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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 - Chapter 102

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Volume 7 – Chapter 102

Decisive battle on the plains

Twenty minutes later, the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment and the Scarlet Sun Regiment went ten kilometers south on the Indra Plains, meeting the Rudson Kingdom army that was already in formation.

Gerald looked ahead with the telescope and immediately knitted his brows.

The dense army ahead seemed to have around ten thousand people and the main flag was the Rudson Kingdoms flag, but what Gerald paid attention to was the rather simply designed flag that had a half wing embroidered on it.

On the current Sines Continent, there wasnt anyone who didnt know what this flag meant.

It was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards are also fighting” Geralds expression became a bit serious, “When we set out, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have a clear stance, so why are they joining in now”

“Is there anything to be surprised about” Narolov rolled his eyes, “Were clearly going against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this time, if they didnt send their guards out, could it be that they would have to wait until we reached the Stantine Duchy and attacked their main base before they joined the war”

Gerald shook his head with a bitter smile, “I didnt mean that. I was just saying that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards are joining in, this wont be an easy fight.”

“We have to meet them sooner or later. We can understand them better if its sooner and can come up with plans for later much easier.”

Narolov also raised his telescope to look at the other side and also knitted their brows.

“All the countries on the continent say that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards are strong, but in all these years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had only acted a few times. Who knows how strong they really are”

“So that means, I hate those fellows who cant get all the details. But the Rudson Kingdoms army has obtained some support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and they are already this strong, so you can imagine the battle power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.”

Gerald gave a sigh as his expression became a bit worried.

“Then again, it isnt like you dont know the might of the military magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold us. Just with those old things, we cant stop them at all. Moreover, Im certain that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold us some low grade military magic machines that they arent even using anymore. The real good things were definitely kept by them.”

“Thats obvious.” Narolov spread his hands with the same helpless look, “Who let only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have these things in this world.”

The two silently looked at each other for a bit before Gerald wiped his face and spat onto the ground.

“Pei! We havent even started fighting, what are the two of us lowering our own morale for The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards are definitely very strong, but we have much more soldiers than them and we also have military magic machines. They are this arrogant to fight a battle with us on these open plains, we will use people to smother them to death.”

“Un, based on the information from the Shining Regiment, the Rudson Kingdom should have some super long range attack abilities. Right now we……” Narolov looked up and estimated the distance before raising his right hand.

The leaders in the Scarlet Sun Regiment behind him sent down the order and it didnt take long for the entire Scarlet Sun Regiment to stop.

Gerald and Narolov had known each other for many years, so seeing his actions, he knew what he meant and also ordered the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment to stop.

“Alright, this distance should be five kilometers from the other side and should be out of their range. We will organize our formation here and prepare to attack.” Narolov said.


Gerald and Narolov came together with the leaders of their regiments and held a short pre battle meeting. They decided on having the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment provide support while the Scarlet Sun Regiment would rely on their high mobility to attack from both flanks.

These two regiments were elite regiments in the Candra Empire and adding in the skills of Gerald and Narolov, after the plan was set, it didnt take them long to get into formation.

What the two were surprised about was that after they had determined their battle plan and entered their formation, the Rudson Kingdom and the unknown number of Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards hadnt moved at all. It was as if they were waiting for them to attack.

However, even if they found it strange, since their armies were already here, they couldnt back down.

Gerald fixed his clothing before jumping onto the roof of a large transport Magic Car, pulling out the saber at his waist and raising it into the sky.


The twenty three thousand troops of the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment began moving towards their enemy in an orderly fashion.

In the very front, there were heavy cavalry that held giant shields and following right behind them were archers with Magic Repeating Crossbows and long range bows.

Then scattered among their formation, there were the hundred and thirty Magic Cannons.

Actually, the single barrel Magic Cannons made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a Magic Car in front pulling it. On plains like these, it could go at a speed of forty kilometers per hour.

