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Compared to the hard work that Akalis group was putting in to build the new magic communication network on the Magic Cloud Continent, it was much better on the Sines Continent.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had finished building their magic communication network in the Stantine Duchy, after ten years of development, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic communication network not only covered every inch of land in the southwest countries, but also most of the other countries were connected to the network.

After realizing the potential of remote real time communication, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Communicator and portable Magic Communicator that people didnt care about before suddenly started to sell well.

Because of the flaws of the current magic communication network, Xu Yi didnt plan on letting normal people use this thing, so he had set the prices of the Magic Communicators very high.

The price of setting up the receiver cost one hundred and thirty gold coins, while the Magic Communicator itself sold for eighty gold coins each. It was far from something that normal people could afford.

But that didnt stop the big merchants and the nobles who always cared about their image from buying them.

Before April even came, the receiver had sold eighty four thousand units while the Magic Communicator had sold fifty six thousand units.

Just with these two products, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned fifteen million gold coins in sales.

Then adding in the fact that these two products were still in their period of high profit margins, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned a shocking twelve million from them.

Compared to the household magic machines that had lower profit margins, these products related to the magic communication network had high profit margins, broad prospects, and near infinite potential.

So the Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce in charge of these two products were filled with energy that they put into producing these two products.

In early April, the Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce had signed contracts with the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire at the same time.

According to the contract, the Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce would work with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, helping these two large empires develop the magic communication networks in their borders.

According to estimates, it would take five years to finish the first phase.

The goal of the first phase was to guarantee that all the major cities of the two empires would be connected by the magic communication network, making it easier for the two empires to communicate within themselves.

At the same time, according to the appraisal given by the Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, it would take three thousand six hundred to three thousand eight hundred magic signal towers in the Candra Empire and around three thousand magic signal towers in the Marlow Empire for the first phase.

Then when it came to maintenance and other expenses, the total investment of the first phase would be over three hundred million gold coins.

This was without a doubt a giant project and even with the finances of the Candra Empire and Marlow Empire, it would be very hard for them to pay for it alone.

So the Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce signed another contract with the two empires. There would be a communication management department opened up for these two empires which would control the communication network in these two countries.

In this department, the Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce didnt have any management rights, but they had operational rights.

This meant that the main things would be decided by the two empires, but the specific operations of the magic communication network in the two empires would be controlled by the Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, if there was a profit earned from operating the magic communication network, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would receive a share.

To put it in more common terms, the two empires were contracting the magic communication networks in their countries to the Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce. They had the right to manage it, but all other aspects would be given to the Frestech Communication Chamber of Commerce and they wouldnt interfere.

From another angle, this contract meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had truly entered the two empires.

This was very important for Xu Yi.

The other people of the continent didnt understand the hidden value of this contract, but he was clear that communication technology would develop in the future and it couldnt be stopped as it swept over the continent.

If the communication network of this world could reach the same level as earths, he believed that in his lifetime, he would be able to see a Magic Communicator in everyones hands.

Of course, before this, he had to solve a very important issue.


“Sir chairman, look, this is the multi thread magic synchronization research that Arch Magus Camilla contributed last year.” Sancheli held a metal disc in his hand that didnt have a normal shape, placing it in front of Xu Yi like it was a treasure.

Xu Yi was curious as he took it and after looking at it for a bit, he asked, “What is the specific function of this thing”

Sancheli gave a laugh before pointing at the metal plate, “Sir chairman, you can try injecting some magic.”

Xu Yi paused for a bit before activating his magic, sending a wisp of it into the metal disc.

As soon as the magic went in, there was a light blue glow that came from the metal disc. Then there was a faint wind that came from the disc that quickly turned into a small cyclone.

“Did you put the Whirlwind Spell in this” Xu Yi asked Sancheli in a confused voice, “If its just this simple thing, why would you bring it all the way here to show me”

“Of course its not that simple.” Sancheli raised his hand with a smile and stretched out a finger to tap the magic disc.

Xu Yi felt a different source of magic power enter the metal disc and he couldnt help slightly knitting his brows.

If the magic power of different magicians came together, the consequences were unpredictable. It could cause the magic power to go wild which made people uncomfortable if it was light, or it could completely scatter ones magic power if it was heavy.

But Sancheli had dared to do this, so he must be confident. Xu Yi didnt pull back his own magic and carefully observed it.

After Sanchelis magic entered the metal disc, it clearly went to the other side and didnt clash with the magic that Xu Yi sent in.

Then there was a small flame that appeared on the metal disc, floating right beside the little cyclone that had been made with Xu Yis magic.

The wind from the cyclone shook the flame, like a candle that had been placed outside which made people think that it would be extinguished at any moment.

Seeing this and feeling that the metal disc had his and Sanchelis magic flowing in it at the same time, Xu Yi had an idea as he asked, “Sancheli, this thing can allow different sources of magic power to guide different elemental magic energy to form spells”

“Yes, this is the multi thread magic synchronization theory that Arch Magus Camilla proposed. What do you think” Sancheli asked with a smile.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before shaking his head.

“Although this is novel, its only at this level. Im afraid it isnt even at the same technological level as the magic toy that you showed me when we first met.”

“Of course its not just this. Sir chairman, please watch.”

Sancheli had Xu Yi stop his magic power and then took back the metal disc. He went over to his personal lab where there was a strange looking metal instrument sitting there.

“Sir chairman, this is just the control core. To see its true functions, you need to use this.”

After saying this, Sancheli put the metal disc in his hand into a groove on the metal tool and then pressed a button on the side.

Xu Yi immediately discovered that there were over a hundred different magic fluctuations of different elements, frequencies, and specifications that suddenly filled the lab.

The over a hundred magic fluctuations came from around the metal instrument before finally gathering in the metal disc that Sancheli had inserted.

This metal instrument released all colours of light as it released over a hundred different low level spells at the same time, which was quite dazzling to look at.

These spells didnt just appear, they even interacted with each other.

For example, there was an ice cone that fell from the ice spell up top that went into a pool of water, creating a bit of mist in that water. Then there was a flame spell that appeared that quickly heated up that water.

So that water had been turned into mist and then floated up, being wrapped up inside a pocket of air.

After a while, the pocket of air turned into a cloud that slowly let down rain.

As the rain fell, it landed on some dirt condensed by an earth spell. This hard dirt quickly softened and turned into mud.

Seeing this small ecological simulation, Xu Yis first thought was that Sancheli must have been very bored while doing his research that he would make spells that could do this kind of stuff.

However, after that though, Xu Yi began to carefully observe each of the spells that the metal instrument released. At the same time, he was focused on the magic power and the elemental magic energy contained within.

After several minutes, Xu Yi took a deep breath and looked at Sancheli with a shocked look.

“These spells are all operating in sync Moreover, they all come from a single Magic Array”

Sancheli nodded with a smile, “Yes, sir chairman. There are one hundred and seven different spells here and they are all from the Magic Array that you just saw on the metal disc. Of course, what is providing the magic power is the Magic Crystal.”

Xu Yi looked at the metal instrument with an astonished gaze.

If Sancheli wasnt lying to him, this meant that the metal disc that Sancheli had just shown him was capable of releasing one hundred and seven different spells at the same time!

For a normal Magic Array, as long as it was drawn, it would only be able to use a single spell.

Even if the might of the spell varied, one spell meant one spell. It was impossible for it to have two different spells at the same time.

Sanchelis research results had broken this old concept.

If he continued this research, not only would there be a chance to solve the urgent multi-line problem that the magic communication network was facing, they even…..had the chance to create a computer in this world!-

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