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It was the 7th of May and whether it was the Stantine Duchy or the Sines Continent, it wasnt a special day because there wasnt a holiday on this day or any special events, it was no different from a normal day.

But for Xu Yi, this was a day that was somewhat special.

Because……It was the day that he had transmigrated to this world.

Moreover, this years May 7 was the twentieth anniversary of the day he came to this world.

Remembering this day from ten years ago, it was after Xu Yi had been in this world for ten years. He had gone to a quiet place by himself to calm himself down while using that time to remember his memories of earth.

On the day of the twentieth anniversary, he didnt have much to recall.

After being in this world for so long, when he thought of his time on earth, other than missing his relatives, he didnt feel any pain or emotions at all.

The current him was a person that completely belonged to the Sines Continent. His family, his business, and his ideals were here.

Every so often he would feel that compared to being an ordinary researcher on earth living a stable life, after coming to this world and working hard to build a complete industrial system in this world gave him more of a sense of achievement.

Look, if you walked on the street now, you could find Magic Cars racing down the road, which had greatly changed the method of transportation for the people of this world.

By the roads, there were giant buildings that were more than ten stories tall. With rooms that were filled with household magic machines, it had changed the way that people lived in this world.

The people in the streets were filled with happiness and health, which was clearly an increase in their diets.

Even their clothing became more colourful and diverse. It was completely different from the grey clothes that they wore when Xu Yi first came to this world.

It could be seen that these people had also had a great change in terms of clothing.

Clothes, food, shelter, and transportation, the four basic needs of humanity, have greatly improved over the years.

What created these improvements was without a doubt the magic machine industry that Xu Yi drove.

At the very least, in the Stantine Duchy and the southwest countries, people would only have praise. They thanked the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for greatly increasing their lives.

Xu Yi was very satisfied, so he decided that this was a special day and he would stop his forward momentum for today.

“Dad, look, its mom!” Freya pointed to the right as she shouted loudly.

Xu Yi followed where Freya was pointing and saw a giant illusion that was broadcasting Stills image.

“Un, its mom. Freya, let me test you, do you know where mom is right now”

Freya tapped her chin while tilting her head to think before suddenly giving a loud clap.

“I know! Mom went to the Lampuri Kingdom three days ago and she had aunt Seveni with her, so she must be in Anvilmar City right now, right”

“Right, your thinking is quite good.” Xu Yi praised her with a smile. He looked up at Still in the illusion who was reading a statement.

Still had gone to the Lampuri Kingdom three days ago. She went to the Lampuri Kingdom this time to discuss increasing the coverage of the Magic Illusion Projectors in the Lampuri Kingdom, working hard to cover not only all the cities, but also all the villages with Magic Illusion Projectors.

From her statement with Seveni, it seemed like her discussion with the Lampuri Kingdom had gone very smoothly.

Of course, all the Magic Illusion Projectors in the Lampuri Kingdoms major cities received unanimous good evaluations. Now that the New Moon Chamber of Commerce was willing to increase their coverage, the Lampuri Kingdom naturally didnt have a reason to reject this.

After all, this thing could increase the entertainment of the citizens while also allowing the Lampuri Kingdom to announce new policies to the people through regularly timed «Weekly News Report». This was much more efficient than sending out official documents and having the various City Lord Manors announce them to the citizens.

According to what Still said before she left, because the Magic Illusion Projectors the New Moon Chamber of Commerce installed showed their tremendous uses, not only the Lampuri Kingdom, there were many other countries that wanted to discuss cooperation with the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.

Even the two empires had sent olive branches to the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, warmly welcoming them to invest in the two empires.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerce had been welcomed by the countries because other than the Magic Illusion Projector making it easy to make announcements, the most important reason was that the countries didnt need to do anything. The New Moon Chamber of Commerce took care of everything when installing Magic Illusion Projectors, so there was no need for additional investments.

This seemed silly to many people because even putting aside the large expenditure needed to install the Magic Illusion Projectors, it required quite a bit of money to manage and operate the Magic Illusion Projectors in each city.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerce doing this seemed like they were just throwing away money.

There were even people who guessed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce supported the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, otherwise it was impossible for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to invest this much alone.

As the New Moon Chamber of Commerce became bigger and bigger, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could only throw more money into this bottomless hole.

But there was no other way. Who told the New Moon Chamber of Commerces chairman miss Still to be the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yis most beloved wife.

However, Xu Yi was clear that these people were all wrong.

