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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 97

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The flames of war were not just ignited in the Rudson Kingdom.

When the Count Antsol died in battle, in a place that was two thousand and four hundred kilometers north, where the Drake Duchy bordered the Falk Kingdom, there was a giant army that was composed of soldiers from the Marlow Empire and the Falk Kingdom, which faced a smaller army of several thousand people. This army that was several times larger faced this smaller army in an intense fight.

However, the battle had favoured the army of several thousand. The army from the Marlow Empire and the Falk Kingdom had been suppressed since the beginning, having very few chances to resist.

The one in charge of this allied army, general Marquis Raven from the Marlow Empire army had a dark look on his face. Seeing the lights in the air representing the Magic Cannons and hearing the explosions that followed, he couldnt stop his heart from being filled with rage.

“Wheres our Magic Cannon troop Why arent they here yet”

The deputy commander, Marquis Goodall gave a sigh and shook his head, “Theres no other way. The Magic Cannons cant keep up and they are at least twenty kilometers away still.”

“Then why can those fellows prepare their Magic Cannons Why cant we” Marquis Raven angrily said.

Marquis Goodall said with a bitter smile, “Rave, those fellows were waiting to meet us in battle here, so of course theyve prepared their Magic Cannons. We had to go several hundred kilometers from the empire to come here, how could we have better preparations compared to them If it wasnt for the fact that theres a complete road, we might not even know how to transport the Magic Cannons.”

Hearing this, Marquis Raven knitted his brows even more.

“Why are our Magic Cannons that heavy The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cannons can easily go anywhere and while they are lighter, they are also much stronger.”

Marquis Goodalls bitter smile was filled with helplessness.

“Its already good enough that those people at the military magic machine research department could even develop these Magic Cannons, how could they make them the same as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces If we really had this ability, we wouldnt need to start this war at all, right”

Marquis Raven thought for a bit before slowly giving a nod.

“Speaking of this, I always thought that the Drake Duchys Duchess Caroline was a smart woman, so she should listen to us or at least remain neutral. I never thought that she would actually stand on the side of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this really is confusing.”

Marquis Goodalls lips curled into a smile of deep meaning.

“I heard…..that when Duchess Caroline was still a princess, she had been with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu for a long time and they seemed very close. Perhaps its because of this that she supported the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Hei, women, theyre easily swayed by emotions.” Marquis Raven shook his head and revealed a look of disdain, “Did she not think that even if the Drake Duchy received support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they are only a small duchy in the end How could they resist our Marlow Empire”

“But arent we being kept here right now” Marquis Goodall spread his hands, “Moreover, dont forget, even if we take care of Duchess Caroline, theres a more troublesome and harder to deal with woman in front of us.”

Marquis Ravens expression changed slightly, “Queen Seveni It was said that fellow was even closer to Xu Yi and that even her only son was born from Xu Yi. The Lampuri Kingdom is much stronger than the Drake Duchy and their magic machine industry had been developing for much longer, so its more mature. If she receives firm support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, she really will be troublesome.”

“This was what we already expected, theres nothing surprising.” Marquis Goodall said, “Compared to this, what I care more about are what those fellows from the Sack Kingdom are doing.”


One thousand and three hundred kilometers to the west, at north border of the Lampuri Kingdom with the Sack Kingdom.

Instead of the Muerto Mountains, this new border was close to a hundred kilometers to the north. It was part of the large piece of land that the Sack Kingdom had given to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Therefore, the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army were guarding a hundred kilometers further north, which could be considered deep into the Sack Kingdom.

But like this, they had lost the natural barrier of the Muerto Mountains. The northern armys northern defenses were always filled with problems and weren't as thorough as the Muerto Mountain defenses previously.

It was a good thing that the Sack Kingdom had been honest over the past few years and had never caused any problems that they were able to continue this.

But today, there were people that had intentions for these lax defenses.

A group of three thousand people secretly moved through the woods outside Randy Town, heading to the northern army base to the west of Randy Town.

