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Thesis paper

On his trip to Anvilmar this time, Xu Yi had done many important things, but the most important thing was still clearly his audience with the king.

He didnt participate in the Magicians Guilds exam the next day, so Xu Yi cancelled all his plans. He rejected Erwin, Rooney, and Bobs invitation and calmly prepared himself in the office.

After eating breakfast, Xu Yi had a rare moment of rest. Then he began thinking about his meeting with Palmes Eren last night.

When he first saw Anke Eren at the Magicians Guild, Xu Yi had just treated him as a magic genius who had become an arrogant child because of it. However, after learning from chatting with Viscount Leslie that this fellow was the son of the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guilds president Palmes Eren, Xu Yi began to think about this matter.

After meeting that fellow at the exam yesterday, Xu Yi had deliberately angered him, creating a hole for him to jump into to injure him without holding back. Actually, this was all for creating an appropriate reason for meeting Palmes Eren.

With Xu Yis current identity, even with the special recommendation of Great Magician Camilla, it was impossible for him to go meet the high up Magicians Guilds president.

So after injuring his son, Xu Yi had obtained these qualifications.

After hearing that Xu Yi was there to meet him, Palmes Eren met Xu Yi without any hesitation.

He wanted to teach Xu Yi a lesson to help vent for his son, but after Xu Yi came with full sincerity and adding in the fact that he had brought a rare gift that was worth over three hundred gold coins, Palmes Eren found it hard to vent his anger.

In the end, this matter was Anke Erens fault to begin with, so he couldnt complain to Xu Yi at all.

Xu Yis attitude had been shown, so Palmes Eren could only suppress his anger to seriously talk to Xu Yi.

Having this rare chance to talk to the president of the Magicians Guild, Xu Yi quickly changed the topic to his real goal. That was hoping that the Magicians Guild could protected Magic Arrays with patents.

Xu Yi had raised this request to the Magicians Guild before through Great Magician Camilla, but it had been directly rejected.

Now that Xu Yi was mentioning this in front of Palmes Eren, naturally he wouldnt be direct. He smartly first proposed a Magic Fan Magic Array protection patent, which meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could pay the Magicians Guild a certain fee each year. He didnt directly propose a complete protection patent plan.

Although Palmes Eren didnt give any explicit indications, Xu Yi could see that this Magicians Guild president was very excited about the patent protection fee that Xu Yi proposed.

After seeing this kind of reaction, Xu Yi didnt continue discussing this matter.

This was his first time meeting Palmes Eren, he didnt want to decide such a long lasting event on the first meeting.

It was good as long as the president was excited. Xu Yi believed that after Palmes Eren and the Magicians Guild learnt that these protection patents can bring large amounts of profit to the Magicians Guild, Xu Yi wouldnt need to do anything else and they would put in all their effort to make this bill pass.

This point was also applicable to Xu Yis meeting with the king.

Xu Yi in the end was just a small merchant from Banta City and him passing the Primary Grade exam didnt add much to his status. With his identity, it would be impossible for him to see the king in a normal situation.

The reason why the king took the initiative to summon him was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines did indeed change farmland. It raised had a great effect on increasing the efficiency of farming.

Although Banta City had only undergone a single fall harvest, the role the agricultural magic machines had played was something that no one could ignore. Therefore the sharp eyed Count Sean Samo had reported this upwards.

To the Lampuri Kingdom, agriculture was without a doubt the most important thing. Anything that could increase the efficiency of farming would be viewed as important to the king, so Xu Yi had obtained the chance to have an audience with the king.

Xu Yi was very clear that being summoned by the king this time, it would greatly affect him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the future.

If he could obtain the support of the king, it would help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develop in the long run.

But to receive the support of the king, clearly he had to show something that gave the king great benefits.

For the king, this benefit is the increase in farming efficiency.

“Perhaps I should raise the importance of increasing farming efficiency in increasing national power” Xu Yi stroked his chin and looked at the half finished plan in front of him, filling his heart with doubt.

