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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 78

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Wolfman Ottoman stood in the middle of the crowd, trying to hold his back up as tall as possible. He looked forward and tried as hard as he could to not look to the side, looking as spirited as possible.

The people around him were all holding the same posture, but compared to Ottoman, the other wolfmen were thinner than Ottoman and didnt seem as strong as him.

Because of this, Ottoman was very confident that he would be picked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, becoming one of the guards that everyone in his tribe envied!

“Hey, that fellow over there, what are you smiling at! Be more serious for me!” A roar came from the right hand side in front of him. Ottoman quickly hid his happy smile and forced himself to reveal a serious expression.

However, the wolfman face that didnt have as many facial muscles as humans naturally couldnt show many expressions. With his expression collapsing like this, it really looked a bit strange.

It was a good thing that the tigerman wearing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard uniform that had shouted out earlier didnt really care. His eyes had been sweeping over the beastmen as he shook his head in a disappointed manner.

“What is it Taiga, is there something wrong” The human miss Calimont who was the manager of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard recruitment who had come with the third squad leader Taiga looked at him with a curious look.

“These fellows are just too thin, I cant see a beastman warrior that can satisfy me at all.” Taiga gave a cold snort, “I really think that these fellows have been living a peaceful life for too long that theyve forgotten even the most basic things. They are losing face for our beastmen race.”

Miss Calimont looked at the beastmen who looked fierce and buff, with arms that were as thick as her waist. She thought that if she hadnt been working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a long time, having met beastmen quite a bit, her legs might have crumbled under her from seeing these beastmen.

However, this couldnt satisfy this leader Taiga. Wasnt his request for body figure just a bit too high

“Its not bad……” Miss Calimon forced out a smile, “Anyway, our company guards wont be fighting enemies at close range most of the time, so they just need to be a bit stronger than normal humans.”

“Un, that is right.” Taiga nodded, “I just cant help feeling emotional. The warriors of our beastman race used to have majestic physiques and any one of them could take care of ten of these fellows, but look at how weak they are now. It really does hurt my heart.”

Miss Calimont looked at Taiga and found that she couldnt see any special expressions from this tigermans face, so she gave up.

“Actually, you cant blame them. To build a good body, you have to have good living conditions. The beastmen recruited come from other parts of the continent, they arent from the Black Rice Wasteland, so their living conditions are much worse. Ive heard that its already good enough if they can eat their fill in their tribes, so for them to maintain their physiques is already quite hard.” Miss Calimont said.

“Humph! If it wasnt for sir chairman requesting that we expand our guards, I wouldnt have recruited these pieces of trash.” Taiga gave a very dissatisfied snort.

Miss Calimont shook her head with a bitter smile.

Indeed, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards were equipped with more and more high level military magic machines, causing the guards themselves to become physically weaker, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had never lowered their recruitment requirements, always having the same strict requirements.

After all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had only recruited the most elite elf, dwarf, and beastmen warriors. Any one of them could fight ten people alone and if this standard was lowered, people would think that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards had become weaker.

But because of sir chairmans strong request to expand the guards, the guards had to lower their standards and recruit from outside sources.

The beastmen in front of them were introduced by the beastmen that were already in the guards, so their physiques could be considered quite good among the beastmen of the continent.

But compared to the current beastmen guards, these beastmen were without a doubt much weaker.

There was no other way. Even if beastmen were physically gifted, being naturally stronger than humans, they had to be nurtured with food to develop a good physique.

The beastmen of the continent had already been pushed out of their living spaces by humans, so it was hard for them to get this food.

It could be said that other than the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland, the other beastmen of the continent could all be considered poor.

So when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards lowered their standards and started mass recruiting, these beastmen had come in droves even if they were very far away.

For these beastmen, if they could join the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, not only could they fill their stomachs, they could also receive good wages and benefits. It would let their family members back home live better lives.

This was something that had been spread to all the beastmen of the continent through the beastmen that worked in the various departments of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland, no beastmen doubted this.

Look, this mighty looking and powerful tigerman with smooth fur was proof of this.

“All of you listen!” Taiga took a step forward and raised his voice to roar out, “Kids, to have the chance to join our Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, it is your honour! But remember, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards don't take pieces of trash! If you want to join, show me all your skills!”

Hearing this, the beastmen under the stage called out together, raising their arms as they tried to show their might to Taiga.

“Silence!” Taiga roared out to stop them, “Ill tell you first that the most basic principle of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards is discipline! If you cant listen, then even if you can join, you can still be kicked out at any time! Understood”

The beastmen under the stage looked at each other before falling silent.

“Very good.” Taiga gave a satisfied nod, “Then listen to me. The test is about to begin. The first test is……ke……the intelligence test……”

“Ah” The beastmen under the stage were all stunned.

Intelligence test

What a joke!

Werent the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards mainly in charge of fighting Dont they need physical strength, wasnt martial might enough

What was this intelligence test for Could people who were stupid even come here

Seeing the confused looks of the beastmen from under the stage, Taiga gave a cough before he waved his hand, “Listen well, just follow the arrangements and enter your testing area. Remember, the number one requirement of our guards is discipline! Discipline! Understand Even when you take the test, you have to remember this! Do you hear me!”

The beastmen looked at each other. Although their hearts were filled with doubt, with the enticement of joining the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, there wasnt a beastmen that dared to raise an objection. They all obediently followed the Frestech Chamber of Commerces staff to the test site.

Seeing these beastmen all go into the exam, Taiga let out a sigh of relief before wiping off the sweat on his forehead. Then he turned to miss Calimont beside him with knitted brows and said, “Hey, miss Calimont, why do you think that the headquarters added this intelligence test We are recruiting guards, not researchers.”

“In fact…..Ive heard that sir chairman only wanted to hold a written exam at first, but since the other races arent that fluent with our human language, he changed it to an intelligence test.” Miss Calimont said.

“Why What did sir chairman add this test for Is there any meaning” Hearing that sir chairman was the one that added this test, Taiga didnt dare object, he could only keep asking questions.

“Leader Taiga, do you think…..that our companys guards will clash directly with the enemy Is there a high chance of close range combat” Miss Calimont asked.

“This…..it should be very little…..un, very little.” Taiga hesitantly replied.

“In light of the fact that our companys guards mainly fight with military magic machines, although the guards still need to have good physical qualities, the more important thing is how easily they can master the military magic machines. So conducting the most basic intelligence test is necessary. Otherwise if they cant use the military magic machines after being recruited, wouldnt they be at the lowest level among all the guards”

“Un…..that is a bit reasonable.” Taiga scratched his head before saying with a bitter smile, “Actually Ive had the same problem lately. The beastmen under me are all dumb, so when there is a new military magic machine, they need a long time to learn how to use it which is a headache for me. If you look at the elf and human guards, they can easily learn how to use it. Especially the dwarf guards, they can use it as soon as they touch it, which is completely different from us beastmen. If this continues, Im afraid that our beastmen race can only do the lowest level work in the guards in the future.”

Miss Calimont revealed a faint smile, “Leader Taiga, its good that you can recognize this. Sir chairman has always stressed that knowledge is power. Its fine if your intelligence is low, but as long as you work hard to learn, you can learn more and wont fall behind others. So…..he hopes that you and your beastmen subordinates can work harder to not be eliminated.”

Taiga was surprised, “Sir chairman said this”

Miss Calimon just smiled without replying.-

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