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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 62 - Work Experience

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Even for a normal household, for their meagre family property, they would need to train a talented person to take over.

For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that had become a first class company on the Sines Continent, with assets in the billions and yearly profits in the hundred millions, a leader was the most important thing and naming a successor was just as important.

So even if Xu Yi was only just forty years old and could live several more decades if there werent any accidents, the topic of his successor had already been raised in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If this was earth and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a company, the successor would be trained from the interior and would be determined based on their abilities.

But on the Sines Continent, in this half feudal half slave society, the person that could take over for Xu Yi in the eyes of others was naturally his child.

Because the Sines Continent didnt have the same bias against women as on earth and Xu Yi had already named Freya his successor when she had been born, everyone had thought that Freya would be the successor to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But although Xu Yi had determined that she would be the successor to his family property, he had never named her the successor of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because Xu Yi always felt that family property was his personal property and it wasnt a problem for him to determine his successor.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was different.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was this big now and it wasnt just Xu Yis matter alone. It connected to countless things and determined many important matters for countless countries.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was this important, the leader should have enough abilities to lead the Frestech Chamber of Commerce down the right path.

Freya had the right to inherit this, but Xu Yi was never certain if she had the abilities to do so.

Then again, Xu Yi never wanted his child to follow the path that he set for them, he always wanted his daughter to choose her own path.

So although he didnt spare any effort when it came to educating Freya, he had always let her study what she wanted and had never forced her to study business management or other things that would be needed to run a company.

Still had opposed Xu Yi doing this a bit, but Xu Yi didnt budge. He let Freya do whatever she wanted, so she couldnt do anything.

With this educational method, Freya had been like many other children, being interested in many different things and went to learn about them. However, the only thing that she kept doing was studying magic.

Of course, Freya was talented in magic and adding in the new data analysis method that Xu Yi created, Freyas ability to study magic far surpassed all other magicians. She was only fourteen years old and was already a Sixth Grade Magician which was considered very shocking.

But other than magic, Freyas interests had never lasted that long. So when she announced to Xu Yi that she wanted to be the chairman after growing up, Xu Yi didnt care that much and felt that she just had this sudden impulse after seeing Still.

But the facts proved that Xu Yi had been wrong about Freyas determination.

After declaring thatshe wanted to be the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Freya had completely invested herself into learning various topics about managing the company that she didnt like to study before. She was in high spirits when facing this large amount of boring data and didnt seem impatient at all.

Seeing that she had lasted three months like this without giving up, Xu Yi was finally certain that she might be serious this time.

Since Freya was serious, Xu Yi put aside the thoughts of just watching the fun and began to seriously plan for her.

After three months of learning theory, Xu Yi gave Freya a goal. He wanted her to learn about the framework of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before growing up, so he wanted her to experience all kinds of jobs under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

To put it in other words, since she wanted to be the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, she had to understand the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So…..she needed work experience.

After considering it, Freya had decided that her first work experience would be at a factory under the Frestech Household Magic Machine Chamber of Commerce! She was running off to become a normal assembly line worker!

“Freya, are you…..certain that you want to do this” Still looked at Freya who had already changed into the uniform of a normal worker with a look of worry, “Even if you want to get work experience, theres no need to be a worker, right I think that its better if you go to the magic research facility for some time. Anyway, youre already at the level that a researcher should be at and then again, technology is the core of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so its best if you go there. Dont you think so, Xu Yi”

Seeing Still looking at him for help, Xu Yi revealed a smile before shaking his head.

“We should respect Freyas choice, but……” Xu Yi looked at Freya and his expression became serious, “Freya, I have to remind you again that this is work experience and youre not going to play. The work of a normal worker is much harder than you can imagine and if youre not prepared, you will definitely suffer.”

Freya gave a laugh and then gave a strong nod, “Relax, dad, I want to see what the workers working in the factory are like. I admit that that environment isnt easy, but I will definitely endure it!”

“Alright, Ill remind you again that when youre working at this factory, dont count on any help from us. There will be no preferential treatment in the factory, your mother and I wont give you a single copper coin either. This means that you have to take care of your own living expenses and you have to depend on your wage from the factory, understood”

“Understood!” Freya loudly said as she didnt show any fear on her face.

Xu Yi shook his head.

Although Freya was confident, she had never suffered before, so she could never imagine what kind of troubles she would encounter.

Whether she could endure them or not when the time came, Xu Yi wasnt certain.

“Freya, you……” Still opened her mouth and wanted to say a few things, but after looking at Xu Yi, she swallowed them back, “.....Take care of yourself.”

Freya gave a giggle and hooked Stills arm. She also rubbed her face against Stills and then said with a naughty smile, “Mom, you dont need to worry about me. Im almost fifteen, Im not a child anymore. Look, Im almost taller than you.”

Still patted the hand Freya used to compare the two of them and softly reprimanded, “Well talk once you really grow up.”

She gave a sigh after saying this, “Forget it, since this is your own choice, then I will be the same as your dad and respect your wishes. Go, if you can really do this, then you really are sensible.”

Still and Freya talked for a bit before finally unwillingly separating from each other.

Before leaving, Xu Yi took out a small hair tie.

“This is a magic item that elder Lisanya specially made for you. It contains an Illusion Spell and can change your appearance.”

“Its such a fun thing” Freya was curious as she tied it to her hair. She followed Xu Yis instructions to inject magic into it and with a faint light blue glow, Xu Yi and Still noticed that Freyas appearance had changed slightly.

After half a minute, Freyas appearance finally stopped changing.

Still took a look and couldnt help knitting her brows.

“Isnt this…..a bit too ordinary”

Freya, who was standing in front of them, had a very ordinary appearance. No matter how one looked at her, she would be a normal young girl when thrown into a crowd. She didnt have the same beauty and aura that she had when she had her original appearance.

“Its good to be normal. If she goes to the factory with her normal appearance, even putting aside her status, her appearance would cause unnecessary problems for her.” Xu Yi said.

Freya didnt care at all when she saw her appearance. After looking at her face with interest in the mirror for a bit, her expression became excited.

After asking about what she needed to take care of when using this, Freya waved her hand to bid farewell to the two of them.

For the next while, she would act as a young girl who came from the Lampuri Kingdom to the Stantine Duchy to find work. She would enter a factory under the Frestech Household Magic Machine Chamber of Commerce to work on simple assembly, working there for three months to half a year.

It was impossible for this work to increase her magic level or her level of management, so she couldnt stay there for too long.

But Xu Yi and Freya both firmly believed that this work experience would give her rich life experience that would help her later growth.

What made Xu Yi the most happy was that this was a request from Freya, so it could be seen that she had seriously considered this matter.

If she had this same attitude in the future and kept improving herself, then she might have the ability to take over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the future.

But for Still, she still had many questions about this matter.

“Xu Yi, why did you agree with Freya Didnt you always hope that she and the other children could have a happy childhood”

Xu Yi watched Freya leaving and gave a sigh.

“Its because……Kennard is about to leave……”-

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