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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 91

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Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows as he shook that person.

“Stop crying. Tell me, what is going on right now”

That person wiped his eyes a few times and only calmed down after a while. He replied in a sobbing voice, “Chair…..Sir chairman, when you left this morning, the Candra Empire…..the Candra Empires people came. They didnt even say anything as they sealed up all the businesses under our company. The people of the company couldnt take it and clashed with them, but they brought many soldiers and the brothers couldnt stop them. Then……”

“Then it was all sealed” Xu Yis expression was still calm, “Is it all the stores under our company What about the workers in the company Was anyone hurt”

“Some brothers tried to resist and were injured by the soldiers, but…..no one should have died.”

“Its good if no one died.” Xu Yi nodded as his expression became more relaxed, “It seems like those fellows of the Candra Empire arent fools after all. They know that even if they take these things from our company, they cant use them. They still need the staff of our company to operate them.”

That person anxiously looked at Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, what do we do now”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before shaking his head, “Before we understand the Candra Empires goal and their reason for this, we dont have that much that we can do. Your current task is to try to contact the staff of our company that were lucky enough to escape, try your best to gather them all. I will think of a way to send you all back to the Stantine Duchy.”

“Un, but sir chairman, I think……that the brothers in the Candra Empire might…..might already all have been caught……”

Xu Yi revealed a smile as he thought that they were only caught, I was almost killed just now.

Of course, there was no need to tell this to the secret information and liaison officer that was placed here.

Xu Yi gave him a few orders and urged him to only secretly contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerces staff that he could contact. He should try to make sure that he himself was safe and could put down other work for now.

Seeing that Xu Yi was turning to leave, that person stopped him.

“Chair…..Sir chairman, you…..cant you think of a way to save the brothers”

Seeing that persons pleading gaze, Xu Yi gave a sigh.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been working with the Candra Empire, that was only on a business level.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce employed some guards in the Candra Empire, it was impossible for them to station their guards here.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had no armed forces in the Candra Empire at all.

If he had to mention something, it could only be said that he was the only person with power right now.

But the enemy was the Candra Empire. Even if Xu Yi was already a very powerful Arch Magus, it was impossible for him to fight the Candra Empire alone.

He would have no problem safely returning to the Stantine Duchy, but if he was to save the other members of the company, then that was beyond his reach…..

That person could see the answer on Xu Yis face and was disappointed as he let go of Xu Yis arm.

“Sorry, sir chairman, I was asking for too much. Compared to the brothers of the company, you are much more important. I know that as long as you are alive, the Candra Empire fellows wouldnt do anything to our brothers, but if you werent here…..”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and patted his shoulder before leaving.

When he came out of the back door, he heard that person calling out to him.

Xu Yi knitted his brows and turned to look at him, seeing that person running over with an excited look on his face.

“Chair……Ke, that…..” That person called out before suddenly remembering. He quickly lowered his voice and came to Xu Yis side, “Sir chairman, I suddenly remembered that I know someone in the city guards. Through him, I might be able to find out where the brothers are being held.”

“Oh Thats very good. If you can find where they are or even how the Candra Empire is handling them, that will be very helpful to what we have to do next.”

“Un, then I will go find that person. Sir chairman, you……do you want to wait for me here I can still ask about the current defenses of Wimbledon City which will help you get out.” That person asked.

“Theres no need, theres no problem for me to get out of the city.” Xu Yi patted his shoulder with a smile, “Quickly get the information and when you have concrete information, contact the headquarters with our companys channels. This information is very important, so you need to treat this seriously.”


That person looked at Xu Yi again and after hesitating, he gave Xu Yi a bow and left this place.

Xu Yi waited for a bit after he left and after confirming that no one else was around, he left and headed towards the south gate.

When he came to the street outside, Xu Yi could feel that the atmosphere in the city was much more tense compared to before.

There were armoured soldiers walking around the street, looking all over, almost blocking every pedestrian on the street to question them.

Such strict interrogation was rarely seen in the Candra Empires capital city.

Xu Yi saw this and knew that if he went forward, he wouldnt be able to avoid the questioning of the soldiers.

