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Book 7: Chapter 119: My goal isnt to kill you all

When Arch Magus Ofalian was about to push the black sphere containing incomparably powerful magic into the strange magic space around them, there was a sigh that came from the space behind them.

“Ai, Arch Magus Ofalian, if I was you, I wouldnt do that.”

Arch Magus Ofalian was surprised as he stopped. He turned to look in the direction the voice came from with the other thirteen Great Magicians.

A figure slowly floated down and stopped around five hundred meters away from the magic cage.

Everyone turned to look and immediately recognized the person who had suddenly appeared.

Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman.

His figure would appear in the major newspapers of the various countries, so it had already spread across the entire Sines Continent. Even normal citizens would be able to recognize him, not to mention peak magicians like them.

Not to mention that Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca had gone against Xu Yi together not that long ago, so Xu Yi had left a deep impression on them and they recognized him with a single glance.

“Chairman Xu Why are you here now Are you here to laugh at me and Laduca” Arch Magus Ofalian gave a cold laugh, but his heart sank.

He and Arch Magus Laduca were now in a difficult situation and had already consumed most of their magic power.

Even in a normal situation, they wouldnt be able to do anything to Xu Yi, not to mention in this situation.

If Xu Yi made a move now, the two of them might not even be able to keep their lives.

If Xu Yi didnt make a move and only stopped them from breaking the magic cage, they wouldnt be able to hold on if those hateful Magic Airships continued bombing them.

“No, Im just not willing to see you and Arch Magus Laduca, as well as the important thirteen Great Magicians being buried here.” Xu Yi shook his head.

“You dont want to see us buried here” Arch Magus Ofalians eyes opened a bit wider as he looked at Xu Yi. He couldnt help laughing as he said, “If you dont want to kill us, why would you go to all the trouble to trap us here”

“My goal isnt to take your lives. To me, you, Arch Magus Laduca, and the thirteen Great Magicians are all precious talents. Losing even a single one is a pity, so I never planned on killing you.”

“Then what did you waste all that effort doing all this for” Arch Magus Ofalian said with a cold snort, “Could it be that its fun trapping us like this”

“Of course not. I only had a single goal, which is to show everyone that magicians can no longer decide the fate of a battlefield, even an Arch Magus cant do it either. To put it more directly, I want to make all magicians withdraw from the battlefield and return to the place they should be.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Arch Magus Laduca, Arch Magus Ofalian, and the other thirteen Great Magicians looked at Xu Yi in a daze with confused expressions.

“Chairman Xu, what…..what do you mean” Arch Magus Laduca couldnt help knitting his brows as he asked this.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before flying over and waving his hand. The magic cage that was visible because Arch Magus Ofalian had been using his magic to interfere with it suddenly disappeared.

A Great Magician reached out his hand to test it after being surprised. He let out a wisp of magic power where the strange magic space had been and he found that the magic space had returned to normal.

He carefully and slowly flew over, finding that there was nothing hindering him and he was able to fly normally like any other part of the sky.

Recovering the feeling around him, his spirits were lifted instantly.

Seeing the actions of this Great Magician, the other twelve Great Magicians also made their moves, flying off in different directions.

After a while, facts proved that the strange magic cage that had surrounded them earlier had disappeared and they werent confined to that small space like before.

This filled the hearts of all the Great Magicians with joy.

In that situation just now, not to mention the thirteen Great Magicians, even the two honoured Arch Magi couldnt do anything.

Even if Arch Magus Ofalian wanted to use a strange spell that they had never seen before in the end, gathering all their magic power together which had a terrifying might, no one certain that this would have been able to break the cage.

Not to mention that based on what Xu Yi had just said, even if Arch Magus Ofalian really did this, it might not have worked and it would have even created terrifying consequences.

So based on the facts, they had fallen into a desperate situation.

However, now that the magic cage had disappeared with a wave of Xu Yis hand, they had regained their freedom and the sky had cleared.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca werent as relaxed as the thirteen Great Magicians. Rather the two of them deeply knitted their brows and looked at Xu Yi with a confused look.

“Chairman Xu, just what do you want to do” Arch Magus Ofalian asked in a deep voice.

“I already told you my goal just now.” Xu Yi replied, “In fact, Ive spent all this time just to trap an Arch Magus from your Candra Empire, but I never thought that it would be the two of you.”

Arch Magus Ofalian gave a cold snort, “Laduca is the Arch Magus hired by the Candra Empire army, so naturally he would come. With my relationship with Marshal Sudman, of course I would come as well. You should have known this from last time.”

Xu Yi nodded to show he understood.