But although the Candra Empire made Magic Cannons also had Magic Cars pulling them, they couldnt solve the problem of the coordination between the two and because of the limitations of the material, the fastest it could go was less than thirty kilometers an hour, with a more realistic speed of twenty kilometers an hour. This seriously impacted the speed of the entire formation.

Of course, since there was less than five kilometers between the two sides, the difference between twenty kilometer an hour and forty kilometers an hour wasnt big. The Golden Eagle Knight Regiment just needed to pull the Magic Cannons into the firing range of two kilometers.

After the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment set off, Narolov also gave his order.

The Scarlet Sun Regiment split into three groups and each group had one hundred large transport Magic Cars with five thousand soldiers each that were working with the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment. There were also two different groups of hundred large transport Magic Cars that went to the two flanks, trying to wrap around the Rudson Kingdom army.

In fact, although the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment and Scarlet Sun Regiment replaced most of their old equipment with military magic machines, their strategies were still the same as before.

For example, the tactics that the two regiments were using now, it was the same tactic that the Candra Empire army used when they had greater numbers.

It had to be said, there wasnt anything wrong with these tactics since it could bring out the specialty and the numbers advantage of these two regiments.

However……this battle was completely different from any battle they had fought before.

When the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment was only three kilometers away from the Rudson Kingdom army, the Rudson Kingdom army that had been still the entire time finally moved.

Not only did they move, they exploded like thunder.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong.”

A series of dull sounds came from the Rudson Kingdom army before countless red lights appeared in the sky, quickly heading over.

Gerald was shocked by this.

They were clearly still three kilometers away, so why was the Rudson Kingdom side using Magic Cannons

Didnt the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cannons only have a range of around two kilometers

However, the brutal facts showed Gerald how wrong his judgement was.

The red lights that were in the sky crossed the distance of three kilometers in a few breaths and fell right on the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment.


Gerald only had time to shout this, he didnt have time to give any other orders.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong.”

The dull thuds and the sounds of explosions filled Geralds ears and he almost became deaf from the sound.

Among the explosions were the shocked cries and painful screams of the Golden Eagle Knight Regiments soldiers.

With just a single round of bombing, the Golden Eagle Knight Regiments tight formation had been completely blown apart.

Gerald forced down the shock in his heart and grabbed a magician beside him, having him cast voice enhancing magic on him.

“Dont panic! Maintain formation and continue moving forward for me! All who retreat will be executed!”

Gerald instantly understood that while they were the same Magic Cannons, the Rudson Kingdoms Magic Cannons were much stronger and fired further than theirs. They even had a greater range of one kilometer.

Since they had arrived in the firing range of the enemy, they could only take their attacks and couldnt fire back.

At this time, going forward was the only choice since the consequences of retreat would be even worse.

Geralds voice spread across the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment instantly with the voice enhancing spell.

Hearing their commanders voice, the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment soldiers that had panicked because of the attack quickly regained their calm and reorganized themselves before charging at the Rudson Kingdom army at max speed.

The two Scarlet Sun Regiment troops that had wrapped around the flanks hadnt been attacked by the Rudson Kingdom.

Seeing that the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment was unexpectedly being bombarded, Narolov didnt hesitate to give the order for the Scarlet Sun Regiment to speed up.

The Rudson Kingdom army clearly had a striking distance that surpassed theirs, so they could only cross this distance as soon as possible and disrupt the enemy lines.

But when he had this thought, there were flames that suddenly soared into the sky on the plains in front of them.

Then with several explosions, the large transport Magic Cars that were in the front of the formation seemed like they had been flipped by an invisible giant. They all flew into the air and even flipped several times before slamming into the ground.

One of them was the one that had been right in front of Narolov. After flipping on the ground several times, it hit the large transport Magic Car that Narolov had been sitting in.

With the intense shaking of the car, Narolov, who had been caught off guard, slammed his head into the car in front of him and instantly started bleeding.-

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