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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 92

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“Chairman Xu, we meet again.”

Arch Magus Ofalians expression when seeing Xu Yi again was more serious than back at Marshal Sudmans manor.

He had acted with Arch Magus Laduca just now , but Xu Yi had been able to easily escape which was simply slapping their faces.

If he looked down on Xu Yi slightly before, feeling that Xu Yis strength was weaker than him even after he became an Arch Magus, he now treated Xu Yi seriously.

This fellows talent was shocking, being able to make those strange things. He also had a special understanding of magic space and domains, so he wasnt easy to deal with.

If he wasnt dumb enough to walk into the trap this time, perhaps it would have been wishful thinking to have a chance to kill him again.

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh and shook his head. The pointed at the city wall under the two of them and asked, “Your excellency Ofalian, before we start, can you answer a question first”

Arch Magus Ofalian gave a laugh, “Chairman Xu, dont try to stall for time to do something. Since you have entered the city, dont be presumptuous to think that you can escape.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Its fine if you dont want to answer, I can find the answer myself.”

After throwing this down, Xu Yi suddenly flew out into the sky, shooting upwards like a bullet that had been shot.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca had planned on making a move before Xu Yi started moving, but after seeing the direction he was going in, they stopped at the same time. They had a calm look and even Arch Magus Laduca had a teasing smile on his face.

They watched Xu Yi rush into the air, but it was like he had suddenly hit something and his body that was quickly flying stopped.

In the space above his head, there was something that was sparkling that appeared. They were wrapped up together and they created a spider web that stopped Xu Yi from going forward.

Xu Yi floating in the air trembled and stabilized himself with difficulty. He could taste a bit of sweetness and he opened his mouth to spit out blood.

When he had been flying at high speeds, he suddenly felt that the magic space at this high altitude was strange.

When he reacted, he couldnt stop himself from hitting it. There was a powerful and strange magic fluctuation that came from this space and it was even as strong as a Forbidden Spell.

Of course, Xu Yi was now a powerful Arch Magus, so even hitting a Forbidden Spell head on wasnt that dangerous for him.

But this elemental magic energy fluctuation that hit him was very strange. It could even affect his own bodys magic fluctuations, which had caused him to suffer a strong rebound, causing the magic in his body to temporarily go wild.

For a magician, their magic going wild was a very terrifying thing. It would create internal injuries and it could even cause a magic backlash if it was serious, which could take their lives.

The stronger the magician, the stronger the magic power they had. Once it went wild, the consequences would be even more serious.

It was a good thing that Xu Yi was only flying fast and didnt use too much magic. So even if his magic power had gone wild, it wasnt serious and he was able to quickly react to control the magic power inside of him.

But this made him understand something.

The strange magic barrier that stopped him from leaving Wimbledon City, other than hiding in the city walls, had even blocked the space above him.

“Chairman Xu, if your question is about the Magic Domain Sealing Array, then I can give you an explanation.” Arch Magus Ofalians low voice came from below.

Xu Yi looked down to see that he and Arch Magus Laduca were still standing on the wall, they didnt look like they were going to fly up after him at all.

It seemed like the two of them knew that he would be stopped by this Magic Domain Sealing Array.

“Please.” Xu Yi replied in a deep voice. Then he slowly raised his right hand and slowly moved a finger towards it.

“This Magic Domain Sealing Array is an array that covers all of Wimbledon City. Its use is as chairman Xu has experienced twice, which is to stop all effects of magic from entering. Of course, with a little adjustment, its very easy to stop all magic from exiting the array as well. “

Arch Magus Ofalians voice slowly came from below.

“Speaking of this, this Magic Domain Sealing Array had been placed for five hundred years and it was the first time that it was used against something in the city. Chairman Xu, it has to be said that the treatment you are receiving isnt normal.”

“I would rather that you didnt take me that seriously.” Xu Yi replied with a bitter laugh.

At this time, his right index finger had touched the invisible magic barrier that he had hit just now.

With the weak magic power gathered in his finger, Xu Yi could sense the terrifying danger that was hidden in this magic barrier.

He was certain that if he charged at it, there wouldnt be a good ending.

