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“When it comes to the investigation of the Magic Cloud Continent, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is still in the middle of investigating, so we dont know everything about the Magic Cloud Continent.” Xu Yi faced all their gazes and calmly said, “But when it comes to the goblins, we do have some information and have made a judgement. Its that……they are a race that are almost impossible to exchange with.”


This conclusion surprised everyone.

“Almost impossible to exchange with” The Marlow Empire representative asked in a surprised voice, “Chairman Xu, what does this mean Do you mean that those goblins are hostile towards us”

This question was very important because based on the situation that elder Teland had revealed, the dominant race of the Magic Cloud Continent were the goblins. If these goblins had hostility towards outsiders and wouldnt cooperate, it would be a big barrier for their development plan of the Magic Cloud Continent.

“This isnt accurate, but you can understand it like this.” Xu Yi couldnt help giving a bitter laugh in his heart when he replied.

Based on the report the Frestech Chamber of Commerces exploration team had sent back, the goblin race that were dominant on the Magic Cloud Continent had a very primitive society. But because they were very strong and they had strong reproductive capabilities allowing their population to surpass any other race, they could be considered the most dominant race on the Magic Cloud Continent.

In fact, the elves and halflings of the Magic Cloud Continent were willing to risk sending their representatives to go to the Sines Continent that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was from ten thousand kilometers away because they wanted help from them. They wanted to attack the goblins that kept increasing their population and took living spaces from other races.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces exploration fleet had shown them a combat power that far surpassed their explanation, so they thought that they would be a very powerful helper.

Of course, whether it was halflings or the elves, they also had their worries. They were worried that by bringing outsiders to the Magic Cloud Continent, even if they suppressed the goblins, they might also push out the other races just like the goblins had been doing.

But the goblins were more threatening to them now, so they had no choice.

After arriving on the Sines Continent, the halflings gained some understanding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce through Lumi and the elves gained some understanding from their compatriots on the continent. They were certain that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other humans wouldnt be in a rush to kill other races like the goblins, so this was much better than their current conditions.

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry after explaining this.

On the Sines Continent, after the humans had taken control of the continent, they had taken away their living space and many races had been forced to flee through the endless seas.

On the other continent ten thousand kilometers away, these other races had also been pressured by another race and had faced the same result.

He really didnt know if he should feel sorry for these other races which included the elves and the halflings or find this situation funny.

The humans were a race that were filled with creativity and infinite potential to develop, so it was fine to say that the other races were surpassed by the humans. But according to the report from the exploration team, other than having strong reproductive capabilities and being good at gathering, the goblins had no other specialties and were still able to push out the other races.

It could only be said that the other races were a bit too useless……

But there were also humans on the Magic Cloud Continent and they were much weaker than the elves, the halflings, and the other native races. Xu Yi could only put this little bit of complaint deep in his heart.

“Then that means that if we go to the Magic Cloud Continent, it is very likely well clash with the goblins” After the room was silent for a bit, the Marlow Empire representative asked the question that everyone cared about the most.

“Thats right.” Xu Yi nodded as he admitted it, “In fact, the representatives of the Sansa Elf Tribe and the Chrome Halfling tribe have come here this time to ask for our help.”

All the representatives looked at the elf and the halfling before knitting their brows.

“Chairman Xu, with all due respect, if we must find someone to work against, why would we choose the goblins that dominate the Magic Cloud Continent and not the weaker halflings and elves Why do we need to take this risk in fighting the goblins”

Xu Yi nodded and motioned for the two Frestech Chamber of Commerce subordinates who were acting as translators to translate this for the elf and halfling. Then he faced the gazes of the Marlow Empire representative and the gazes of the other representatives.

“Everyone, Ive said it just now, the goblins are a race that we cannot exchange with. Do you understand what that means”

The representatives knitted their brows to think for a bit before the Marlow Empire representative asked, “You mean…..those goblins wont accept negotiating and cooperating at all”

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded, “Our companys exploration team has met six goblin tribes and have been directly attacked by these goblins each time. According to the reports that they have sent back, the goblins didnt give them any chance to make any exchange, so theres no need to mention cooperating.”


