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They were also by the shore, but the eastern shore of the Magic Cloud Continent gave people a different sea breeze compared to the one from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base.

Feeling the sea breeze bringing a chill to her clothes, Akali tightened her collar. She looked at the vast seas behind her and let out a sigh.

Without knowing it, she had already spent a year on this continent.

In the beginning, she thought that she would learn Dragon Word Magic as soon as possible so that she could make a breakthrough with the magic communication technology. That was why she had ignored Xu Yi and Evitas advice on not coming to this unknown continent.

Now that she had spent a year here, she was already starting to get used to living here.

Although this continent was far more backwards compared to the Sines Continent and life wasnt as comfortable as in the main base, because of the close relationship with the dragons, her understanding of the Dragon Word Magic had become much deeper and she had finally made gradual progress with her research.

The more important thing was that because this continent was backwards, she had the feeling like she was developing a new world. It allowed her to enjoy building the base here, enjoying the step by step progress.

Three days ago, the companys transport fleet arrived again with a large amount of resources, as well as a bunch of people. It also included the representatives from the other countries and other companies from the Sines Continent.

So Akali knew that sir chairman must have finally decided to roll up his sleeve and go all out on this continent.

According to Bannett who was leading the construction team for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base, sir chairman wanted to build this base in two years and make this base self sufficient in five years so that they could take root on this continent.

Akali knew how difficult it was to achieve this, the amount of resources and manpower required would be terrifying.

However, sir chairman had made this decision which meant that he was very confident in developing this new continent.

“Sir chairmans vision has always been accurate, so I believe there wont be a mistake this time.” Akali let out a sigh which congealed into mist in the ice cold air.

Thinking of Xu Yis face that she should be familiar with, but she couldnt see clearly anymore because they hadnt been together for a year, Akali revealed a bitter smile.

Actually, part of the reason she decided to come to this Magic Cloud Continent that was ten thousand kilometers away was to hide from Xu Yi.

Since she and Evita first met Xu Yi after being introduced to him by Still, it had almost been twenty years.

Not only was Xu Yi in his forties, even she and Evita were about to reach their forties.

During this time, there wasnt a lack of suitors for her and Evita, but the two of them were still alone.

Akali didnt know what Evita was thinking, but she knew that the reason she did this was all because of Xu Yi.

Xu Yi was the first man who moved her heart, but Xu Yi was already with Still since she had met him. To no surprise, they had gotten married and had a child, living a happy life now which made others envious.

Even if Xu Yi didnt just have Still as his wife, Akali wasnt willing to cut in now.

This was the pride that she had, she wouldnt let herself violate it.

However, if she stayed by Xu Yis side, it would be more and more painful for herself, so Akali chose to go away.

On this continent, although she would feel lonely because she missed her hometown, it was far enough from Xu Yi that it helped Akali with many problems.

Moreover, her work was meaningful and she liked it very much, so she was willing to throw herself into it.

So being here wasnt painful for Akali, it even made her very satisfied.

“If there is a chance, should I try to persuade Evita to have her come here as well” Akali had this thought as there was the sound of wings flapping that appeared above her.

Looking up, she saw a giant red dragon flying down and landing in front of her. It suddenly turned into a human girl and slowly moved to Akalis side.

“Hey, Akali, what are you in a daze for Ive been looking for you for a while now.” Cassandra asked in a direct manner.

If she had to mention one thing she gained from being here for a year, Akali would definitely choose “becoming friends with Cassandra”.

Actually, it was a very strange fate.

Akali had wanted to use Cassandra for her research, but she never thought that after being with Cassandra for a year, the relationship between the human and dragon gradually became better. They could definitely be considered truly good friends now.

There were many times where the relationship between Akali and Cassandra had become the tie between the Frestech Chamber of Commerces humans and Cassandras red dragon tribe.

“I was thinking of some things, I was also looking at the condition of tower number three.” Akali pointed at the magic signal tower that sat on the cliff by the coast, “Cassandra, we have to quickly come up with more floating magic signal devices as soon as possible. Our company will be building a base on the coast, but it has to be connected to the base on the island.”

“Thats no problem, Ive already selected some clansmen and have stepped up production.” Cassandra replied with a smile, “In order to see the later episodes of «Legend of the Louvre» as soon as possible, they are working very hard.”

Seeing the proud smile on Cassandras face, Akali couldnt help revealing a smile before giving a laugh.

“I really dont understand why you dragons are so interested in our human films. Theyre clearly stories about the matters between us humans.”

“But its very good to watch.” Cassandra blinked in a daze as she said with a face that seemed like this was natural, “Actually, its because the stories between you humans are good, if it were stories between us dragons……I think that it would be very boring and there wouldnt be anything to tell.”

Akali thought about it and gave up on this topic.

“Right, Cassandra, did that black dragon come”

“They came. I came looking for you because he contacted me.” Cassandra gave a nod.

“They came Where is he” Akali looked up at the sky before looking around, but she didnt find a trace of the black dragon.

“That fellow isnt willing to be seen by many humans, so he only permits you alone to see him.” Cassandra curled her lips, “I beat him up, but hes still not willing to change his thoughts. Theres no other way, I can only take you to see him.”

Akalis lips couldnt help twitching.

These two fellows should be fighting in dragon form. Thinking of how a dragon was punching another dragon to the ground, it really was strange.

“Alright, where is he Bring me to see him.”

Cassandras form changed and she turned back into dragon form, moving her head over to Akali as she said, “Get up.”

Akali jumped onto Cassandras broad back without any hesitation and then Cassandra flapped her wings before flying into the sky.

After around twenty minutes, Cassandra landed on one of the taller surrounding mountains.

Akali saw the black dragon standing on the peak who was the black dragon Leon that she had met before.

Seeing Akali jump down from Cassandras back, Leons wide dragon eyes suddenly became even wider.

“Cassandra, you…..youre actually letting a human ride on your back!”

Feeling the large plume of smoke that came from Leons giant nostrils, Akali took two steps back as she looked at him with a confused look.

Wasnt it just riding on Cassandras back while flying Why was this fellow making such a big deal out of it

This was something that she did quite often, what was strange about it

Cassandra first changed into human form and shouted at Leon, “Change into human form first before we talk! Dont you know how to respect others”

Akali almost broke out in laughter.

For a red dragon, being in dragon form was natural for them. Changing into other shapes was a skill that they mastered naturally, but they rarely used it.

After Cassandra had been contacting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, in order to communicate more efficiently, she would frequently change to human form.

But most of the time she was still in her dragon form.

As for the “respect” she mentioned…..for a naturally powerful dragon, this word should never be used on a human.

Leon was surprised by Cassandras words and only slowly came back to his senses after a while. He looked at Akali, but he still obediently changed to human form and changed into the young man form that Akali had seen before.

“Hey, Leon, hello.” Akali waved her hand at him, “Why did it take you so long to come back Did something happen along the way”

“Long time” Leon and Cassandra looked at Akali with surprised looks, “Is it a long time”

“Its not a long time” Akali was even more surprised, “Its already been half a year since Leon came back, right Could it be that it takes half a year to go to the region that you black dragons live in”

“Of course its not that far, I only used ten days to fly back and forth.” Leon waved his hand.

“Then why did it take you half a year to come back” Akali asked in a confused voice.

“This……” Leon scratched his head, looking a bit embarrassed, “Didnt you ask me to investigate the humans that live near our tribe I……Because its been several decades since I met those humans, I forgot where they were and spent a bit of time looking for them……”-

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