The plan that he was prepared to submit to the king only mentioned the changes to farmland with the agricultural magic machines, thus increasing the farming efficiency. He only went as far as mentioning the increase of harvest and didnt go any further, only mentioning the influence freeing up the farming workforce could bring.

As someone who had transmigrated from earth and was very familiar with the history of the industrial revolution on earth, Xu Yi could guess in advance the changes this would bring. But for the people of the Sines Continent who were living in a half slave and half feudal society, this was completely new ground for them.

Industrial revolution Greatly increasing productive power Technological innovation

These words didnt have any meaning on the Sines Continent, so naturally the people of the continent didnt understand what these words represented.

After seriously thinking about it, Xu Yi decided to mention a few more trends.

Showing that he had good foresight to the king was a good thing, this could make the king attach great importance to him.

Of course, his foresight couldnt go too far.

There was a sentence that said that one step ahead made one a genius and ten steps ahead made one a lunatic.

The plan proposal came to less than five thousand words and Xu Yi spent most of the morning finishing it.

During this time he had amended it three times, even going over every word of the plan, in order to ensure that they could properly demonstrate his words as best as possible. He had to allow the king and the staff members under him to completely understand the meaning of these words.

After finalizing everything, Xu Yi carefully looked it over again. After making sure that he didnt miss anything, he carefully reorganize this plan proposal.

Seeing a blank area on the top of the paper, Xu Yi thought about it before finally writing the title “the importance of liberating farming workforce”.

After he finished the title, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

After adding this title, this plan proposal seemed more like a thesis paper.

Although Xu Yi had written quite a few thesis papers since starting university, most of his thesis paper had been related to mechanical engineering. This was his first time writing this kind of sociological thesis paper.

Carefully putting the plan proposal away, Xu Yi looked at the sky outside the window and found that it was close to noon.

There was still an hour before lunch. Xu Yi thought about it before walking out of his room and heading to another room not far away.

Opening the door to this room that was quite a bit smaller, he saw Sancheli sitting at a desk, heaving out sighs as he faced a blank piece of paper.

There were abandoned scrunched up balls of paper all over the foot of the table, it seemed like Sancheli had been working quite a bit already.

“How is it You still cant write it” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Hearing Xu Yis voice, Sancheli suddenly looked up and after seeing Xu Yi, he looked like he was going to cry.

After being in this yard for two whole days, not only had Sancheli changed into clean clothes, he had also washed up and cleaned his hair and beard, making him look like a new person. Other than his face looking a bit pale from being malnourished, he was no different from a normal person.

But now that he had a long face, adding in his skinny face from being malnourished for so long, it looked a bit ugly and a bit shocking.

“Sir chairman, didnt you say that you wanted to hire me to research magic Why are you having me write this damn theory I dont know what this is about at all.” Sancheli said with a sigh.

Xu Yi picked up several scrunched up paper balls from the ground and found that there were some incoherent words written on the papers, as well as some drawings. If one looked at each piece of paper, no one would be able to understand what each paper meant.

After comparing the things written on several pieces of paper, Xu Yi thought about it before looking at Sancheli to say, “It seems like you dont understand what I mean. How about this, Ill say it again. Sancheli, the Magic Array that your crystal ball uses, it was researched all by yourself, right”

Sancheli nodded, “Thats right, I discovered it alone and no one helped.”

“Since you discovered it alone, you should understand the details of this Magic Array, right” Xu Yi then asked.

Sancheli immediately patted his chest, “Of course, Ive gone over that Magic Array over a thousand times and I can remember any line on it.”

“Then why cant you write it down” Xu Yi looked at him with a frown, “I want you to write the difference between your Magic Array and a normal Magic Array, and since you have such comprehension of this Magic Array, why cant you write it down”

Actually, what Xu Yi wanted to obtain from Sancheli was why he was able to set the function of his Magic Array before it was finished.

If he could discover this point and develop on it, it would definitely create a leap in magic machines that Xu Yi hoped for.-

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