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Magic Industry Empire Book 7: Chapter 121: Confidence

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Book 7: Chapter 121: Confidence

The surrounding thirteen Great Magicians who had seen the situation with the magic space heard Arch Magus Laduca admitting defeat and they were all surprised before they hung their heads in low spirits, but no one refuted it.

Even if their level of magic wasnt at the same level as the two Arch Magi, since they were already Great Magicians, they had done a certain amount of research on magic space.

At their levels, they could easily see that if this magic space kept developing like this, the magic space would undergo the magic space collapse phenomenon that all magicians had talked about before.

Once this happened, it meant that the magic space had entered its most wild and dangerous state, one that couldnt be controlled at all.

In this situation, whether you were a normal magician, a Great Magician, or even an Arch Magus or the legendary Great Magus, you would only have one choice which was to escape far away.

The only way to solve this was to let the collapsed magic space be slowly affected by the stable magic space around it, returning to normal bit by bit.

If Arch Magus Ofalian had done this while they had been trapped in the magic cage like earlier, based on the current situation, the entire space inside the magic cage would have collapsed.

As for those who were trapped in the magic cage, they would be caught up in it without a doubt.

Thinking of this, everyone understood that Xu Yi stopping Arch Magus Ofalian just now was actually saving their lives.

Hearing Arch Magus Laducas words, Xu Yi didnt say anything and just silently watched Arch Magus Ofalian, waiting for his response.

Arch Magus Laduca and the other thirteen Great Magicians could understand Xu Yis stance from this silence, so they also turned to look at Arch Magus Ofalian.

Everyone knew that from the perspective of the bet, Arch Magus Ofalian had already without a doubt lost.

But they were hostile towards each other. If Arch Magus Ofalian didnt acknowledge this bet, then Arch Magus Laduca and the other thirteen Great Magicians would stand on his side.

Moreover, after having some time to rest, Arch Magus Laduca and the thirteen Great Magicians had already recovered a bit. They had the power to fight, so they werent worried about Xu Yi.

Arch Magus Ofalian looked at the rectangular prism magic space that was getting more and more serious that looked like it would collapse at any time. After being silent for a while, he gave a long sigh.

When everyone thought that he would be the same as Arch Magus Laduca and admit his defeat, Arch Magus Ofalian pointed at the special magic space and said, “Chairman Xu, if you have a way to return that magic space to normal, I will admit my defeat.”

Everyone was surprised.

It seemed like Arch Magus Ofalian had admitted to his failure, but he didnt directly admit defeat and added another condition. What was he trying to do

It had to be known that the collapse of magic space was something that all magicians were helpless against. Arch Magus Ofalian raising this condition, wasnt it clearly trying to go against his word

Thinking of this, Arch Magus Laduca slightly knitted his brows. The thirteen Great Magicians focused their minds and prepared to move at any time.

They were very worried that Xu Yi would be angry after hearing Arch Magus Ofalians condition and would break off all face.

However, after Xu Yi heard this, he was just surprised before giving a shrug and revealing a relaxed smile.

“This isnt hard at all.”

After throwing these words down, Xu Yi flew a bit closer towards that strange magic space and raised his hand before stretching out a finger.

With the naked eye, one could see a transparent ripple that came from Xu Yis finger. It was like he was using his finger to poke calm water.

When the ripple flew out and touched that strange magic space, the magic space that was about to collapse instantly calmed down.

Then as the ripple went past, the giant black ball in the center of the magic space became smaller and smaller. The surrounding magic space that seemed to be collapsing also stopped and recovered its colour and stability.

Everything seemed like it was returning to the magic space from before until it finally returned to normal. Even the black ball disappeared without a trace.

The two Arch Magi and the thirteen Great Magicians stared at this in a daze, as if they couldnt believe their eyes.

Even something that was considered impossible to solve and something that magicians couldnt touch like magic space collapse was dealt with this easily by Xu Yi

Arch Magus Ofalian looked at the magic space that returned to normal in daze before releasing some magic power to investigate it. After confirming that the magic space was no different from the surrounding space, he couldnt help turning his head to look at Xu Yi with astonishment.

