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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 - Chapter 114

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Volume 7 – Chapter 114Tragic magicians

Around ten minutes later, there were a bunch of black dots in the sky to the northeast of Mero City. They stopped in the sky three kilometers away from Mero City to the northeast and didnt continue any further.

Chief Hart looked with his telescope and saw the magicians in their long magician robes flying in the air.

“Hei, it seems like those fellows from the Candra Empire are finally making a move But they think that its just enough with these fellows” Chief Hart gave a cold laugh before turning to say to Noons, “Let the brothers greet the honoured magicians.”

“Alright!” Noons quickly replied before turning to pass down the order.

After a while, there were ten bright light blue glows that came from Mero Citys walls, aimed at the magicians floating in the air to the northeast of the city.

These magicians had just stopped when they were shocked to see the ten beams of light shooting at them.

The magicians all opened their hands and different coloured glowing shields appeared around them.

These ten glowing beams hit the magic barriers and all exploded.

Different from the eye catching explosions that came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces normal Magic Shells, although the explosions of these ten light blue beams of light werent small, they created light blue ripples in the sky that could be seen with the naked eye after exploding that surrounded a large area.

Feeling the influence of these light blue ripples, it was as if the space became turbulent like disturbed water.

The magicians in the air were surprised to find that they had lost the control of the elemental magic energy, they couldnt even maintain their flight magic anymore. There were many magicians that had fallen right out of the sky.

It was a good thing that halfway down, when they were about to hit the ground, they regained their control over elemental magic energy and could quickly stabilize themselves.

Otherwise, just with this one attack, quite a few magicians would have fallen to their deaths.

The magicians in the air were all shaken.

If quite a few magicians were to fall to their deaths under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards attack, that really would have been a joke.

However, after recalling the experience just now, there were many magicians who obediently landed on the ground.

This was the first time that since these magicians learned how to fly that they felt the ground was more assuring than being in the air.

Chief Hart saw the reaction of these magicians through the telescope and couldnt help breaking out in laughter.

“Ha, these magicians thought that their greatest advantage was that they could fly and others couldnt. Now we have to let them know that flying in such a high place is not as safe as they thought.”

Noons who had just come back to chief Harts side also broke out in laughter, “The magic theory of these fellows have long been eliminated. Sir chairman has announced this many times, but no one was willing to believe it. Now that weve beaten them this bad, they should believe it.”

“Just these fellows cant convince all the traditional magicians. Have you gotten any response from Arch Magi” Chief Hart asked.

“Temporarily there hasnt been anything, but even if Arch Magi were here and used the same flight magic, the magic fluctuations would be the same and it wouldnt be strange that we couldnt detect them.” Noons replied.

“Un, that is true.” Chief Hart nodded, “Alright then, since the other side isnt willing to show themselves, then well force them out. Order the Magic Tank team to prepare to attack and carry out the first plan.”


Ten minutes later, the Candra Empire magicians that came as reinforcements recovered from their shock to find that the north gate of Mero City had opened. There were strange looking Magic Cars that were like giant iron boxes that came out of Mero City, quickly setting out towards the reinforcement army to the west of Mero City.

Half of these magicians immediately prepared to fly over to the reinforcement armys camp, preparing to catch those strange things that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce called “Magic Tanks”.

However, when this half of the magician group flew up, there were several dozen more light blue beams of light that came from Mero Citys walls and exploded in the air above them.

With the experience from before, they knew that the space wrapped up in the light blue light were areas where they lost control of elemental magic energy. If they were to fly up, they might fall down again or they might even be seriously wounded by the chaotic elemental magic energy.

Feeling helpless, the magicians could only stay on the ground. They relied on this low altitude flight to quickly chase the Magic Tanks that came out of Mero City.

However, before they could approach, the upper half of these Magic Tanks turned around and the steel pipes were now aimed at the magicians flying over.

Seeing the dark end of these steel pipes, the magicians had a bad premonition.

As expected, there were different coloured lights that exploded from these steel pipes and instantly approached them.

