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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 99

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On the morning of June 28th, there was a row of large transport Magic Cars that rolled across the plains of the Rudson Kingdoms northern borders, slowly making their way to a flat area outside of the valley in front of them.

The commander of one of the Candra Empires ten elite regiments, Commander Roman Lagar jumped down from the passenger seat of one of the large transport Magic Cars in the middle. He patted his butt out of habit, but he found that his butt didnt ache at all and he couldnt help turning to look at the padded seats of the passenger seat, curling his lips.

“This thing really is much more comfortable. Its a pity that those stubborn old fools arent willing to accept this fact, it really is a shame.”

After muttering to himself, Lagar waved his hand and called an adjutant over.

“Scout out the valley in front of us and make sure that theres no ambush.”

The adjutant followed this order and not long after, there was a small team of horses that quickly went out.

Although they had suffered two defeats at the hands of the Rudson Kingdom previously, the Candra Empires army had been reflecting on themselves. They had attached importance to the military magic machines that many people looked down on before, but the Candra Empire armys traditions were deeply set, so all equipment was linked with the benefits of many people. There was a lot of pressure to change their equipment, so changing military equipment was always a troublesome issue.

Moreover, the Candra Empire army alone had five hundred thousand troops, so to completely change their weapons was impossible.

Then adding in the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never had enough production capacity, they had strictly controlled the sales of military magic machines. The Candra Empire had never been able to purchase enough military magic machines to arm their giant army.

In the most recent years, the Candra Empire had obtained some technology for military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they took the path of independence. They had created a series of military magic machines based on the foundation received from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which they had started mass producing.

With these things, the Candra Empire was confident in breaking all relations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But it was still far from being able to satisfy the large demand of the large army, so there was a strange situation that appeared in the Candra Empire army. It was that they still used traditional weapons along with horses, but the new military magic machines and the large transport Magic Cars were mixed in with them, which looked very chaotic.

There was no other way. The headquarters couldnt match all their needs, so they could only give supplies based on the situation.

“Hei, it was because that idiot Antsol never changed his views that he had died without even leaving a corpse……”

Thinking of this, Lagar revealed a smile of disdain.

In the Candra Empire army, there were quite a few people like Count Antsol who couldnt accept these new things and kept holding on to the old method of fighting. Lagar called these people who were unwilling to change the old faction and he regarded himself as the new faction.

Before this, the old faction had a bit of edge over the new faction.

But after the Shining Regiment led by Antsol was almost annihilated, the old faction had lost their voice and the new faction had quickly taken over. In the army sent to attack the Rudson Kingdom this time, most of the commanders were from the new faction.

Lagar was one of the most active among the new faction. He had volunteered for this mission this time, leading the Sacred Regiment under him to be the main attacking force in the third direction, attacking the Rudson Kingdom from the north.

If the traditional old faction was sent, although they would still be vigilant when coming across this valley, sending out scouts to investigate if there was an ambush, they wouldnt have been as careful as Lagar. He had sent scouts to the valley while still being two kilometers away.

If the old faction commanders knew about this, they would laugh at Lagar for being a cowardly person.

However, Lagar knew that the distance he chose wasnt cowardly, rather it was because the Rudson Kingdoms army had large amounts of Magic Cannons.

The attack range of the Magic Cannon was easily over two kilometers, even reaching three kilometers.

Even at this distance, they werent 100% safe.

So in order to make sure there werent any problems, Lagar had to be more careful.

Looking at the scout climbing up the cliffs on both sides, Lagar couldnt help shaking his head and scolding them in a low voice.

“Damn, that stingy headquarters, why werent they willing to buy some Magic Airships If we had a few dozen of them…..Oh, no, even if we had one, that would be good. That way we can send the Magic Airship out to scout and dont need to go through all this trouble. The scouts can just go……”

Lagar suddenly looked at the center of the army where there was a luxurious horse carriage that was very conspicuous as it was surrounded by a group of soldiers, looking very striking.

In the horse carriage was the Sacred Regiments magician force leader, Great Magician Yale who was a Fourth Grade Great Magician.

