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For Xu Yi, whether it was finding the halflings or the elves on the Magic Cloud Continent, it was all expected and wasnt that strange.

After all, since Cassandras sudden appearance to now, a year had already passed. During this year, Xu Yi had kept receiving news on the Magic Cloud Continent from the exploration fleet, so he didnt find anything strange.

Moreover, the elves and the halflings sending their representatives to come back to the Sines Continent with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fleet was something that Xu Yi proposed, so naturally he wasnt surprised by their arrival at all.

But for the people of the Sines Continent who didnt know a thing, this was a completely different concept.

On October 11th of the year 3800, on this very peaceful day, there was a piece of news that quickly spread across the continent that attracted the attention of all humans, as well as other races.

The «Banta Times» headline announced that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be holding a press conference, revealing the situation they had discovered while exploring the new continent over the last year.

This wasnt considered much, what attracted everyones attention was that at the same time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce stated that there were guests from the Magic Cloud Continent who would be appearing at the press conference.

Around the same time last year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had announced the news of the new continent and the dragon race which had shocked the entire continent.

Now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was announcing that there was a guest from the Magic Cloud Continent, which shocked everyone even more.

If it was said that people had doubted the new continent before because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had never presented any evidence, now that there were guests that came from the Magic Cloud Continent, wasnt that considered the best proof

Three days later, on the morning of the 14th, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces press conference started in Frestech City.

This press conference had reporters from every newspaper on the continent and countless countries had sent their representatives.

Everyone wanted to see if the new continent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce spoek of existed and what the residents of that new continent looked like.

At ten in the morning, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces foreign affairs departments manager, miss Sorel announced the press conference was starting. When Lumi and ten other halflings came up to the press conference stage, the crowd became even more enthusiastic.

At the same time, in a conference room in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces general office that was ten kilometers away from the square the press conference was being held in, there was a different scene.

“Chairman Xu, I still cant believe it, are they really from the Magic Cloud Continent” The Sack Kingdoms magic machine industry departments chief Sacha knitted his brows as he looked at the dark skinned elf that was a bit different from the elves he was used to, along with the halfling sitting beside him as he asked this question in a voice filled with doubt.

Hearing this question, the invited representatives from the other countries sitting beside Sacha all looked at him with strange expressions.

This fellow, was he really questioning Xu Yi to his face

Did he forget how Xu Yi had already reacted to the questions of doubt before

As expected, Xu Yi looked at him and tapped on the table before raising his voice to say, “Ill repeat this again, the people invited this time are all potential partners for developing the new continent. If you have any doubts on this matter, please leave immediately. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce does not welcome any partners that are not sincere.”

Sachas expression immediately changed as he said with a smile, “No, no, no, chairman Xu, I didnt mean this. I was just curious, just curious……Un, it was just curiosity.”

After saying this, Sacha deliberately looked at the elf and halfling in front of him with an interested look, trying to reveal a smile that seemed as friendly as possible.

Seeing his appearance, the other representatives couldnt help revealing looks of disdain.

This fellow, everyone was clearly trying to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and no one dared to offend him. You dared to question him like this, this was clearly seeking death.

Even if he had admitted his mistake, there was most likely some ill will between Xu Yi and him, or rather the Sack Kingdom he represented.

Of course, because of the Lampuri Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yis relation with the Sack Kingdom had always been bad. It was already surprising enough that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invited a representative from the Sack Kingdom, but then he insulted them again.

“Does anyone else have any questions” Xu Yi suddenly gave a clap as he looked around himself.

Of course no one had questions.

“Very good, then lets get into the main topic.” Xu Yi turned to give a nod to Cindy.

Cindy and three Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff members were holding a bunch of papers that they passed out.

“This is the preliminary plan to develop the new continent that our company has made. Everyone can take a look first, you can just tell me if you have any opinions or suggestions.” Xu Yi said.

“Chairman Xu.” A representative didnt even look at the plan as he raised his hand.

