto, “Ankhto, “What is the situation with your household magic machine company this year”

Ankhto was surprised, clearly not expecting that Xu Yi would change the topic to him.

After thinking about it, he shook his head with an awkward bitter smile, “Its not that good. There are already fifty three countries that have banned our companys products and the rest of the countries have decreased their orders with us because of the war. Then theres the fact that weve lost cargo and its hard for us to safely transport goods for orders because of the war. We lost over a million gold coins worth of goods on the road last month, which cut our last months profits by half……”

Hearing Ankhtos words, the managers and other department heads in the room all let out sighs.

This situation wasnt just happening in the Frestech Household Magic Machine Chamber of Commerce.

Because half of the continent had been caught up in the war, most of the trade routes had been blocked. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces business had all seriously dropped in the last half a year, which caused the Frestech Chamber of Commerces overall profits to drop.

Even if there were still many companies willing to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the two empires and the countries in their camp were deeply rooted on the continent, so they represented most of the economy of the continent. So once the war began, this was equal to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce being cut off from the biggest market.

The biggest reason why the two empires had declared war on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was because they thought that they could grasp the lifeline of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, slowly dragging them to their death.

But in fact, the ending was different from what they expected.

Since the split last year, in just a single year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces profits had greatly dropped.

Then when it came to war support, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to invest a lot of funds, which might even cause a deficit for the first time.

If this situation continued for several years or several decades, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and their allied countries would be worn down by the two empires and wouldnt be able to resist.

“So the key is to end this war as soon as possible, the sooner the better.”

Hearing Xu Yis conclusion, all the Frestech Chamber of Commerce high level members looked at each other in blank dismay.

Sir chairman had put it simply, but how would they end it quickly

The two empires werent that easy to beat, so how could they make them end the war as soon as possible

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had destroyed the image of the invincible Arch Magi, causing the two empires to no longer have the advantage in a direct conflict, the two empires were still giants compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Even if they worked with the Lampuri Kingdom and other countries, they werent that easy to swallow.

Xu Yi didnt explain to them and just asked about the situation of each department and their plans for next year. After giving some simple comments, he announced that this meeting was over.

When they left, all the Frestech Chamber of Commerces high level members had different degrees of confusion on their faces.

When they couldnt predict the results of the war, they naturally couldnt predict the prospects of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was different from before when the company was quickly developing, so they could easily make these decisions.

It could be said that in the twenty years the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been established, this was their first time encountering this situation.

Of course, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had only been formed for twenty years and they could be considered a first class power that could even fight the two empires. This was with precedent in the history of the Sines Continent.

If the war ended with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces complete victory, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would become a legend on the continent. Not only would they become a precedent, they would become unmatched in the future.

The high level members had complicated feelings when they left, but Xu Yi didnt even stop for a second. He came to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards training base that was situated not far away to the northeast by the coast.

When he entered the base, he saw a Magic Airship slowly landing.

Xu Yi looked at it and knew that he was here right on time.

The Magic Airship landed and the cabin door opened. Chief Hart had just walked out and wasnt surprised to see Xu Yi outside. He came over in front of Xu Yi and gave a bow before loudly saying, “Reporting to sir chairman, the guard team has already completed the mission and has safely returned.”

Xu Yi patted his shoulder with a smile as he asked, “How does it feel to fight the Arch Magi”

Chief Harts lips twitched and his expression was strange. Only after a while did he reply, “Sir chairman, to be honest……I didnt feel anything. We just set up everything based on the tests from before and then took care of those Arch Magi. To be honest, although I was watching it, my mind felt a bit confused, almost as if I was in a dream. Tell me……was someone as important as an Arch Magus really killed that easily by us”-

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