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Ten minutes later, there were a row of shadows that appeared on the horizon.

“They're here.”

Xu Yi and the two elders stood up, moving to the harbour to calmly wait.

After another ten minutes, the steel fleet had slowly pulled into the harbour from the western seas.

When the first large transport Magic Ship docked at the harbour, there was a small figure that jumped out and landed in front of Xu Yi.

“Sir chairman, Im back!”

Xu Yi gave a laugh before squatting down to be in the line of sight of the other side.

“Hey, Lumi, should I congratulate you first on finding your clansmen”

Lumis eyes turned into crescents from her smiling and she gave a strong nod.

“Un!  Sir chairman, I really have to thank you!  I never thought that there would be a day when I would finally meet my clansmen!”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile before looking up at the deck of the large transport Magic Ship.

“Then where are your clansmen  Have they arrived”

“Ill go call them down.”  Lumi waved her hand and flew back onto the ship.

Xu Yi stood up and watched the flying Lumi with a smile, as he truly felt happy for Lumi in his heart.

Since she had been left behind by her race, Lumi had been living alone on the Sines Continent as the sole halfling, so one could imagine just how lonely and sad she felt.

Now that she had finally reached the new continent with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces open sea exploration fleet, even finding the existence of the halflings on the new continent, one could imagine how much joy she felt.

When Xu Yi received this news from the Magic Cloud Continent two months ago that the exploration team had found the halflings on the Magic Cloud Continent, Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

After all, the halflings leaving the Sines Continent and going to the new continent was only a legend.  No one was certain that the new continent existed and no one was certain that the halflings had survived their trip there.

So although Lumi had insisted on going with the exploration fleet because of the rumours left by her tribe, even after finding the Magic Cloud Continent, Xu Yi didnt have that much hope.

He never thought that they would really find the other halflings.  It had let Lumi accomplish the hope of finding her race that she had held in her heart for several hundred years, it also made Xu Yi very happy.

From a personal perspective, Xu Yi had talked to Lumi about magic research and the history of the halflings many times.  He liked this cute halfling girl who was like a little human girl on the outside with a bright and open personality.

From a business perspective, every member of the halfling race was a master of magic.  They had formed their own system of magic theory, while also being especially fond of magic machine research.

Just Lumi alone had helped the Frestech Chamber of Commerce quite a bit and now that they had found a bunch of halflings, if they could take them all in and have them work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would greatly increase their magic machine research power.

So no matter how one looked at it, Xu Yi was very happy with this result.

Of course, in addition to Lumi and the halflings that she found on the Magic Cloud Continent, the main guests of this fleet were the widespread elves of the Magic Cloud Continent.

After waiting for a bit, the large transport Magic Ships entered the harbour.  There was a group of elves that had similar appearances to the elves of the Sines Continent, but with slight differences that followed behind the sailors of the ship.

When elder Illusia and elder Lisanya beside Xu Yi saw these elves, they were stunned before going over to greet them.

However, it wasnt like what Xu Yi imagined.  The two sides were like close acquaintances when they met, looking very calm as they greeted each other.  After making sure that they could communicate, they were very friendly as they talked to each other.

Xu Yi had known the elves for a long time and knew of the personality of elves.  They wanted themselves to look calm, noble, and graceful whenever they could, not letting themselves show the slightest bit of panic.

This kind of personality wasnt good or bad, but Xu Yi was never used to it.  So he left elder Illusia and elder Lisanya to talk to the elves that came from the Magic Cloud Continent.  He turned to the halflings that followed behind the elves that looked like a bunch of human children.

Different from the calm elves, these halflings started making noise before they even came off the deck.  If it wasnt someone who knew the situation, they would have thought that it was a bunch of restless human children.

When they came off the deck and stepped onto the harbour, they began making even more noise.

Some halflings directly flew into the air, flying all around, looking like they were discovering a new world.

“Sir chairman, this is the representative of my clansmen, you can call him Teland.”  Lumi brought over a halfling that was the same height as a human child, but had a white beard that reached his calves, with facial features that were like a human old man.