Although his illusion magic and his special magic array could make it so that no one could recognize him, if he bumped into a magician who was sensitive to the flow of elemental magic energy, it would be very easy to find a problem if he got close.

Xu Yi thought about it and decided not to take a risk, turning to find a more hidden street to go by.

He had planned to go out the city gate with the same route, but now it seemed like it wasnt possible, so he had to use a more direct method which was to teleport out.

After finding a hidden corner, Xu Yi pulled out the several metal pieces and threw them into the air.

After a while, the same light blue rhombic polyhedron appeared in the air.

Xu Yi was about to use this Magic Transport Unit, but he found that the rhombic polyhedron didnt have the same glow that meant that it was connected to the other side.

“What is going on” Xu Yi was confused as he looked over the various metal parts, letting them search for the other Magic Array outside the city, but they couldnt find it at all.

Even when he changed it each time, there were no results.

Finally Xu Yi had to admit that he couldnt use this Magic Transport Unit anymore.

The most important thing was that he couldnt tell what the reason was.

He didnt know if the Magic Array outside the city had been destroyed, or if it was because this place wasnt as stable as the lab, or if there was something that was hindering the connection between the Magic Arrays.

In short, the safest method for Xu Yi was one that he couldnt use.

But this naturally didnt baffle someone like Xu Yi who was an Arch Magus.

He looked up at the tall walls of Wimbledon City in the distance and he carefully moved towards the walls.

Once he reached the walls, Xu Yi moved all his magic power with a thought and he disappeared.

Xu Yi hit the Wimbledon City wall and fell down from midair.

Xu Yi staggered back a few steps and finally stabilized himself. He looked at the walls with a surprised look.

He had planned on using teleportation magic to get out of Wimbledon City, but he never thought that he would hit the magic space in the wall which would stop him.

After stabilizing himself, he found that there was the Wimbledon City wall that was in front of him.

Xu Yi was very confused.

This was clearly a normal wall made of stone, so how could there be a magic barrier in the magic space around it

There was a loud laugh that came from the city walls and this laugh was filled with pleasant surprise and ridicule that couldnt be hidden.

“Chairman Xu, when we thought that our plan had ended in failure and that you would return to the Stantine Duchy, becoming an enemy who would be a headache to face in the future, I never thought that you would actually return back to Wimbledon City for some normal staff members. Should I admire your moral character Or should I laugh at your stupidity”

Xu Yi looked up, but the sun was so strong that he had to narrow his eyes.

After calming down, he used spatial magic to slowly fly up into the air.

When he was horizontal with Wimbledon Citys tall walls, he saw that it was the important person who he had just talked to two hours ago, before suddenly wanting to kill him.

“Lord Marshal, I have to admit that you do move fast.” Xu Yi said in a deep voice, “Im very curious, how did you know that I would come back to Wimbledon City”

Marshal Sudman revealed a smile filled with ridicule and disdain.

“Think about it, who did you see during this time”

Xu Yi thought of that information dealer from his company and after thinking about it, he understood.

“No wonder…..I felt that it was off. Your subordinates had sealed off all the businesses of our company less than two hours ago, so how could he know everything and even be familiar with all the details. So it turned out that he was already bought out by you.”

Marshal Sudman gave a laugh, “Chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can use money to get all those people to work for you, so of course we can use gold coins to buy them back. You should be clear that you are only a company that was established less than twenty years ago, how could people be willing to die for your company”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before giving a nod.

“Perhaps youre right. Yes, we are only a company, so all relations are business relations, but I still dont understand why your Candra Empire isnt willing to cooperate with our company. Everyone was developing well together, so do you need to do something like this that would hurt both sides”

“Ive said it, we are an empire and you are a company, there are basic differences. If you cant think this through, then…..Im not interested in explaining this to you. In short, chairman Xu, you have stupidly wandered back into the cage again, so dont think of escaping.”

Marshal Sudman looked at Xu Yi with a fierce look like he wanted to swallow Xu Yi in one bite.

“It was already my lifes biggest failure when you escaped earlier. Now, you will not escape no matter what!”

After saying this, Marshal Sudman took a step back and two people appeared where he had been standing. It was Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca who Xu Yi had fought against earlier.-

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