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This special party was Viscount Leslie.

Viscount Leslie had led the remainder of the Stagg Family to Heaven Island for over ten years now, so he had completely integrated the entire island under his control.

With the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Heaven Island had already developed a good magic machine industry. Moreover, because of Xu Yis suggestion, Viscount Leslie had mainly focused Heaven Islands development in the direction of building ships and fishing.

Now Heaven Island had four harbours and three shipyards. They would be able to produce at least five large transport Magic Ships and over twenty guard ships a year, which was the same production capacity as the shipyards in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base.

Most of the ships produced were supplied to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with a few being kept for Viscount Leslies personal use.

Then after equipping the ships with the military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, after several years of development, Viscount Leslie already had a huge fleet under him with eight large transport Magic Ships and twenty seven guard ships.

These eight large transport Magic Ships worked with other small transport Magic Ships to become a fleet with powerful shipping capacity. Not only did it allow trade between Heaven Island and the Sines Continent, it also received several shipping requests from several companies and countries on the continent.

The Leslie Chamber of Commerces marine transport, its reputation was just after the Frestech Transport Chamber of Commerces. Even the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hired the Leslie Chamber of Commerce to help with their transport sometimes.

It could be said that after Lesiely came to Heaven Island, he found a new world in which he could fully display his power, with space to expand his reach.

Moreover, he had done very well to manage Heaven Island.

Last year, Xu Yi had gone to Heaven Island on Leslies invitation and found that Heaven Island was completely different from the wasteland that it had been when he found it.

Although it was only an island that was no more than twenty square kilometers, Leslie had constructed a complete road network on the island, as well as creating a road along the coast that made transportation on the island much more convenient.

At the same time, he had also strictly divided the various parts of the island, separating the industrial and living sectors so that they wouldnt interfere with each other. All the buildings were built according to plan, looking very neat and beautiful.

He also invited several elves in the past to replant the vegetation on Heaven Island, which made the island look much more lush and green. No matter where you looked down from, the island looked very refreshing.

Xu Yi even felt that settling on Heaven Island was a type of enjoyment.

Moreover, according to the information that Leslie provided, not only did the citizens of Heaven Island solve their food and shelter problem, the average yearly salary had already surpassed a hundred gold coins. Everyone had plenty of food and was living a good life, it was simply a different world from what it was before.

Because of this, although Leslie and the Stagg Family he led had become the rulers, they were supported by the people of the island and had great fame.

When Xu Yi saw the situation on Heaven Island, he couldnt help feeling emotional. The life here really could match its name, it was simply like heaven.

The other reason why he felt emotional was that he had worked hard on the Sines Continent for twenty years and although he had made changes to the living conditions on the Sines Continent, like in the Stantine Duchy and the Lampuri Kingdom, what was truly like his ideal was the Heaven Island that had been developed later.

Of course, Heaven Island had a small area and population, so as long as they chose an industry to develop, it would be easier to see changes.

Moreover, because Heaven Island was too small, there were limits to its growth and it was very weak.

If they lost their superior ship building industry, Heaven Island might return to how it was before.

Xu Yi knew this and Leslie was even more clear on this.

So Leslie had always been trying to find other paths of development for Heaven Island. He had visited Xu Yi last month and requested him to share some of the military magic machine technology just for this.

Leslie wasnt willing to only make the Magic Ships for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so he had tried to develop a new Magic Ship and Magic Battleship independently.

Xu Yi approved of his idea very much, but as for how to support it……Xu Yi was hesitant.

It was clear that if Heaven Island could build Magic Ships independently, they would have a stable long term job which would mean that there was no need to worry about Heaven Island running out of money in the future.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could have a more powerful partner which would also increase their supply of Magic Ships in the future, greatly helping them in their future development of the Magic Cloud Continent.

But Xu Yi was worried that while Heaven Island was under Leslies control, they would be able to have a close cooperative relationship with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even being able to cooperate for a long time with them, if the situation were to change and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had some friction with Heaven Island, even breaking apart, this partner could become a powerful enemy.

Based on his personal feelings, Xu Yi was very happy to help Viscount Leslie, but when it came from the angle of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, treating Heaven Island as a contractor gave them more benefits.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became bigger, there were more and more difficult choices for him.