Seeing Xu Yi look over, the old halfling named Teland gave a slight bow before saying with a wheezing voice, “Dear human leader, hello, I am Teland.  Because Im the oldest, I have been elected by my clansmen as the representative.  If you have anything you want to say to us, you can just come look for me.”

Xu Yi nodded, thinking that these halflings didnt seem as unreliable as their appearances, even knowing to select a representative to negotiate on their behalf.

“Hello, elder Teland, I am Xu Yi.  I believe that Lumi has already introduced me on the way.”

“Yes, Lumi said that you are the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman and I also know that your company produces something called magic machines”  Teland looked over Xu Yi and his small eyes covered by his facial hair revealed a curious glow, “Ive already experienced several of the magic machines produced by your company from your exploration team.  I must admit that they really have amazing effects.”

“Many thanks for your praise.”  Xu Yi said with a smile, “But elder Teland, your halfling race has a long history of researching magic machines and magic tools, I think that you will have your own unique understanding about these things.  If we can work together on researching this, it will definitely help both our sides.”

Teland gave a laugh, “It seems like you humans are still the same.  Relax, Lumi and the people of your company have already told us everything on the way.  I know what you want to obtain from us, but dont you think that its a bit too early”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Of course.  I invited you here through Lumi this time to let you make your inspection first.  As for whether you want to help us or work with our company, that can be discussed later, right”

Teland looked at Xu Yi with a surprised look.

“You are quite frank for a human, youre different from the other humans Ive seen before.”

Xu Yi immediately understood the main point of his words.

“Elder Teland, you mean that youve seen other humans before  That means that humans exist on the Magic Cloud Continent  Are there many humans on the Magic Cloud Continent”

“I dont know.”  Teland shook his head, “The last time I saw you humans was already a hundred years ago.  The humans are already scarce enough on the Magic Cloud Continent, Im not clear on how they are now.”

“Is that so”  Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces exploration team had already gone a thousand kilometers inland from the Magic Cloud Continents west coast.  Other than finding the halflings and the elves, they also found the most common goblins and even the rarest lizardmen, but they had never met a single human.

However, whether it was from the dragons, the halflings, or the elves, they all said that humans existed on the Magic Cloud Continent, but they didnt occupy a large part of the Magic Cloud Continent.

This discovery made Xu Yis plan of contacting the human kingdoms on the new continent and then seizing the human market first impossible.

The humans had no controlling power on the Magic Cloud Continent, so how could the Frestech Chamber of Commerce discuss how to develop the Magic Cloud Continent with the human kingdoms

After thinking about it, Xu Yi quickly revealed another smile and asked another question.

“Elder Teland, my subordinates should have mentioned to you and your clansmen.  Your arrival from the Magic Cloud Continent this time, our company wants to announce this and let the entire Sines Continent know about you.  The answer that you gave before was that you needed some time to think about this, but now I want to ask you for your answer.”

Teland stroked his long beard as he fell into deep thought.

After a while, he gave a slow nod and said with a sigh, “Well follow your idea and publish this news.  Our halfling race does not need to hide and we also want to know how many of our clansmen exist on this continent.  Lumi was never willing to believe that she was the only one left and I dont believe it either.  Perhaps with the power of you humans, we will be able to confirm this.”

Xu Yi looked at Lumi on the side and seeing her give a strong nod, he couldnt help giving a sigh in his heart.

Actually, in order to investigate if there were other halflings on the Sines Continent, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been announcing the news of Lumi over the past few years.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces growing fame on the continent, this news had spread all over the human world and should have reached the ears of the other races on the Sines Continent.

However, after all these years, there had never been a second halfling that appeared.  Even if there were news about halflings from time to time, they had confirmed that it was all fake news in the end.

It could be seen that Lumi being the only halfling on the Sines Continent was the only explanation.

Lumi and Teland, this halfling from the Magic Cloud Continent didnt give up hope, but Xu Yi was certain that the result that they would obtain was not the result that they wanted.-

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