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Magic Industry Empire Book 7: Chapter 118: Final move

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Book 7: Chapter 118: Final move

Countless different coloured ripples of light came from Arch Magus Ofalians hands.  It was like a brilliant rainbow coloured silk was wrapped around it that instantly spread into the air around them, extending out downwards until it reached the ground.

If it was said that Arch Magus Laduca and Arch Magus Ofalian only used their magic power to see the general range and shape of the magic cage around them before, the strange ripples of light that appeared now was showing everyone the complete form of the magic cage.

Looking at it from a distance, the magic cage really came from below.  It went from left to right, completely trapping the two Arch Magi and the thirteen Great Magicians.

Although the light couldnt be seen after it extended into the ground, Arch Magus Ofalian didnt need to investigate it to be certain that the magic cage that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards built so carefully would have a large defect.  It would be a spherical shape that had completely surrounded them and didnt give them a single chance to break out.

Of course, Arch Magus Ofalian didnt have this kind of optimistic thoughts.  He wanted to rely on his powerful magic power and powerful understanding of magic to forcefully destroy this magic cage.

Although the characteristics of this magic cage was stronger than the Magic Domain Sealing Array in Wimbledon City, it was still a temporary Magic Array.  Its strength and thickness couldnt match the Magic Domain Sealing Array in Wimbledon City at all.

But when the magic power that came from Arch Magus Ofalians hands met the strange magic space of this magic cage, the change that happened was completely unexpected to him.

Arch Magus Ofalians plan was just to use his powerful magic power to interfere with this magic space, restoring the normal state of this magic space.  This would create a gap in the magic cage that would allow the people stuck inside to leave through this gap.

If the other side was the Magic Domain Sealing Array of Wimbledon City, he definitely wouldnt do this.

It was because the Magic Domain Sealing Array had been strengthened by the countless powerful magicians of the Candra Empire over several hundred years, so its power came from the incomparably powerful Magic Array in the royal palace.

That Magic Array was supplied with an endless supply of Magic Crystals at any time, as well as having five Great Magicians guarding it at all times.

If Arch Magus Ofalian used the forceful method to deal with the Magic Domain Sealing Array, it would be equal to going against the giant Magic Array that had been strengthened by countless magicians over hundreds of years, as well as the five Great Magicians guarding it.

Even if he was a powerful Arch Magus, this was not something that he could do.

But this magic cage around them was something that was quickly laid down, so it wouldnt be that terrifying and he was confident in breaking it.

However, after he released his magic power, he found that he had touched nothing.

This unusual magic space was the same as normal magic space, being filled with elemental magic energy.  Because of the unusual parts of the magic space, it was very easy to perceive it.

However, no matter how much Arch Magus Ofalian used his magic power, he couldnt affect this elemental magic energy and it still flowed in that chaotic manner.  It was like Arch Magus Ofalians incredibly powerful magic power that far surpassed normal magicians didnt exist at all.

Since Arch Magus Ofalian came in contact with magic at the age of six to now where he was already seventy years old, he would contact the elemental magic energy in the air all the time, even “exchanging” with it.  This was his first time encountering a type of elemental magic energy that wasnt affected by magic power at all.

Arch Magus Ofalian tried to adjust the frequency and the power of his magic power, but the elemental magic energy did its own thing and wasnt affected by it at all.

After testing it for a bit without seeing any results, Arch Magus Ofalian put his hands down and pulled himself from the strange magic space.  He waved his right hand and created a small fireball in his palm.

This was only a normal fireball, but it proved that there was no problem with Arch Magus Ofalians magic power.

The only problem was still the strange magic space.

After thinking about it, Arch Magus Ofalian gathered magic power in his right hand and integrated a small area with his unique magic domain.

Then he carefully controlled his magic power, making this magic domain slowly approach the magic space in front.

As soon as the magic domain touched the magic space, Arch Magus Ofalian could feel that the elemental magic energy being controlled in his magic domain was affected by that magic space.  All the elemental magic energy in his domain was pulled out of his control in the blink of an eye.

A magic domain was a very profound topic for an Arch Magus.  It represented the perfect control that a magician had over the elemental magic energy in magic space.

But with just a single touch, Arch Magus Ofalian had lost the control of his magic domain.  This situation only happened when another Arch Magus used a magic domain that had higher attainments than his own to suppress his magic domain.

Being attacked by a strange magic space like this and losing control of his magic domain, it was the first time this had happened for Arch Magus Ofalian.


