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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 84

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There was a giant explosion that woke Lesas who had been staring at the Candra Empire camp through the window.

However, before he could react, he could feel the waves of air hitting him.

The buildings the miners built in the mines werent reliable already and now that there was this powerful wave of air, the window was shattered to pieces and Lesas was sent flying by the wave of air that came through the window.

Lesas gave a cold grunt as he revolved his aura, blocking the fragments. He came out of the room that was already shaking like it would collapse at any time.

Looking over, Lesas was shocked.

The living quarters of the mine was already in a sea of flames and there were explosions all around. He could even see several blown up corpses on the ground.

The guards had been sleeping when they were woken up by this explosion, running out of the barracks.

It was a good thing that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards were strictly trained. Even when facing this sudden situation, they were fully armed. They only panicked a bit in the beginning before quickly calming down and gathering together.

Lesas didnt know what was happening, but in this situation, he began displaying his use as the leader.

However, when he was about to give the order for his gathered subordinates to engage the enemy, there was a shrill sound that came from the right side behind him.

Turning around, he saw that there was an incomparably bright glow quickly flying towards them from the sky.

“Everyone scatter!”

Lesas couldnt give any orders, he just turned to shout this at the guards gathered and then flew to the side.


With a large explosion, there was a terrifying wave of air that passed by that caused Lesas to roll twice on the ground.

When Lesas stood up again, his body was covered in small wounds and there were two bloodstains on his face which looked quite terrifying.

But he didnt care about this. Looking around, he found that this attack was further away compared to the first attack and the guards had been prepared before the explosion, so there werent any losses.

“Get up and gather. Retreat outside! Retreat! Do you hear me!”

Lesas roared out before grabbing the collar of one of his adjutants that had run over.

“Go and start the transport cars in the warehouse for me! We need to escape quickly!”

After giving this order, Lesas looked at the Candra Empire camp in the distance, but he saw that it was very peaceful like it wasnt related to them at all. There wasnt even a soldier who came out to watch the fun.

Lesas knew that this was strange, but he didnt have time to care about it. Compared to this, what he was more worried about was Floyd who had snuck into the Candra Empire camp.

With such a large sound, Floyd should have noticed it and he should have already come back with his speed.

But he couldnt see him at all, so it cant be…..that something had already happened, right

“Team leader, the rest of our brothers are still here, what should we do” A voice pulled Lesas out of his worries.

He turned to look at his several hundred remaining subordinates and waved his hand.


When everyone was about to move, there was another blinding red light that cut through the night sky, falling down over here.

This time, the light fell down right on the barracks.


With a fierce explosion, the several buildings were blown to pieces and the situation in the mine was ugly.

“Stop watching and go!” Lesas roared out as he waved his hand at his subordinates, leading the way to the warehouse with the Magic Cars.

Halfway there, the adjutant ran out of the warehouse with a look of panic.

“Leader, all the Magic Cars in the warehouse have been tampered with and we cant start them!”

“What!” Lesas eyes popped out, “Werent the brothers watching them the entire time How could they be tampered with”

The adjutant had a bitter look, “I dont know either……”

“You……” Lesas really wanted to throw a punch, but he knew that now wasnt the time for this. After calming down to think, he turned to look at the Candra Emp[ire camp before turning back to head to the back of the mine, “Follow me.”

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards quickly followed Lesas to the back of the mine and they climbed over the mountain before circling around to the woods behind the mines.

This secondary route had been discovered by Floyd as per their regulations and had been secured four days ago when they made camp. Lesas had mocked Floyd for being too careful and that they wouldnt need to use it, but he never thought that he would be forced to use it in the end.

“Leader, what about vice leader Floyd Why cant I see him” One of the elf guards suddenly asked in a low voice.

Lesas looked at him and said in a sharp voice, “Dont ask anything right now, focus on running!”

The elf warrior had a sad look on his face before he calmed down.

Lesas could feel that the atmosphere was getting tense, but he wasnt good with words like Floyd and didnt know how to change the attitude. They could only hurry along in low spirits.

“Team leader, where are we going” After a while, an adjutant on the side asked in a soft voice.

“Focus on hiding and converge with the branch base.” Lesas said in a deep voice.


After receiving a goal, the team suddenly became serious.

Although the ambush in the middle of the night was a surprise to them, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards received very strict training and each of them were elites from different races. Even without the military magic machines, they were very powerful with their own strength, so there was no need to panic.

There were even some guards who were confused why team leader Lesas chose to escape right away. To them, even if the enemy was ambushing them with powerful Magic Cannons, they could still fight back.

This optimism was quickly attacked.

When the team came out of the woods and were about to pass through the back of the mines, there were two dazzling lights that appeared.

“Hong, hong!”

Two big explosions rang out in the center of the team and the four hundred guards remaining were blown away.

Lesas even spat out a mouth of blood in the air.

If he wasnt wearing the Magic Armour and opened up the magic shield, he might have been blown up by that one attack.

However, the large shock had injured his organs which hurt him very much.

When he was about to twist his body to fall down, there were bright beams of light in the air that covered the area where the rest of the guards were.

Lesas magic barrier was being drained quickly by these beams of light and it was about to run out.

This had surprised him.

It had to be known that he was wearing the third generation Magic Armour, with a magic shield that could block an Eighth Grade Magicians attack once when it was fully charged.

This meant that this attack wasnt weaker than an Eighth Grade Spell!

After thinking this through, Lesas didnt hesitate a bit as he twisted and turned twice in the air. After rolling on the ground a few times, he was back in the woods and hid behind a tree.

However, he quickly turned on the communication equipment in his armour and gave an order to the team.

“Brothers, everyone retreat on your own and find a chance to return to the base.”

After giving this order, Lesas didnt even look back as he dove deeper into the words without any hesitation.

The enemy was prepared with this ambush, not only having powerful Magic Cannons, but even more than one High Grade Magician. It was not something that a team that had been dispatched with only personal military magic machines could deal with.

In this urgent situation, it was how many could escape would escape.

The order of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards was that when they couldnt resist, they would try their best to preserve their strength as much as possible.

After all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards were equipped with many military magic machines and they had been trained for a long time, so each one had at least ten thousand gold coins invested in them.

Losing even a single guards was a heavy loss that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt accept.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards were made up of elites from different races. Although they had been hit with this powerful attack, with their own abilities and the powerful defenses of the Magic Armour, although they were in a bad situation, there werent many of them that had died.

After reacting to this situation, they followed Lesas order and quickly judged the situation before running off into the woods without any hesitation. After a while, they all disappeared into the woods without a trace.

After another explosion outside of the woods, it finally stopped.

As the light of the magic disappeared, a group of at least a thousand people who came surged into the woods to start searching, leaving only four people standing at the edge of the woods.

Under the flames, the appearances of these four people were revealed.

Two of them were Count Zidal and leader Uther who Lesas had been meeting with over the past few days.-

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