The ones in front were ten light blue beams of light.

The same colour and the same effect.

As the light blue light exploded, the magicians felt that they couldnt control the elemental magic energy around them and couldnt stop themselves from falling out of the sky.

When they were still falling out of the sky, the several dozen red and white beams of light had already reached them.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong.”

There were dazzling flames that appeared in the sky. The magicians in the air couldnt even use elemental magic energy to maintain their flight magic, so it was impossible for them to release a magic barrier.

So after this series of terrifying explosions, there were only around ten magicians who were of the highest grade and had the fastest reaction that had escaped. Not a single one of the remaining magicians were spared.

Seeing this result, the magicians who had remained in their original positions were deathly silent.

They were the magician squad that received orders from headquarters to support the army that was attacking Mero City.

They thought that with their team of over a hundred magicians that were mostly High Grade Magicians, they would be able to easily reclaim Mero City.

But they never thought that they wouldnt even be able to approach Mero City before they had lost close to half their numbers in just a few exchanges!

The remaining magicians looked at these Magic Tanks that were like steel monsters and Mero City in the distance, feeling a chill fill their hearts.

In previous battles, a large number of magicians appearing was enough to change the tide of a fight. What decided who won was usually which side had more magicians or higher grade magicians.

Because compared to normal soldiers, magicians could completely crush them.

But now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadnt even sent out a single magician. They were the elite magicians of the Candra Empire army and they had suffered this serious loss without even being able to cause any harm to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.

This result was something that no one had expected.

The most important thing was that the power the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had just demonstrated was too terrifying.

They didnt know what those light blue beams of light were, but they could disrupt the surrounding magic space and make them unable to control the elemental magic energy around them. This was equal to completely eliminating their abilities as magicians.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards werent limited by this at all and could still release this kind of terrifying attack.

With this reversal, the magicians were as weak as chickens in front of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.

It was their first time seeing this situation since they enrolled in the Candra Empire army, it really made them incomparably shocked.

After being shocked for a bit, the magicians couldnt help looking at the center of their group.

Their biggest advantage was their and the most powerful final trump card that they had.

Seeing that everyone was turning to them, Arch Magus Ofalian slightly knitted his brows as he turned to ask Arch Magus Laduca beside him, “Hey, Laduca, dont you think that the attack just now was similar to my magic domains ability”

Arch Magus Laduca looked up at the sky before closing his eyes to think and then giving a nod.

“It is a bit similar, but it isnt completely the same. Your magic domain makes elemental magic energy go wild, so only you can control it. The attack we just encountered only made the elemental magic energy around us hard to control, but it didnt have any attack power or destructive might. To put it simply, it was only creating a small Magic Sealing Domain.”

“But this is the perfect weapon for these lower grade magicians, right” Arch Magus Ofalian looked at Mero City in the distance and took a deep breath, “I even suspect that kid Xu Yi stole some of the special characteristics of my magic domain in that last fight, then he changed it into a military magic machine for their Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Arch Magus Laduca looked at Arch Magus Ofalian with a shocked look.

“Why do you think this Although theres no doubt that Xu Yi is talented with magic, being able to figure out the characteristics of your magic domain with a single fight, isnt that too unbelievable”

Arch Magus Ofalians expression sank as he said, “You should have studied those strange metal things that you got from that kid Xu Yi last time, right”

“Un……Ive been studying it the entire time recently and its harder to believe the more I study it. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce…..or rather how did Xu Yi develop this kind of precise magic item Moreover, I cant understand the principle behind it at all.”

“If you listened to that kid Xu Yi and read the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», perhaps you would understand a bit more.” Arch Magus Ofalian said.

“Youve read it” Arch Magus Laduca was surprised again.

He thought that with Arch Magus Ofalians disdain towards Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he wouldnt have gone to read the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» before him.

It seemed like not being able to stop Xu Yi last time even when working together was a very big blow to Ofalian.

“Yes. I seriously read through all the issues of «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» that I could find, but I found that……I couldnt understand it at all.”-

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