“The other thing that I didnt expect was that your excellency Ofalian would master such a terrifying method of using magic. It really exceeded my expectations and I had no choice but to come out.”

Arch Magus Ofalian looked up with a bit of pride on his face, “How about it Did you think that your trap couldnt stop me and those laughable Magic Airships wouldnt be able to do anything to us, so you had to personally make a move”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Your excellency Ofalian, if I were to use all my power right how, how likely it would be that you and Arch Magus Laduca would be able to return alive”

Arch Magus Ofalians expression changed.

Although he still showed Xu Yi an arrogant expression, he knew in his heart that most of his magic power was already gone.

If Xu Yi used all his power, with his power as an Arch Magus and his strong understanding of magic, even if they hadnt used all their life saving methods yet, Xu Yi would still be able to keep them here. Their chances of escaping from Xu Yi would be very low.

Arch Magus Ofalian didnt say anything, but Arch Magus Laduca thought for a bit before saying with a nod, “Youre right, my magic has already been consumed and if you did make a move, then I wouldnt have a single chance of escaping.”

After saying this, Arch Magus Laduca gave a bitter laugh and continued, “I never thought that after almost dying in countless battles in this life, there would be a situation where I would use up all my magic power in a situation where there isnt a single magician. I wouldnt even be able to escape from a single spot. Chairman Xu, I have to admit that the power of your Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines has exceeded my expectations.”

“This isnt just the might of the military magic machines. The more important thing is that our company has exceeded your imagination in terms of understanding of and research in magic.” Xu Yi said.

Arch Magus Ofalian couldnt help giving a snort, “Chairman Xu, are you joking Perhaps you have surpassed my and Laducas understanding in certain aspects, but as for your company……do you think thats possible”

“Of course it is. No, not only is it possible, its a fact.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “Not mentioning anything else, you werent able to break through the barrier that surrounded you just now, right”

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca looked at each other and both their expressions were a bit ugly.

They had researched magic for several decades and this was the first time that they had encountered magic that they couldnt understand or do anything to.

If this was developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, then at least they couldnt match them in this aspect.

Seeing that the two of them were silent, Xu Yi turned to Arch Magus Ofalian and said, “Your excellency Ofalian, do you know why I stopped you”

Arch Magus Ofalian gave a cold snort, “Isnt that you were worried that I would break your laughable barrier and then you couldnt trap us”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and spread his hand, “But now Ive already taken the initiative to open it.”

Arch Magus Ofalians expression changed slightly, “Who knows what kind of damn ideas you have.”

Arch Magus Laduca thought about it for a bit before asking, “Chairman Xu, your meaning is…..if Ofalian had gone through with it, we might have lost our lives”

“It isnt just a possibility, it would have been certain!” Xu Yi replied with a serious look.

Arch Magus Ofalian immediately gave a cold laugh with a look that showed he didnt believe it.

“Your excellency Ofalian, how about we make a bet” Xu Yi suggested.

Arch Magus Ofalian looked at Xu Yi with a cold smile without saying anything.

“I can simulate the current situation and let you give it a try, you can judge the result for yourself. If you feel that the consequences wouldnt be anything to worry about, it will be my loss and I will have the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards withdraw from Mero City.”

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laducas expression changed.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards withdrew from Mero City on their own initiative, it would save them quite a bit of effort.

“Then if we lose” Arch Magus Ofalian asked.

“If you lose, then you and Arch Magus Laduca will no longer interfere with the conflict between our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Candra Empire.” Xu Yi said.

Arch Magus Ofalian was silent for a bit before giving a nod, “I can agree, but I cant represent Laduca……”

“I can also agree.” Arch Magus Laduca interrupted him.

Arch Magus Ofalian looked at Arch Magus Laduca with a surprised look.

Arch Magus Laduca said with a smile, “If it really is as chairman Xu said, then you might have killed us all here which means that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce already has the ability to kill us. If I keep participating in this conflict, wouldnt that be seeking my death”

Arch Magus Ofalian looked at Arch Magus Laduca with a frown for a bit and after thinking about it, he reached out his hand to pat Arch Magus Laducas shoulder.

“Alright, if Marshal Sudman dares to cause trouble for you, I will stand with you.”

“Relax, Marshal Sudman isnt a fool.” Arch Magus Laduca said with a smile.

Arch Magus Ofalian turned to look at Xu Yi.

“Alright, chairman Xu, Laduca and I accept your best. How are you planning on simulating our situation from earlier”

“Wait a bit.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile as he reached for a small Magic Communicator.-

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