Because he lost control of his magic domain, Arch Magus Ofalians magic power also became out of control.  It caused a magic power backlash which caused heavy internal injuries to him.

Seeing Arch Magus Ofalian spit up blood, the thirteen Great Magicians around him were shocked.

“Your excellency Ofalian, are you alright”  A Great Magician flew over to support Arch Magus Ofalian as he asked this in a worried voice.

Arch Magus Laduca who had blocked another wave of attacks from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Magic Airships saw what happened and was shocked.  He couldnt help asking, “Ofalian, can you keep going  How about you rest first before trying again.”

Arch Magus Ofalian shook his head, “Theres no time for me to rest.”

He raised his head to look at the Magic Airships in the distance after saying this and gave a bitter laugh.

“I never thought that even after you and I, two Arch Magi went out at the same time, we would be forced into this situation by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.  No one would believe it if it was spread.”

Arch Magus Laduca also shook his head with a bitter smile, “This Frestech Chamber of Commerce has always been creating miracles and now they can even do this, so Im not surprised.  You have to know that a few days ago……”

Arch Magus Laduca opened his mouth before shaking his head and giving a sigh, “Forget it, lets not talk about this now.  Ofalian, I shouldnt be able to resist more than five more attacks, what about you”

The expressions of the thirteen Great Magicians changed.

Arch Magus Laduca could only resist five more attacks and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces attacks showed no signs of weakening.

This meant that after five more attacks, they wouldnt be able to escape or block the attacks, so wouldnt they just be waiting for death

Arch Magus Ofalian knitted his brows to think before taking a deep breath like he had made up his mind.

“Laduca, hold on a bit longer.  Everyone else, come over.”  Arch Magus Ofalian waved his hands at the thirteen Great Magicians, indicating for them to come closer.

Seeing this from him, Laduca raised a brow and said in a surprised voice, “Ofalian, could it be…..That is very dangerous, you……”

“Theres no other way, we can only give it a try.”  Arch Magus Ofalian waved his hands and turned to the thirteen Great Magicians as he said with a serious expression, “Everyone, I need to rely on your power and give it everything we have.”

The thirteen Great Magicians looked at each other before giving nods.

“Your excellency Ofalian, please give your order.”

“Thats right.  Its already like this, theres nothing to have scruples over.  You can just tell us what you want to do.”

“Yes, please instruct us.”


Arch Magus Ofalian gave a nod of praise before raising his hands.

“Relax yourselves and dont resist.”

After saying this, Arch Magus Ofalian released all his magic power and spread his magic domain, surrounding the thirteen Great Magicians.

The thirteen Great Magicians felt the change in the surrounding magic space and wanted to release their magic power to resist out of reflex, but they immediately remembered what Arch Magus Ofalian had said and relaxed themselves immediately, letting the magic domain surround them.

“Very good.  Now you can release all your magic power and follow my guidance, gather it all together……”

With Arch Magus Ofalians explanation, the thirteen Great Magicians released their magic power.  Then with the influence of the magic domain, they slowly gathered it together.

In a normal situation, there would be differences in the magic power of different magicians.  So if the magic power of two different magicians came into direct contact, there would be serious consequences most of the time.

The powerful magic power of thirteen different Great Magicians coming together like this was very dangerous because it would bring the magic power of the thirteen Great Magicians into direct contact, then causing a powerful backlash to the thirteen Great Magicians.

But with the guidance of Arch Magus Ofalians magic domain, the thirteen different magic powers came together and melded together as one under the guidance of Arch Magus Ofalians magic power.

After finishing these preparations, Arch Magus Ofalian started releasing a very powerful magic power that could even be considered terrifying that wildly gathered the surrounding elemental magic energy, wildly compressing this elemental magic energy.

Then as the elemental magic energy in the small space became more and more dense, the space in front of Arch Magus Ofalian began to change bit by bit.

In the beginning, the space only twisted and then some things began falling into that space, which even included the light around it.  It seemed more terrifying than a crack in space that normal spatial magic created.

Then the space seemed to have congealed as it floated in space as a sphere, like it came from a different world.

The thirteen Great Magicians held their breaths as they nervously looked at this black sphere.

They could sense that this black sphere contained a terrifying might.  Once it was released, not to mention destroying the world, it might even destroy space itself.

It was clear that Arch Magus Ofalian was making this strange black sphere to attack the magic cage that had trapped them inside.

But…..would it have an effect-

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