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The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards third team leader in the Drow Kingdom, the human soldier Lesas spat out on the ground in front of him. He turned to his adjutant, the elf soldier Floyd who was the vice team leader.

“Hey, Floyd, if we really did start fighting, how long do you think itll take us to take care of these idiots”

Floyd looked at the spit on the ground and knitted those slender brows that Lesas had always teased for being like that of a girls. He reached his foot out to kick dirt over it while looking at the camp that was around three hundred meters in front of them.

“If they arent prepared, one minute is enough. But if the other side is prepared and we face them head on…..the result would be hard to say.”

“Hard to say” Lesas suddenly raised his voice and pointed at the camp as he roared out, “What is hard to say about them Even if those pieces of trash dared to face us head on, we would destroy them!”

Floyd looked at the unhappy Lesas and then looked at the unmoving camp before giving a shrug.

“Team leader, dont waste your energy. It seems like the other side has received strict orders not to clash with us, so its useless to provoke them like this.”

Lesas expression changed a few times before he put down his hands and waved his hand in front of his face as he regained his calm.

“Tell me…..what are those Candra Empire fellows thinking Theyve sent these people all the way here, is it just to have them stare at us without doing a thing Are they really that bored”

Floyd rubbed his head as he had a bit of headache.

“Team leader, your habit of asking the obvious isnt good. Its clear that both our sides are waiting for the upper ranks to finish negotiating. Before they finish their negotiations, how could we as subordinates act rashly”

Lesas mumbled something before looking at the camp with the Candra Empire flag in front of him and knitting his brows.

Four days ago, he led his team of five hundred guards to Namco Mine. They had easily driven off the Drow Race hoodlums that had occupied the mines and had taken the mines back from them.

However, when they are preparing to rally in the mines, the Candra Empire had sent this team here.

When this team with the Candra Empire flag met with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce team led by Lesas, they had stated that they were a team that had come to investigate.

But this “investigation team” had two thousand fully armed soldiers. There were even some soldiers that were equipped with quite a few military magic machines.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been working with the Candra Empire for many years, so the Candra Empire had bought a large number of military magic machines to arm their army, the Candra Empire had over six hundred thousand soldiers, so it was impossible for them to arm their entire army by buying military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So in the Candra Empire, the ones that could have military magic machines were the elites of the Candra Empire. They werent a normal squad.

The Candra Empire had suddenly sent two thousand elites here. If this was just for a “normal investigation” as they stated, no one would believe it.

However, the day before Lesas team had arrived, he had already received the order from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce headquarters sent by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard camp in Drow City. The order had included the Candra Empires sudden statement, stating that the Candra Empire would send people to investigate and requested their cooperation.

In the order, although the high level members of the company had allowed the guards to act according to the circumstances, they had to try to avoid conflict with the Candra Empire as much as possible and not escalate the situation.

So although there had been friction between the two sides over the past few days, Lesas had always suppressed his subordinates and had them not conflict with the Candra Empire army.

However, Lesas anger kept building and he felt that the other camp was very piercing to the eye, feeling very unhappy.

It was a pity that it was as Floyd had said, the Candra Empire army clearly had their orders and had deliberately restrained themselves. So although there was friction between the sides, there wasnt any big conflict. Even if Lesas wanted to teach the other side a lesson, he couldnt do anything.

“Actually Ive been thinking over the past few days. Were just taking back this mine and teaching a lesson to the local Drow Race, so they wont dare to cause any more trouble. But why did this group of Candra Empire fellows come here Why are they suddenly cutting in” Lesas suddenly asked in a confused voice.

“I dont know.” Floyd gave a sigh, “Although Ive been researching the behaviour and form of your human society over the past few years, I still cant understand all the ideas of you humans. But I think…..based on the principle of you humans needing a goal to do something, the Candra Empire must have some kind of goal.”

“Nonsense.” Lesas looked at Floyd, “If they didnt have a goal at all, why would the Candra Empire send out two thousand people Do you really think that theyre that bored”

Then he knitted his brows, “But I just cant understand what benefits the Candra Empire would gain from this, could it be that they want a part of this mine But the Candra Empire is that big and they have so many mines, why would they fight our company for a small mine like this This just doesnt make sense……”

Floyd shook his head, “Team leader, you shouldnt think about this anymore. Dont you always say that we are just the guards of the company, we just need to follow orders and not think about anything else.”

Lesas knitted his brows to think for a bit before suddenly giving a clap and relaxing his facial expression.

“Youre right! This doesnt matter to me, what am I thinking about it for Whatever the upper ranks want us to do, we just need to do it. Speaking of this, what do they want us to do”

Floyd looked at him not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “The orders are to rally in the mine to guarantee the safety of the mine. We are to wait for other people sent by the company to reorganize the mine.”

“It isnt just this, theres also……”

“Team leader, your old problem is coming back again……” Floyd gave a helpless sigh, “Our other mission is to rescue the members of our company who have disappeared, but now…..”

Lesas raised a hand to cut him off and fixed his clothes before saying in an energetic voice, “Very good, well carry out that other mission now. Those colleagues of the company are still missing, we cant just stand here doing nothing. We should go and ask some witnesses to figure out the situation.”

Floyd reached a hand out, but he couldnt even catch the hem of Lesas clothes.

Seeing Lesas marching over towards the camp of the Candra Empire, Floyd didnt dare delay and waved his hand, calling for the twenty guards who had been following them to come along.

The people in the camp on the other side wearing the armour of the Candra Empire saw Lesas group coming over and they became nervous as they revealed vigilant looks.

“Stop! This is the Candra Empires military camp! No one is allowed in without permission!” A soldier shouted.

Lesas curled his lips in disdain and said in a loud voice, “Stop wasting words, go tell your leader Uther that Ive come to get people. Ill give you five minutes to hand them over, otherwise dont blame me for being impolite!”

“Impolite” An effeminate voice came from the Candra Empire camp. There was a middle aged man who wasnt wearing the armour of the Candra Empire, but rather the clothes of a normal noble that came out, “Team leader Lesas, how do you want to be impolite”

Lesas looked at him before turning to say in a cold voice, “Scram to the side! Im looking for leader Uther, not a girly fellow like you.”

The middle aged man was filled with rage as he pointed at Lesas and cursed.

“Who are you calling a girly You are only a trivial team leader of a companys guards, you dare make such impertinent comments to a noble lord count of the Candra Empire! Soldiers, take him down!”

The two soldiers at the entrance of the Candra Empire camp looked at each other with awkward looks on their faces.

Not to mention the strict orders they received to not conflict with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, even without the order, would the two of them dare to move against the twenty people in front of them.

Seeing that these two soldiers didnt react, the lord count angrily stomped his foot. He pointed at Lesas and was about to scold him, but he actually didnt dare say a thing.

Although he had only made contact with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards for three days, in these three days, this Count Zidal from the Candra Empires southeast province understood that this team leader from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards was rude and unreasonable. There was no talking to him and there was no use cursing him.

It was a good thing that there was a strong young man wearing the armour of a Candra Empire army officer that came to help Count Zidal.

“Lesas, what are you doing here” Leader Uther knitted his brows to look at Lesas and the male elf Floyd beside him who had a helpless smile on his face.

“Its nothing, I just suddenly thought of something. The orders from above said that you could interrogate these people first for three days. Now that three days have passed, shouldnt you hand them back to us” Lesas said.-

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