Lagar hesitated a bit before coming up beside the horse carriage.

“Your excellency Yale, can you make a move” Lagar asked this horse carriage with a respectful look.

Although he was the Sacred Regiments commander, the magicians had always been separate from the military, so they didnt listen to the orders of the commanders.

Not to mention that Great Magician Yale was a Fourth Grade Great Magician. He was one of the peak magicians other than the nine Arch Magi of the Candra Empire, his position was much higher than Lagars.

The horse carriages curtain was lifted and Great Magician Yales wrinkled face was revealed.

“Make a move” Great Magician Yale slightly knitted his brows as he revealed a look of doubt, “We still havent encountered the enemies yet, what do you want me to do”

Lagar revealed a smile and explained, “Its like this, your excellency Great Magician, Im worried that the enemy has put down an ambush in front of us and there might be magic traps. I hope that you can check it out with your magic, to see if there are any magic traps in the valley in front of us.”

Great Magician Yale came out of the horse carriage and looked at the valley in the distance before knitting his brows again.

“Did you not send scouts”

“The scouts can only see if there are people waiting in ambush, they cant detect magic traps.” Lagar shook his head.

“Then theres no need for me to go personally still, right” Great Magician Yale waved his hand in an impatient manner. He flicked a finger and a red ball of light flew out, falling onto a normal looking horse carriage in the formation.

After a while, a young magician wearing a magicians robe who looked to be around thirty flew over.

“Master Yale, do you have any orders” The young magician said in a very respectful manner to Great Magician Yale.

Great Magician Yale pointed at the valley in the distance, “Go and see if there are any magic traps. Our sir commander doesnt feel too assured.”

Lagars expression changed slightly before he still gave a nod and said to the young magician, “Yes. I also hope that you can investigate the area around the valley, do you understand what I mean”

Facing a young magician who was only a Seventh Grade Magician, Lagar didnt need to be that polite.

The young magician naturally didnt reject him like Great Magician Yale and after agreeing, he flew towards the valley.

“Sir commander, I understand your caution, but arent you being a bit too careful right now” Great Magician Yale suddenly said.

Lagar cursed in his heart, but he still had a smile on his face as he replied, “ In the army, theres nothing wrong with being a bit more careful.”

Great Magician Yale shook his head, “You really arent as aggressive as the other soldiers Ive seen, they……”


There was a powerful explosion in the distance that cut Great Magician Yale off.

The expression of the two changed at the same time as they looked in the direction of the explosion sound, but they saw dust, smoke, and flames rising from the valley in the distance like there had been an explosion.

“This……” Great Magician Yales expression was a bit ugly.

He had just accused Lagar of being too careful, but now the explosion in the valley was like a slap to his face.

Lagar didnt have time to care about what Great Magician Yale was thinking, he carefully looked at the valley in the distance as his expression changed.

After the explosion, there were rocks that fell from the two sides of the valley. There were a few more explosions that rang out that caused even more rocks to fall down.

In the blink of an eye, the ten meters path in the valley had been filled with countless giant rocks and the way forward had been blocked.

“Great Magician Yale, we might really need you to act this time.” Lagar said with a bitter smile.

“Un” Great Magician Yale didnt dare reject him this time, he just raised a brow.

“Other than you acting, we dont have a way of clearing a path. Moreover……Im worried that there are other traps.”

Great Magician Yale looked at the valley in the distance and silently gave a nod.

He went forward to where the valley had been blocked. In the surrounding fifty kilometers area, there was only this valley that they could go through, so if they couldnt go through her and had to take a detour, it would cost them several hours which would seriously delay them.

To clear a path through this collapsed valley, a normal magician wouldnt do and only he who was a Great Magician could do this.

“Alright, Ill go investigate the situation. If there are no traps, you can send people along, I still need them to clear out the rubble.”


Great Magician Yale said this before flying into the sky, quickly flying towards the valley in the distance.

Halfway there, there were fire red glows that cut through the sky on both sides, flying right towards the Sacred Regiment.-

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