The representatives fell silent.

If what Xu Yi said was true, then this really was a difficult problem.

Normally speaking, since the goblins could dominate the Magic Cloud Continent, they could be considered an intelligent race and should have the foundation of exchanging with other races.

But based on what Xu Yi said, these goblins were maniacs that attacked on sight and wouldnt exchange with you at all, so this gave people headaches.

“Then chairman Xu, what do you think……How should we enter the Magic Cloud Continent under the threats of these vicious goblins and…..cooperate with these guests from the Magic Cloud Continent to develop the Magic Cloud Continent” The Candra Empire representative who had never spoken finally spoke up at this time.

“That is the reason why I called everyone here today.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has come up with a preliminary plan for now that is in your hands right now. If everyone is willing to cooperate with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop the Magic Cloud Continent together, then we can enter further discussions. If you feel that this is too dangerous or have some other considerations, so youve chosen to give up, I wont force you either. As for the specifics, please make a decision after reading the plan.”

The representatives lowered their heads to read the plan in their hands.

Most people had only read the beginning and then had their attention pulled in by the question the Marlow Empire representative had asked the elf and halfling from the Magic Cloud Continent, so no one had carefully read it.

After being reminded by Xu Yi, everyone immediately looked down to carefully read it.

Seeing that the room was silent, with only the rustling sound of pages being turned, Xu Yi gave a look to Cindy beside him before standing up to leave the room.

Outside the conference room, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces new CEO Glarus was waiting with a report in his hands.

Seeing Xu Yi come out, this ordinary looking middle aged man who seemed to be in his fifties came over.

“Sir chairman, what is the situation inside”

“Theyre all still hesitating.” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “As for how it will go, it depends on how many countries will be bold enough.”

Glarus revealed a smile of understanding.

“Sir chairman, there arent many people who are as bold as you. Not to mention that we are only a single company, but they have countries behind them, so they have more to worry about compared to us.”

“This is understandable. If it wasnt too hard to develop the Magic Cloud Continent just with our company alone, I could just do it without them. But right now…..its still better to find some helpers first. Right, since you are here, is the press conference over How did it go”

“With sir chairmans blessings, the press conference went very smoothly. Everyone was very excited about the guests that came from the new continent. I believe that in less than three days, this news will spread all over the continent.” Glarus replied.

“I dont just need everyone to know about it, I also want everyone to participate in it.” Xu Yi thought for a bit before continuing, “Glarus, starting today, we need to adjust the development plan of our company.”

Glarus expression immediately became serious, “Sir chairman, please give your orders.”

“The Sines Continent is the foundation of our company, so we cant relax here and everything needs to develop smoothly. But starting today, I want to separate a portion of our energy and resources into developing the new continent. I want to build a strong enough outpost on the new continent that can fend for itself in three years. When you go back, prepare everything so that we can accomplish this.”

“Alright.” Glarus said with a nod.

Xu Yi looked at Glarus and gave a satisfied nod.

Although this new Frestech Chamber of Commerce CEO wasnt as good as Kennard when it came to handling matters, he was very obedient and worked even harder, so he was a very good subordinate.

But of course he couldnt discuss the major projects like Kennard had done with Xu Yi. If it was Kennard, he would have asked Xu Yi why he requested for it to be finished in three years and would have a bunch of his own ideas which he would go into further details with Xu Yi.

It cant be said that this was bad or good, but Xu Yi had to go into further details with Kennard before, so he had to spend more energy with him.

Seeing that Xu Yi was silent, Glarus had been silently waiting on the side, not saying a thing.

After a while, Xu Yi came back from his thoughts and waved his hand.

“Alright, go and prepare the follow up work for the press conference.”

Glarus left after giving a salute and Xu Yi turned to face the conference room door again.

The representatives would learn his ideas through the plans he presented them, so what choices would the countries behind them make this time-

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