In terms of investment, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce not only not lost money, but rather earned quite a bit.

For most people, a companys method of earning money was just earning profits from selling products.

For the New Moon Chamber of Commerces method of only investing manpower and not taking any income, it seemed like they were burning money.

But they didnt know that the New Moon Chamber of Commerce did sell products, which were the various Magic Illusion Film Discs.

As the New Moon Chamber of Commerce made more and more Magic Illusion Films, their income kept increasing along with their production costs.

According to Still, during last year, the New Moon Chamber of Commerces income from this had already surpassed seven hundred thousand gold coins.

Although this number didnt seem big, the income from this was very stable. Moreover, as the Magic Illusion Projector became more and more popular, its prospects would also become better which made it a good source of income.

Moreover, this was only a small part of the New Moon Chamber of Commerces income. Actually during last year, all of the New Moon Chamber of Commerces income added up to a total of eight million and seven hundred thousand gold coins.

Although this was far from being able to compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces terrifying profit of one hundred and forty million from last year, one couldnt say that this was a failing business no matter how they looked at it.

Among these eight million and seven hundred thousand gold coins, the biggest revenue earner was the advertising income.

Thats right, it was advertising.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerces large Magic Illusion Projectors would broadcast an illusion film each night at a set time, but apart from this, it wasnt idle as it kept showing different advertisements.

These advertisements were short films produced by the New Moon Chamber of Commerce at the requests of companies, organizations, or special individuals. Because it was quite interesting to watch, the advertising effects were quite good.

When the New Moon Chamber of Commerce revealed this advertising service, only Xu Yi had requested several advertisements from the New Moon Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He paid three hundred thousand gold coins to the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to advertise the products of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When the other companies noticed the great effectiveness of this advertisement, they all copied them.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerce had already signed seventy six advertising contracts and covered every industry.

Through these advertisements, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce earned a profit of six million one hundred and seventy thousand gold coins last year.

Now that Still had signed this new contract with the Lampuri Kingdom and the New Moon Chamber of Commerce would be installing more large Magic Illusion Projectors, they would increase their income even more.

Xu Yi believed that when the New Moon Chamber of Commerce installed a large Magic Illusion Projector in each city on the Sines Continent, just their advertising revenue each year would be shocking.

“Dad, mom is so beautiful!” Freya suddenly praised Still as she looked at the illusion film.

Xu Yi gave a laugh before patting her head, “Of course, she is your mom. But Freya isnt bad either, youre also very beautiful.”

Freya seriously shook her head, “No, dad, I only look good right now, Im not beautiful.”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Why do you say that you look good and not beautiful Doesnt it mean the same”

“Of course not.” Freya shook her head again. There were several strands of dark brown hair that danced in the wind as she shook her head, making her look even more vibrant.

She was already fourteen years old, she had finished growing last year and had turned into a big girl.

With the genes she inherited from Still, Freya could be considered a little beauty from any angle and she would definitely turn all heads when she walked down the street.

However, she said that she only looked good and not beautiful which really was strange.

“Then tell me, how is it different” Xu Yi asked back as he found it a bit funny.

“Un……” Freya tilted her head to think, “Mom is beautiful because……because her qualities are good. Un, its all about qualities. Dad, look, mom seems confident and charming with just a single look, people definitely cant help but listen to her, dont you think”

“Is that so” Xu Yi looked at Still in the Magic Illusion and didnt find anything special.

Perhaps it was because he and Still were an old couple and couldnt be more familiar with each other, so there weren't any special feelings anymore.

It was because Freya had become a sensible girl that she was sensitive in this matter.

“I understand why!” Freya suddenly gave a clap as she revealed a look of understanding, “Dad, mom looks this beautiful…..Oh, no, she has this making because shes the chairman! So, dad, I also want to be the chairman!”

“Ah” Xu Yi looked at Freya in a daze as if he couldnt understand what was in her head, “Why did you suddenly have this idea”

“Because Ive wanted to be the chairman since I was young.” Freya said in a natural manner, “Dad, I felt that you were imposing since I was young and now seeing mom like this, Ive decided that I want to be the chairman! Dad, didnt you ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up Ive decided now! I want to succeed you, I want to become the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman!”

Xu Yis expression became very strange.

He had asked Freya about this many times before and she gave a different answer every time.

However, he didnt ask today and Freya suddenly had this kind of answer.

He hoped that this wasnt just an impulse that she had……-

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