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Akali had been spending time with dragons every day for the past half a year, so she no longer felt that these legendary dragons were mysterious and she knew quite a few things about dragons.

Dragons were the same as humans. Although they looked like a complete race, the dragons were split into several categories and the most common differentiation was skin colour.

Cassandras dragon skin was dark red, so she was a part of the red dragon tribe which was the dragon tribe that had the most temperate personality among all dragons.

Compared to this, the most tyrannical and the ones that had caused the most damage in the legend of humans were the black dragons.

The dragon that was flying over was completely dark and had sharp horns on his head, it was a fit for the black dragon description that Cassandra had told her before.

“Its a black dragon, be on guard!” Akali quickly shouted while also sending a message to the team that was scouting out the area with the Magic Communicator.

Hearing this warning, the people in the camp all quickly stopped what they were doing and gathered in the center of the camp.

In order to be safe, there were a hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that came with Akali and the researchers, bringing along quite a few high grade military magic machines. Then with the Magic Barrier Armour that they had, it was impossible for this dragon to harm them,

So, including Akali, when these people saw the black dragon flying over, they werent that nervous. Quite a few people had stretched their heads out in excitement as they looked at the dragon with curious looks.

They had met the red dragons on Fire Rock Island, but this was their first time seeing the legendary black dragon.

After a while, the black dragon was already flying over the camp.

It just seemed like it was casually flying, like it hadnt noticed the camp at all.

When it finally noticed the camp, it flew around twice in the air before quickly diving towards the camp.

“Prepare for an attack!”

Seeing that this black dragon was heading right at the camp, the leader of this Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard group, Xerax called this out as the hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that were lined up raised their thick Magic Bazookas that they held in both hands.

Xerax silently watched the black dragon come closer before his raised right hand came down.


With this order, over a hundred Magic Rockets were shot out, all aimed at the black dragon.

The black dragons giant body in the air slowed down as it let out a roar of rage.

In his opinion, the insects on the ground dared to attack him which was simply too bold!

However, when those small Magic Rockets that the black dragon didnt pay any attention to approached him, the black dragon found that the might of these things had far surpassed his expectation.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

With several balls of flame in the sky, the black dragon shook in the sky a few times from the explosion before falling to the side. He slammed onto a hill that was several hundred meters away and caused the entire hill to shake.

Seeing this, Akali was a bit surprised.

Cassandra and the other red dragons all had thick skin and with their dragon form, they could resist Seventh Grade and below spells just with their bodies.

The Magic Bazookas that Xerax and the others had were the new ones developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce last year and although they were powerful, they could only match a Sixth Grade Spell.

Why did this black dragon collapse at a single blow

It had to be known that when Cassandra suddenly had an impulse to train with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards last month, she was far from being blown away at the first strike.

However, Akali and Xerax didnt let their guard down. Dragons had a strong vitality and even if they were heavily injured, they were still very powerful.

If a dragon was really forced into a helpless situation, the power that it could erupt with would be terrifying.

After a while, that dragon crawled out of the ground and shook off the thick dust on its scales.

He no longer had the same stance of looking down from above like before, acting arrogantly, but rather he released his rage.

As a noble black dragon, he was actually knocked out of the sky by some trivial humans!

This was simply a great shame to him!

The black dragon let out a roar that was like a bolt of thunder before opening its mouth to shoot a giant fireball that was close to ten meters wide at the camp.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards faced High Grade Magicians and even Great Magicians when they were training, so naturally they knew how to face magic.

Seeing this giant fireball, there was no need for Xerax to give the order. There were several guards that took Magic Rockets that had been painted sky blue from the side and put them in their Magic Bazookas which they shot at the fireball.

This action was very smooth and it was all done in less than two seconds.

After these Magic Rockets were shot out, they were different from the Magic Rockets before as they created several bright blue trails behind them.

In an instant, the special Magic Rockets collided with the fireball.

The Magic Rockets quickly exploded, but they didnt burst into the same balls of flame as before, but rather they created several cold mists in the air.

The giant fireball shot by the black dragon was swallowed by that cold mist and disappeared without a trace.

The black dragon was clearly surprised, but then it flapped its wings and wanted to fly over again.

“Everyone, careful!” Xerax roared out. When he wanted to point at the enemy to attack, there was another giant figure that quickly fell down in front of that black dragon.

The black dragon was stopped as soon as it wanted to fly up and it flew into a rage. It opened its mouth to spit out flames again, but seeing who this figure was, he closed his mouth.

“Leon, why are you fighting with them!” Cassandras angry voice came from the distance and Akalis group clearly heard it, “I just had you come here first to find them, now look at what youre doing Is fighting the only thing thats on your mind If you keep acting like this, do you believe I wont beat you whenever I see you in the future!”

Akali watched Cassandra scold this black dragon with a surprised look before her expression became strange.

If this happened between two humans, it would be a very normal scene.

But now it was a dragon scolding another dragon, this situation couldnt be even more unnatural if it tried……

Cassandra kept scolding him for several minutes before stopping and then flying back over.

As soon as she landed, she turned into human form.

“Hey, Akali, are you alright”

“Im fine……” Akali shook her head and then looked at the black dragon that looked aggrieved as it squatted on the small hill with an interested look, “Cassandra, you know that black dragon Didnt you tell me that black dragons had the worst temper among dragons Why does it look so obedient in front of you”

“Humph! I beat him up since we were young, would he dare act up in front of me” Cassandra said with a cold snort.

Akali and the others looked at each other with strange looks.

Based on Cassandras words, if she and that black dragons relationship were to be described with human words, perhaps it would be called……childhood friends

“Alright, Ill call him over here to introduce himself and get to know you.” Cassandra turned to the hill where the black dragon was to give a signal and that black dragon flew over, carefully landing in front of everyone.

“Hey, youre still not transforming into human for Your head is this big, do you want me to raise my head to talk to you” Cassandra scolded the black dragon without holding back at all.

The black dragon made a deep sound which could be considered an answer. Then he changed forms and turned into a young human man.

“Its a male dragon…..” Akali muttered in her heart. She reached her hand out to the black dragon who had turned into a human man, “Hello, I am Akali. I am Cassandras friend, Im very happy to meet you.”

The black dragon looked at Akalis hand and gave a snort as his eyes filled with disdain.

“Lowly human, who would shake hands with you”

As soon as his voice fell, Cassandra had already slapped his head.

“Do you believe that I wont force you back Speak properly for me!”

The black dragon revealed an aggrieved look and after looking at Cassandra with hidden bitterness, he very reluctantly reached out his hand to casually shake Akalis hand.

“I am Leon.”

Akali didnt mind his attitude at all. She looked between him and Cassandra several times before asking in a curious voice, “Hey, Cassandra, can you tell me whats going on You are a red dragon and he is a black dragon, why do you look so close Moreover, you said that you beat him up since you were young, could it be that you grew up together”

Cassandra waved her hand, “Its something from a thousand years ago, Ive almost completely forgotten it. Anyway, you just should know that my relationship with him isn't bad. Actually, I only contacted him before and told him that you had many fun things here, I never thought that he would come here today. If I didnt bump into him earlier, he would have already headed off to our island.”

“Oh Fun things” Akali looked at Leon with a surprised look, “Youre also interested in the Magic Sedans and Magic Illusion Films”

Leon said in a deep voice, “I dont know what you are talking about, but Cassandra said that these things were fun, so of course I came to take a look.”

Akali thought about it before revealing a smile.

If even a black dragon like Leon was interested in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products, this really would be great.-

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