“Chairman Xu, you……”

He opened his mouth, but he didnt know what to say.

What happened today had completely gone beyond anything that he had understood.

First, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards didnt even have the help of a Great Magician to create a perfect Magic Domain Sealing Array, trapping two Arch Magi like him and Laduca, as well as the thirteen Great Magicians, making them unable to stop the attacks of the Magic Airships. Then Xu Yi had solved a problem that couldnt be solved like the magic space collapse just by raising his hand……

He didnt believe that this was something the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards could develop, the root of this had to come from Xu Yi, the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But Xu Yi was clearly just a fellow who had just become an Arch Magus not that long ago, how could he have such a terrifying understanding of magic

He even had to admit that just based on what happened today, Xu Yis understanding and research of magic might have even surpassed his own.

After drawing this conclusion, the expression on Arch Magus Ofalians face turned even darker.

He looked at Xu Yi for a while before giving a long sigh and saying with a bitter smile, “Alright, chairman Xu, Ive lost. At the same time, Ill admit that you were right last time. Laduca and my ideas of magic might really have fallen behind the times……”

The surrounding thirteen Great Magicians were stunned.

Xu Yi had even said these words to Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca This was just shameless boasting! How was he qualified to say these……

This thought had just appeared in the minds of the thirteen Great Magicians out of reflex, but then they suppressed it.

Xu Yi was of course qualified to say this because the display he and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had given today was the iron like proof that proved this fact.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Then your excellency Ofalian, your excellency Laduca, those that are willing to bet need to accept their losses. Since you two have already admitted your defeat, then based on our agreement from before, you will no longer meddle in the future conflict between our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Candra Empire.”

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca looked at each other before giving nods.

“Alright. But chairman Xu, Im very curious, just what are you planning on doing” Arch Magus Ofalian looked at Xu Yi with a confused look, “Although Laduca and I have agreed to withdraw, not interfering in the business between your Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Candra Empire, the Candra Empire doesnt just have us two Arch Magi. The foundation of the Candra Empire is much firmer than you can imagine. Do you really think that…..just with your Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines, you will be able to conquer the Candra Empire”

“The facts are that I can indeed do this.” Xu Yis smile was filled with confidence.

Arch Magus Ofalian couldnt help giving another cold laugh.

“Chairman Xu, you really are too confident.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “If I dont even have this confidence, how could I have the courage to become enemies with the entire world”

Arch Magus Ofalians eyes opened wide as he looked over Xu Yis body twice with eyes filled with disbelief, like he was meeting him for the first time.

In the end, he shook his head and gave a sigh, “Chairman Xu, you really are a maniac that surpasses my expectations.”

“Thank you for your praise.”

After this short exchange, Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca directly withdrew.

The remaining thirteen Great Magicians and other magicians couldnt just arrogantly withdraw like they did. They were sent by the Candra Empire to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that had invaded Mero City, so if they were to leave like this, they would be held accountable by the army headquarters.

But with the strength that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had demonstrated that surpassed their level, where even the two strongest Arch Magi couldnt do anything, there was no meaning if they stayed here.

So they were placed in a very awkward situation.

After the thirteen Great Magicians discussed it, they could only lead the magicians squad to group up with the army of fifty thousand that the southwest provinces Governor Manor had sent before. They set up camp five kilometers away from Mero City and created a deadlock with Mero City from this distance.

So the area around Mero City had fallen under a very strange situation.

Mero City had been seized by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and there was an army of fifty thousand from the Candra Empire outside the city, along with the magicians squad that had thirteen Great Magicians and over a hundred powerful High Grade Magicians, but they didnt attack Mero City at all. It was like they didnt have any intentions of taking back Mero City from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, but rather they were here for a training exercise.

What was even more strange was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards in Mero City didnt even put the Candra Empire army in their eyes, not having any intentions of attacking them.

Both sides calmly watched each other as if they were waiting for something.-

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