This guard base usually only had five hundred soldiers stationed there that were responsible for protecting a ten kilometer area with Randy Town at its center.

Relying on five hundred people to protect such a large area, naturally not everything could be covered.

So these three thousand soldiers from the Sack Kingdom were able to smoothly reach the base, not encountering any hindrances.

Looking at the lights of the army base in the distance that shined in the night, this troop from the Hungry Wolf Regiment surrounded this area.

Their goal was to wipe out the five hundred soldiers in this base and then capture all the military supplies in this base.

The Lampuri Kingdoms northern army had always been supported by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, having large amounts of military magic machines.

Although there were only five hundred people, the military magic machines they had could even compare to the equipment of the entire Hungry Wolf Regiment.

If they faced them directly, these three thousand people might not be their match.

But if they used an ambush, the military magic machines played a much smaller role.

As long as they could get close, what decided victory was the number of troops.

Three thousand Hungry Wolf Regiment soldiers were less than two hundred meters away from this base when there was a whistle that rang through the night. All the soldiers came out of their hidden places and charged at the base.

They had to charge in before the northern army could react and fight them at close range, that was their only hope of winning!

However, when the three thousand Hungry Wolf Regiment soldiers charged over the walls, there wasnt any response at all.

There were no northern army soldiers and no cries from inside, it was like this base was already dead.

After hesitating a bit, the commander in charge of these three thousand people gave a secret signal and they charged into the base.

However, when the first soldier climbed the wall and prepared to jump over, there was a bright red light that came from inside.

There was also a bunch of red lights that appeared outside of the walls.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong, hong.”

A series of explosions filled the air and the explosions had caused the dark night to suddenly be filled with a red glow.

There were already half of the three thousand Hungry Wolf Regiment soldiers that had dropped and the remaining half had lost their battle strength from the explosion.

In a short period of time, there were only less than five hundred people who could still fight from the original three thousand soldiers.

But the remaining five hundred people knew that they had fallen in a trap and heard countless arrows coming from behind them.

In just a few breaths, these several hundred soldiers were shot down by arrows. There wasnt a single Hungry Wolf Regiment soldier that was left standing outside the walls of this base.

“Humph, a bunch of villains. Do you really think that you could evade our surveillance”

The one in charge of Randy Towns garrison, the northern armys third regiments fourth squad leader Denpuru came out of the darkness outside the walls. He disdainfully spat at a Hungry Wolf Regiment soldiers corpse before turning to the northwest and taking out a small Magic Communicator.

When he was about to dial, he saw a red light on the Magic Communicator which was someone trying to contact him.

Denpuru gave a laugh before pressing a button and accepting the call.

“Hey, Denpuru, how is it going on your side Did the Sack Kingdom mice come looking for you” There was a straightforward voice that came from the Magic Communicator.

If they knew them, just from this voice, they could tell that the person on the other side was Ryan who commanded the garrison at Tadon Town that was twenty kilometers away from here.

“They did, but we just took care of them. What about your side” Denpuru asked.

“Ha, ha, I already said that they were a bunch of mice, theres nothing to be worried about. We killed them all, its fine.” Ryan said.

“Good then.” Denpuru gave a nod, “I dont need to tell you what we need to do next, right”

“Hei, is there a need for you to say anything They already passed down the orders. Alright, you just quickly tidy up your side and we can converge when I tidy up my side. Then we can teach those brats from the Sack Kingdom a good lesson!”

“Alright, remain in contact.” Denpuru hung up before looking up at the calm sky and letting out a sigh.

Since fighting the Sack Kingdom last time, it had already been close to ten years of peace.

The Sack Kingdom idiots wanted to declare war by taking advantage of the Candra Empire and Marlow Empire declaring war on the Stantine Duchy and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They wanted to attack the Lampuri Kingdom, they really were thinking too much.

“Hei, we want to let you idiots know that the current Lampuri Kingdom is more than ten times stronger than you!”-

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