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Above the battlefield, there was a Magic Airship that had been flying at an altitude of eight hundred meters since the beginning of the battle. Neither Lagar or Great Magician Yale had noticed it.

There was no other way because it was flying too high. If one looked up from above, this Magic Airship that was around a hundred meters long and several dozen meters wide was only a small black dot in the sky.

This Magic Airship was from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, its job was to locate and keep an eye on the enemy.

Before the Sacred Regiment had even entered the Rudson Kingdom, they had already found the Sacred Regiments trail and had been following in the air the entire time.

The Sacred Regiments movements had been watched by them the entire time before being sent to a mountain that was five kilometers south of here.

On this mountain, there were twenty Repeating Magic Rocket Launcher Vehicles that were lined up in two neat rows.

This area was no longer filled with the sounds of Magic Rockets being sent out, silence had returned.

The muzzles of the twenty Magic Rocket Launchers still had wisps of smoke and the heat from the muzzles filled the air.

“Hey, have those fellows from the Sacred Regiment escaped our range yet” The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards second artillery teams leader Bronc shouted in an unsatisfied voice into the Magic Communicator in his hand, “Those cowardly fellows, I havent even satisfied myself and theyve all run off.”

A helpless voice came from the Magic Communicator, “I say, Bronc, are you really planning on killing them all Do you know how many rounds of Magic Shells that will waste Not saying anything else, didn't you already exceed your quota just now When you report this back, it would be strange if leader Hart doesnt scold you.”

“Hei…..Hei, hei…..” Bronc scratched his head and gave two dry laughs, “This cant be blamed on me, who told them to make these things so easy to use. When you shoot these Magic Shells, you cant stop at all. This isnt anything yet, its just one hundred rounds that I fired……”

“One hundred” The voice from the Magic Communicator sounded very strange, “Ze, ze, youre quite good Bronc. Leader Hart gave you one hundred rounds and you hit it perfectly, not leaving a single one. Im telling you, your next batch of supplies will only come tomorrow, so you can just take care of yourself.”

“Anyway, we already accomplished our mission and now Ill bring my brothers back to rest. Reblo, you still have quite a few things to do, so you cant go and rest like me.”

After saying this, Bronc hung up and waved his hand.

“Brother, lets pack up!”

The second artillery team began moving and after a bit, the twenty new Repeating Magic Rocket Launcher Cars were packed up. With a truck pulling them in front, they quickly disappeared.

On the other side, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards scouting teams sixty seventh Magic Airship leader Reblo looked at the Magic Communicator in his hand before helplessly shaking his head.

“This Bronc, wait and see how leader Hart will scold you.”

After a sigh, Reblo turned his head to look at Kandishek who was in charge of communications.

“Hey, how is it looking on the other sides”

Kandishek raised his hand and gave a sign of victory to Reblo.

“The other sides are all sending good news. The Candra Empires three other armies have already been defeated and the other two are about to enter the attack range. If nothing expected happens, they wont be able to escape.”

“Very good. Send the combat reports we received back and then well follow the plan……”

Reblo came in front of a giant table in the center of the Magic Airship.

There was a giant map of the surrounding area in the Rudson Kingdom. Reblo looked down and pointed at a spot in the upper right corner.

“Go to area eleven and try to arrive within two hours. Well meet up with airships thirteen, seventeen, thirty six, and forty seven before waiting for our next orders.”




There were the sounds of agreement that filled the Magic Airship. This Magic Airship turned in the sky and flew off in a northeast direction.

After a while, the Magic Airship had already disappeared and left this battlefield far behind them.


Two hundred and fifty kilometers to the northeast of the battlefield the Sacred Regiment was on, it was the largest part of flat land in the northern Rudson Kingdom, the Indra Plains.

This great plains occupied the entire north of the Rudson Kingdom, with a length of over five hundred kilometers from east to west and a width of over three hundred kilometers from north to south.

To enter the Rudson Kingdom, they had to go past these plains.

