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Because it wasnt just the Candra Empire that was stirred by this news of a new continent.

In the year 3800, based on the views of earth, this should be considered a new century.

When the first breeze of wind came across the Sines Continent, the second fleet that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent to the Magic Cloud Continent sent back their tenth report to headquarters.

Then after screening this report, they chose a part to send to the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», the «Banta Times», and the other newspapers to report, which once again lit up the enthusiasm of everyone on the Sines Continent.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce reported on the new continent last year in September, there has been information on the new continent being released each month.

The people of the Sines Continent followed each report from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as they became more and more interested in the new continent.

The legend of the new continent had spread on the Sines Continent for thousands of years, so now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had discovered this new continent, while exploring its mysteries bit by bit, it made everyone want to understand this new continent. There were even people who wanted to go to the new continent personally to experience this new world.

According to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces reports, there were very few inhabitants on this Magic Cloud Continent. Other than the dragon race that they had met outside of this continent, after the Frestech Chamber of Commerces exploration team reached the Magic Cloud Continent, during the ten months of exploring in a five hundred square kilometers area, they had only found a few locals.

What many people were surprised by was that among the Magic Cloud Continent locals, the one with the biggest population were the goblins that existed in the legends of the Sines Continent as being a notorious race.

Other than this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had also found the halfling race that was said to have migrated from the Sines Continent.

As for the rest, they hadnt found anything else yet.

In the tenth exploration report, the main thing announced was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had finished their first outpost on an island near Fire Rock Island.

According to the plan, the Frestech Chamber of commerce would first invest more into this island outpost, while also choosing a location near Dawn Island where the outpost was on the Magic Cloud Continent to build a true outpost, laying foundations to explore the Magic Cloud Continent.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced this, they also announced that to better explore the Magic Cloud Continent, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was sincerely inviting people from all walks of life to explore this new world together.

With this announcement, many people were confused.

The value of a new continent was incredibly large and everyone knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should have monopolized this news once they found the new continent, then slowly digest the value that was hidden on this new continent.

However, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had released this valuable information to the entire Sines Continent since the beginning. Now they were even inviting others to explore this new continent with them.

Why was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce doing this What benefits would they get from this

Could it be that this was a lie from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

It was no wonder people doubted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because this just went against common sense too much.

The most important thing was that from the beginning, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces announcement of the dragons and halflings were all based on the accounts of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. There werent many people who had personally seen them.

If it wasnt for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces reputation, people would have accused the Frestech Chamber of Commerce of deceiving the public.

But while some people had doubts, there were people who believed them.

Compared to the people who half doubted them, the ones that believed them more were the high level members of each country.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released their tenth report, there were many cooperation applications regarding the Magic Ships that came to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces headquarters.

They hoped that they could work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to explore the new continent.

The orders for the Magic Ships revealed an even deeper thought.

“Sir chairman, are we really selling the Magic Ship” The past Frestech Chamber of Commerce shipyard manager and now the chairman of the Frestech Shipping Chamber of Commerce, Ike Kruger looked at the orders in his hands and deeply knitted his brows, “We dont even make enough ships each year to use ourselves, how can we sell them to others”

“That is why we need to urgently increase production and increase our output. My plan is to let you work with several other companies and let them produce some of the parts of the ship. You can even let another company take care of creating the hull, which should relieve most of the pressure for you. Other than this, you can also train one or a few of the companies you are working with to grasp the ship building technology, increasing the production capacity. Headquarters will support you on this, so you dont need to worry too much.”

Hearing Xu Yi say this, Kruger knitted his brows even more as his face filled with unwillingness.

“Sir chairman, were handing over our precious technology” After hesitating a bit, Kruger gritted his teeth and continued, “Sir chairman, if this was before, as long as it was one word from you, I would have obeyed even if I was willing. But now that the shipyard has separated from the company and you want us to create our own paths, taking care of our profits and losses, I feel that……your proposition…..might…..might not be a good thing for us……”

“So you want to reject my proposal”

Kruger scratched his head, looking very awkward.

“If sir chairman insists, of course Ill listen to you. But…..But……”

Xu Yi patted his shoulder with a smile, “If youre really not willing, I wont force you. But Kruger, you should seriously consider this. Does my proposition have more benefits or disadvantages for the shipping company Dont come up with an answer yourself too quickly. Think more of our Frestech Chamber of Commerces history and perhaps youll find an answer.”

Seeing Kruger deeply knit his brows, slowly leaving while thinking about it, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerces departments were released into their own companies, although it saved the higher level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, especially Xu Yi quite a bit of trouble, while also giving more prospects to each department and strengthened the company as a whole, this also caused each department to have their own ideas. They wouldnt just listen to his orders as the chairman without thinking about it like before.

If this was before, with a single order from Xu Yi, any technology could be released and the others would only question it, but they definitely wouldnt refute it.

But now that he wanted the shipping company to release some ship building technology and develop the ship building industry on the Sines Continent, especially developing the seafaring Magic Ship industry, Kruger had hesitated.

Of course, he couldnt force Kruger because this was something that he had to experience after going from a manager to a chairman.

If Kruger could liberate his thoughts, then he could continue in this position.

If he couldnt, Xu Yi wouldnt be lenient.

Of course, even if Kruger had suddenly become bold and developed the ship building industry with the other companies, with the current foundation of the steel Magic Ship industry on the continent, it would take several years to reach the scale that Xu Yi wanted.

So even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had received many orders for large seafaring Magic Ships, they wouldnt be able to complete them in a short period of time.

It was a good thing that all the customers recognized this and other than urging them to go faster, they could only wait.

According to Xu Yis estimates, they would have to wait at least five years before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could complete the first order.

This meant that in at least five years, the Sines Continent could have another seafaring fleet other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerces.

In these five years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be able to monopolize the information and resources of the new continent.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to achieve enough in these five years to have an advantage when the era of exploration came to the Sines Continent in five years.

As for the worries of the people in the company, after the other countries and powers had the ability to sail the seas, there would be many people who could participate in the development of the new continent. The problem that it would affect the benefits of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi didnt doubt it, but he also didnt worry about it.

In the end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was only a company.

Based on the current exploration of the Magic Cloud Continent, the Magic Cloud Continent was even bigger than the Sines Continent and also had much more resources.

Just with a Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone, it would be impossible to develop the entire Magic Cloud Continent.

Because whether it was manpower or resources, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be lacking.

So the better way was to pull in investors and develop it together.

This was commonly seen on earth.

For Kruger who grew up on the Sines Continent, this wasnt easily understood.

To them, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt swallow it all at once, they could do it slowly.

With the ability and high speed development of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would be able to control the Magic Cloud Continent sooner or later.

However, Xu Yi wasnt willing to do this.

The reason was very simple, it was because he had reached forty years old this year……-

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