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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 90

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At a hill that was around twenty kilometers southwest of Wimbledon City, there were seventeen beams of light blue light that connected in the air to form a strange looking rhombic polyhedron.

After flashing twice, there was a figure that appeared in the polyhedron that slowly landed on the ground.

It was Xu Yi.

When his feet touched the ground, Xu Yi looked to the north.

This place was over thirty kilometers away from Marshal Sudmans private manor. No matter how Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca overestimated his magic power, they never would have thought that he would come to such a far away place.

It had to be known, even if an Arch Magus used teleportation magic, they could only move several kilometers at once.

A distance of over thirty kilometers was something that was hard to imagine for an Arch Magus.

Because it was over thirty kilometers away, even if Marshal Sudman had blocked the surrounding area, he wouldnt have covered such a large range. So it could be said that Xu Yi had escaped the trap and was safe for now.

Thinking of what happened just now, Xu Yi gave a light exhale.

The entire process hadnt been long. It was only him exchanging a few moves with the two Arch Magi and to an outsider, other than that one powerful explosion, everything else was normal and wasnt that exciting.

But Xu Yi knew that Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca really wanted to kill him. Each attack was very dangerous and if he had been careless, he would have died already.

The reason he could be that calm was because he was already prepared, he could have escaped at any time.

What was underneath him were seventeen metal pieces that were just like the metal pieces that he had taken out earlier.

Before Xu Yi had appeared, these seventeen metal pieces had been scattered and buried in the ground, not looking special at all.

When Xu Yi had brought out the other seventeen metal pieces at Marshal Sudmans manor, these hidden seventeen metal pieces also activated. They formed a special magic domain with the polyhedron that was floating in the air.

Through these two special magic domains, Xu Yi was able to ignore the Magic Arrays and traps that was laid down in Marshal Sudmans manor and was directly transported to such a remote place.

This was the Magic Transport Unit. It was the newest state of the art technology developed by the magic research facility using the peak of spatial magic research, which could be considered the highest level magic machine that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently made.

When Xu Yi used it this time, it was the first time that it hadnt been used in an experimental environment. The effects had been quite shocking.

This transport array was personally put down by Xu Yi before he had entered Wimbledon City, guaranteeing that if anything happened to him in Wimbledon City, he would be able to leave at any time.

This was just an experiment that Xu Yi was doing out of convenience, it was just to see if this new Magic Transport Unit was as easy to use as it was in the experiments.

As for preventing any dangers, although Xu Yi had considered this, it was just some small details and he didnt attach any importance to them.

But he never thought that this casual thing had allowed him to escape from such a dangerous situation.

Although Xu Yi was confident that he could escape from the attacks of Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca, this Magic Transport Unit had without a doubt saved him quite a bit of effort.

Not to mention that Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca had been famous for a long time, they might have some special spell that they could still use.

If there was a mistake, Xu Yi would fall at their hands which would be a disaster for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi took out a Magic Communicator from his chest and sent in a bit of magic.

After a while, the Magic Communicator had a red glow over it which was even brighter than the normal red glow.

This was an ability that Xu Yis personal Magic Communicator had, it was used to send his chairmans order.

In a normal situation, as long as Xu Yi sent a message in the magic communication network, they would be able to recognize him as the chairman and he could send his orders.

But this time, the red light had appeared for a while and there wasnt any sign of the Magic Communicator connecting, not to mention any sounds being send from his side.

As time passed, Xu Yis heart sank bit by bit.

It seemed like Marshal Sudmans words werent empty. Although the trap to kill Xu Yi at Marshal Sudmans manor was the key part of the plan, it wasnt their entire plan.

It was clear that since the Candra Empire planned on killing Xu Yi, it meant that the Candra Empire would be declaring war on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

While dealing with Xu Yi, it was natural for them to target the other branches of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The various branches, stores, factories, and other facilities of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in Wimbledon City might have already fallen under control of the Candra Empire.

Xu Yi patiently waited for five minutes and after confirming that there was no connection, he no longer waited. He turned off the Magic Communicator and released a wisp of magic that covered himself, creating a very special magic domain.

Arch Magus Ofalians domain would make the elemental magic energy in the magic space go wild while Arch Magus Laducas domain would free the elemental magic energy, making it so only he could control it.

After Xu Yi become an Arch Magus, the domain he gained was different from these two Arch Magi.

When he opened his domain, the magic space around him was suddenly separated from the rest of the magic space. When the elemental magic energy around this area approached this domain, they would go around it, but it didnt affect their normal flow.

So even without the naked eye, even when using magic induction on this, they would find that there was no difference in the magic space at all.

And Xu Yi……seemed to vanish like this magic space.

Want to find Xu Yi with the naked eye That was even more impossible.

Xu Yi could already easily use the illusion magic that he learned from Elder Undine on himself. He applied an illusion to himself and made him look like a normal middle aged person of the Candra Empire.

After completing his preparations, Xu Yi flew to the northwest.

After half an hour, Xu Yi successfully entered Wimbledon City.

Wimbledon City looked to be as normal as always. The Candra Empire suddenly launching an attack on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt seem to affect most of the citizens in Wimbledon City.

But when Xu Yi arrived at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces branch in Wimbledon Citys west street without anyone noticing, he found that there was something off here.

The west street was one of Wimbledon Citys most important business streets, so there would always be many people walking through and it would be very lively.

Although the street was still filled with people now, they were all centralized in one place and didnt walk around. They werent as loud as usual and they were all looking in one direction, with each person having a strange look on their face.

The direction that they were all looking in was a very big and conspicuous store on this street.

This stores sign had been taken down at an unknown time, but through the half wing symbol carved into it and pasted on the window, one could easily tell that this store belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was one of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces branches in the Candra Empire and its biggest branch.

This was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces biggest symbol in the Candra Empire, but now not only had this stores sign been taken down, the front door was in pieces. There was a team of soldiers standing outside who were all wearing the armour of the Candra Royal Guards.

There was a big seal that was placed on the door and with the soldiers standing there, it made the fate of this Frestech Chamber of Commerce branch clear to everyone.

It…..had been sealed.

Xu Yi mixed into the crowd and after seeing the situation at the branch, he turned to leave.

Walking around the city a few times and passing by several streets, Xu Yi came to a very normal looking and very quiet street where he knocked on a worn out wooden door several times.

With a “zhiya”, the door opened and a confused face appeared.

Xu Yi gave a few complicated hand gestures and that persons face revealed an excited look as he opened his mouth to shout something.


Xu Yi covered his mouth and looked around before going in with him, closing the door behind him.

Behind the wooden door was a worn down residence that could be found all over Wimbledon City.

After Xu Yi and that person entered the residence, Xu Yi raised the bed and revealed a cave entrance.

The two went in and there was a spacious cave under there.

When they landed, that person fell down in front of Xu Yi and began crying.

“Sir chairman, its over! Its over! All of our Frestech Chamber of Commerces businesses in Wimbledon City are done for!”-

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