According to the plan that the Candra Empire army headquarters came up with this time, since the Rudson Kingdom had a serious disadvantage when it came to number of troops, then they would give up these plains that had no cover and defend the more secure mountain ranges to the south of the Indra Plains.

But after the two main regiments of the Candra Empire entered the Indra Plains, before they could even go fifty kilometers in, they had discovered the traces of the Rudson Kingdom.

“Are those Rudson Kingdom people insane” The left regiments commander, the Golden Eagle Knight Regiments commander Gerald knitted his brows as he revealed a confused look, “This is a plain without any cover, why would they want to resist our army here”

The right regiments commander, the Scarlet Sun Regiments commander Narolov had a serious look and shook his head, “Gerald, you cant look down on those Rudson Kingdom people too much. Dont forget, the Shining Regiment was almost annihilated by them and even that fellow Antsol had died in battle, so its better if were careful.”

“Che, the trash Antsol only took advantage of the three thousand heavy cavalry his ancestors left him to show off, but he forgot that heavy cavalry doesnt mean everything. Now that hes dead and even those three thousand heavy cavalry are finished, his family is most likely done for in the future.”

Narolov looked at Gerald with a dissatisfied look.

Although he also looked down on Antsol and didnt have a favourable impression of this fellow, Antsol was already dead and even the Shining Regiment under him were destroyed. As a fellow young and also high ranking general of one of the Candra Empire armys regiments, he couldnt help feeling a bit sad.

“No matter what, we should be a bit more careful. The Rudson Kingdoms army has always had the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so I think that theyve prepared quite a few military magic machines. So we shouldnt look down on them just because they have less soldiers or we will suffer.”

“Alright, alright, I will be serious. Relax, Im not joking.” Gerald raised his hands and indicated that he really was thinking, “Ive experienced the might of the military magic machines more than you. Even those things that the fellows at the army headquarters made from copying the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines are that strong, how could I possibly look down on the Rudson Kingdom equipped with the Frestech Brand military magic machines”

“Un…..its good that you know.” Narolov gave a nod.

He and Gerald were the same, they were both from the new faction. They were part of the military officers who understood the military magic machine and supported the military magic machine reforms.

When it came to the influence of the military magic machines, where they could even change the entire method of wars, they understood this better than many of the old commanders back at the army headquarters and accepted it more easily.

Through their insistence and investment, the two of them were able to lead the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment and the Scarlet Sun Regiment on the invasion of the Rudson Kingdom. These were the two regiments that were equipped with the most military magic machines.

Take Geralds Golden Eagle Knight Regiment.

Although their name had the word knight, other than a few horse carriages that were still used to carry supplies, there wasnt a single horse in the battle formation of the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment.

The current Golden Eagle Knight Regiment had sixty seven large transport Magic Cars and one hundred and three Armoured Magic Vehicles transformed from large transport Magic Cars. They had thirty sixty millimeter Magic Cannons, as well as one hundred sixty millimeter Magic Cannons that the Candra Empire had made themselves.

Then with three thousand Magic Repeating Crossbows and eight hundred individual Magic Bazookas, it could be said that in terms of firepower, there wasnt a single regiment that could match the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment.

This was shown during the military drills at the beginning of the year.

The Golden Eagle Knight Regiment had demonstrated their powerful might in the drills and most of the other regiments couldnt resist them at all.

This Scarlet Sun Regiment was one of the few regiments that could go against the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment.

Compared to the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment, the Scarlet Sun Regiment had far fewer Magic Cannons. They only had sixty Magic Cannons that were produced by the Candra Empire.

But the Scarlet Sun Regiment had a shocking five hundred large transport Magic Cars!

With each large transport Magic Car being able to fit fifty people, the Scarlet Sun Regiment was able to move at high speeds by putting all twenty thousand people in the large transport Magic Cars.

It was because of this that the Scarlet Sun Regiment and the Golden Eagle Knight Regiment were considered the vanguards of the third army. It was all because they were the regiments with the best firepower and the best mobility.

Narolov and Gerald were confident about their regiments and how the results of facing the Rudson Kingdom would depend on the actual combat situation.


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