Moreover, just based on the small part of the array that he could see here, the Magic Array that covered the entire city that Arch Magus Ofalian mentioned was much more powerful than he could imagine.

Unless he destroyed the Magic Arrays core, he wouldnt be able to forcefully destroy this magic barrier.

“Chairman Xu, I urge you to give up. This Magic Domain Sealing Array isnt as simple as the crude magic barrier that we laid down at the Lord Marshals place. Not to mention you, even if all the Arch Magi of the continent came together, they wouldnt be able to break this magic barrier.”

Xu Yis actions had been caught by Arch Magus Ofalian, so there was a trace of ridicule that appeared in his voice, taunting Xu Yi for overestimating himself.

“Ofalian is right.” Arch Magus Laduca who had been silent the entire time suddenly said, “This Magic Domain Sealing Array has been constantly strengthened after it was laid down in our Candra Empire. It has been enhanced by countless peak magicians over five hundred years, its already not something that a normal magician can contend with. So, chairman Xu, I urge you to give up without a fight.”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at Arch Magus Laduca with a surprised look, “You want me to surrender Or are you planning on killing me”

“Whether it is your magic talent or your magic machine knowledge, they all have value. So if you take the initiative to surrender and let us take care of you, we naturally will want to keep your life.” The one who said this was Marshal Sudman who had retreated to an unknown place at this time, “Of course, that is on the premise that you cooperate.”

“That means that as long as I surrender and cooperate with you, I can keep my life” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“Yes. Ive already said it to you in my manor earlier and the two excellency Arch Magi have spoken for you many times. Chairman Xu, give up, there is no chance of escaping at all.” Marshal Sudman said again.

“Let me think about it. If I surrender, then out of your safety, you will limit my magic power or even destroy my magic foundation, making me unable to use magic again. That way you would feel assured in controlling me and would make me hand over my magic machine knowledge, fully serving you. Am I right”

Marshal Sudman and the two Arch Magi were all silent.

“Ha, I must say that this is indeed the best solution, but……” Xu Yi looked at the sky above him and let out a sigh, “Ive always liked my freedom and I dont like being locked up to work for others. Then again……”

Xu Yi paused before looking down at Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca on the city walls below, as his eyes became sharp.

“Do you really think that you can make me surrender before you even beat me That is impossible!”

As soon as his voice fell, Xu Yi raised his right hand and gathered a large amount of magic power. With himself as a center, there were large amounts of elemental magic energy that wildly gathered at his right hand. It even caused magic barrier formed by the Magic Domain Sealing Array to be influenced by the gathering elemental magic energy, as countless streaks of light began sparkling in the sky.

If one looked at it from below, it would be like seeing countless streaks of lightning flowing through the sky.

Seeing Xu Yis action, Arch Magus Ofalian gave a cold snort and raised his voice to say, “Chairman Xu, Ive already said it, there is the Magic Domain Sealing Array above your head and you cant break it with just your power alone. I urge you not to act rashly to avoid being attacked by the Magic Domain Sealing Array, or when the time comes, you might not have a complete corpse.”

Xu Yi revealed a grin, “Who said that I was aiming at that whatever array I said it just now, we havent truly fought yet. Your excellency Ofalian, take this!”

As soon as his voice fell, the powerful elemental magic energy around Xu Yis right hand condensed and lit up. It looked like there was a small sun in the air as a ball of electricity appeared above Xu Yis right hand.

With Xu Yis right hand coming down, the ball of electricity fell down with a bolt of lightning, aimed right at Arch Magus Ofalian on the city wall.

With such a shocking attack, no one noticed that when Xu Yi threw the ball of lightning, his left hand that had been behind him came up slightly and a metal box was thrown out.

When it touched the magic barrier above Xu Yi, this metal box didnt cause any magic fluctuations, so it didnt activate the Magic Domain Seal Array when it touched it.

Then after the magic box went out of the barrier, it stopped and floated in the air.

The Magic Domain Sealing Array seemed to have sensed something at this time and there were faint bits of light that surrounded the box, gathering more and more. Finally it became a small ball of light that completely surrounded the metal box.

The metal box inside of the ball of light wasnt affected by it at all, there were just a few dots of light on one side of the box before quickly spreading.

After a while, this one side was covered in different dots of light with different meanings.-

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