He could do what he wanted in the beginning, sharing technology and letting everyone develop together.

However, as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became bigger and bigger, developing to a super company that had over three hundred thousand employees, his decision could affect the fate of three hundred thousand people and he couldnt be willful anymore.

“Is there a way to let Heaven Island develop better while also not stepping on the benefits of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Xu Yi knitted his brows to think.

Actually, if Leslie was willing to accept continuing to be the Frestech Chamber of Commerces partner, helping the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with work, Heaven Island would prosper for a long time.

But Leslie had the ability and his ambition wasnt small, so he wasnt willing to accept this.

His request just now was clearly for a bigger goal.

He even said to Xu Yi that for this request, he would open all of Heaven Islands manpower and resources to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it could be seen how determined he was.

“But the resources of just a single Heaven Island, how could it be enough to compare to the important military magic machine technology”

Xu Yi thought for a bit and still felt conflicted.

If he agreed, it would be bad for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the long term.

But if he didnt agree, he would foster some dissent with Leslie that would also harm the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If he could grasp the difficult problem that was at the heart of this.

“Du, du, du.”

There was a rhythmic knocking that came from the door.

“Cindy, come in.” Xu Yi didnt even turn his head as he called out.

The door opened and Cindy came in. Seeing Xu Yi looking at the map on the wall, she revealed an understanding smile.

Sir chairman would look at this map when considering some important problems, so she wasnt surprised by this.

“How did it go What did those fellows at the logistics department say” Xu Yi suddenly asked.

“They said that since it was sir chairmans orders, they would strictly follow them.” Cindy said.

“Nothing else”

“Nothing else.”

“He, they know what to do. Its fine to complain or have your opinions, but things still have to be done, thats the iron creed of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi said this with a smile. Then he turned around and looked at the thick stack of documents in Cindys hands before saying in a surprised voice, “What is this”

Cindy gave the documents to Xu Yi.

“This is the report from the southern Magic Airship exploration team, please take a look, sir chairman.”

“Oh They sent back news this quickly”

Xu Yi took the documents and then he saw the large title on it.

“The southern continent has already been confirmed!”

Xu Yis eyes opened wide in shock as he kept reading through it carefully.

This southern Magic Airship exploration team was one of the few teams that were formed after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce confirmed the existence of the Magic Cloud Continent. They were in charge of exploring to the south of the Sines Continent.

In order to be efficient and safe, these teams had all been equipped with Magic Airships.

Although they couldnt keep sailing as long as the boats, with the abilities of the current Magic Airships, they could travel a distance of over five thousand kilometers in one trip.

If they couldnt find a new continent within five thousand kilometers, there was no meaning in going any further because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have the manpower and resources to develop another continent right now.

What surprised Xu Yi was that in less than two months of sending out these exploration groups, the first news report that they sent back had such important information.

In this report, the exploration team described the account of their exploration in the south.

In the first month, they followed Xu Yis arrangement. They kept going around the southern seas of the Sines Continent, trying to widen the range of their exploration as much as possible.

However, they had only seen endless sea water in the first month, as well as the scattering of small islands.

Although there were some islands that were quite big, it was far from being able to compare to a continent.

Only in their second month did they go three thousand kilometers away from the Sines Continent, finding a continent that they couldnt see the ends of.

After another week of exploration, they were certain that it was a continent and wasnt just an island that was rather big because they couldnt find another coastline even after flying for a week.

After confirming this, the exploration team sent back the report that detailed their journey up to this point.

They would continue exploring that continent and would write an even more detailed report.

Xu Yi noticed a few words on this report.

“We dont know whats going on, but this continent seems very hot, like its summer. After we landed the Magic Airship, we were all forced to wear light clothing. If the winter here is already this warm, then when summer comes,it will be hard to imagine. This might not be a place that humans can live in.”

Seeing this, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

The southern continent wasnt in winter right now, but rather it was in summer.

The reason the Sines Continent is in winter and that continent is in summer was very simple, it was because the continent was under the equator, so the seasons were the opposite of the Sines Continent that was north of the equator.

After he read this report, he also saw that there was a map that the exploration team had sent.

Xu Yi looked at the map and revealed a smile.

“Alright, I finally found a method.”-

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