Xu Yi looked at him and recognized that this was the representative from the Marlow Empire, so he asked with a smile, “Do you have a question”

“I…..Before reading this plan, can I ask a few questions to the other race friends from the Magic Cloud Continent” The Marlow Empire representative said.

“As you wish.”

Receiving Xu Yis approval, the Marlow Empires representative was a bit surprised. He turned to look at the elf and halfling in front of him as he carefully looked them over.

The elf and the halfling from the Magic Cloud Continent were also curiously sizing them up.

On the Magic Cloud Continent, humans were a race without a large population. It was so bad that there were only a few people in the elf and halfling race that had seen humans before.

After coming to the Sines Continent, they found that not only were there humans everywhere, the development of humans had far surpassed their imaginations which really opened their eyes.

They had accepted the Frestech Chamber of Commerces invitation to come to the Sines Continent mainly out of curiosity, but after seeing the prosperity of the Sines Continent, they couldnt help having other ideas.

Xu Yi proposing that they work together to develop the Magic Cloud Continent at this time really was what they wanted.

“The first question that I want to ask our guests.” The Marlow Empire representative thought for a bit before asking the first question, “Has your two races been living on the Magic Cloud Continent the entire time or did you migrate over from our Sines Continent”

Hearing this question, the representatives who were going through the plan put them down as they focused themselves to listen.

The elf and halfling representative from the Magic Cloud Continent confirmed the meaning of the Marlow Empire representatives question through Lumis translation, then after discussing it for a bit, it was Teland who answered.

“Ke……This human friend, as for the answer to this question, were not clear either because while the history of the Magic Cloud Continent is long, the recorded history is only five thousand years old. But because too few accounts have survived, we dont know that much about the history of five thousand years ago. But what I can confirm is that the ancestors of our halfling race did come from the Sines Continent more than two thousand years ago.”

“Thank you for your answer. Then what about the elf friends” The Marlow Empire representative asked, “Ive noticed that these elf friends……are a bit different from the elf race of our Sines Continent”

The elves from the Magic Cloud Continent when compared to the three elf tribes that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was closest to, had visibly darker skin, were much taller, and their ears werent as sharp. They also didnt believe in the Moon Goddess like the elves of the Sines Continent, so they didnt have the markings of the Moon Goddess on them like the elves of the Sines Continent. It confirmed that they did look different.

But as for this question, when they had just arrived on the Sines Continent, they had already answered it when meeting elder Illusia and elder Lisanya. To answer it now was quite easy for them.

“Elves already existed on the Magic Cloud Continent before. Of course, there were elves from other continents that came over, so the elf race is divided into different tribes on the Magic Cloud Continent. As for our tribe, based on the history that weve inherited, we should be locals of the Magic Cloud Continent.”

“Theres this distinction” The other representatives were surprised.

The Marlow Empire representative thought for a bit before asking, “Ive heard that there are humans on the Magic Cloud Continent as well. Then did humans exist on the Magic Cloud Continent before or did they migrate over at some unknown time from our Sines Continent”

“Im sorry.” The elf that replied shook their head, “We rarely contact humans on the Magic Cloud Continent, so we cant answer this question.”

The various representatives looked at each other.

Based on this information, it seemed like the influence of humans on the Magic Cloud Continent was very weak and was nothing to worry about.

This was a very good condition for them entering the new continent and seizing the resources and market of this new continent.

“Alright, thank you for your answer. I want to ask a second question now.” The Marlow Empires representative then asked, “On your Magic Cloud Continent, which race is the dominant race Is it the elves or the halflings”

Hearing this question, the elf and halfling on the other side revealed awkward looks.

After a while, Teland said with a bitter laugh, “The dominant race on the Magic Cloud Continent isnt their elves or our halflings. The dominant race should be the goblins…..”

“Goblins” The representatives were all surprised as they turned to look at Xu Yi.

There wasnt this information in the information that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave them before.-

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