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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 52 - New World

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A cold wind blew past and Russell, who was moving fast, felt a chill. He couldnt help shivering and digging deeper into his clothes, while also moving faster towards the deepest part of the royal palace.

Seeing his majestys exclusive study that was several hundred meters away, Russell gave a secret sigh.

On such a cold day, he wanted to stay in his room and enjoy the warmth of the Magic Air Conditioner. He wanted to drink some hot black tea while enjoying the scenery of the newest «Overlooking the Sines Continent» produced by the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, but now he had been forced to come to the royal palace that was several kilometers away from his house. He really did suffer for this.

It was a good thing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had developed the warm and fast Magic Sedan, so he didnt need to spend that much time on the road and he wouldnt make his majesty unhappy by waiting too long.

But when he entered the royal palace, he didnt have a convenient tool to use and could only rely on his legs to walk over.

The Candra Empire royal palace was the biggest building on the continent. To show off the power of the empire, any place in the royal palace had a distance of several hundred meters or even a kilometer between them. Russell had taken a full twenty minutes to come from the entrance to the emperors private study that he had been called to, which could even be considered a small jog.

Thinking of this, Russell suddenly thought of something else.

It was said that the manager of the royal palace had once suggested that if the royal palace had the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Elevators installed, it would save quite a bit of time when moving through the royal palace. It would also save his majesty quite a bit of effort from moving around the royal palace.

But this clearly very practical and easy to use suggestion was denied by his majesty.

Although his majesty had given the reason that this would cost too much and it wasnt worth it, after Russell had seen the complex terrain of the royal palace, he suddenly felt that this wasnt the real reason why his majesty had rejected this suggestion.

In order for the Candra Empires emperor to remain aloof, the royal palace was built on a mountain that was very high up, which meant that there were differing levels in the royal palace. For example, from the main hall to his majestys personal study, it was over several hundred meters, but there was also a height difference of several dozen meters.

This kind of complex terrain made it difficult for people to go through the royal palace, but it also made it very easy to defend and it was quite good when it came to security.

His majesty refused to place Magic Elevators that would go up and down mainly because he was considering this.

Of course, perhaps there was also another reason. The emperor had been stressing to the ministers in court that they had to develop the Candra Empires own magic machine industry, trying their best to decrease their reliance on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Him refusing to install the Magic Elevator that only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had, wasnt this considered setting an example

But Russell could understand the emperors ideas and he felt that the Candra Empire as one of the two empires, having such a large country rely on a small Frestech Chamber of Commerce for many things was unacceptable. But when it came to certain things, he had to admit that they had no choice but to rely on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

For example, the urgent matter that his majesty had summoned him to discuss, it was impossible to avoid the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When he met the emperor, he was currently standing by a wall in the study, looking at a giant map of the Sines Continent that was hanging there, as if he was considering something.

Hearing Russell come in, the emperor didnt turn back as he directly said, “Russell, come and take a look.”

Russell quickly gave his coat to a maid before heading over.

“Your majesty, Ive come late. Please forgive me.”

Emperor Candra shook his head and picked up a thin stick before pointing at where the Candra Empire was on the map.

“Russell, do you see this Our Candra Empire can only occupy this amount of space on the Sines Continent.”

Russell looked up at the giant map. The piece that represented the Candra Empire, which was clearly the largest country on the Sines Continent, took up one fourth of the land on the continent. His majesty still felt that this was small

Of course, as the emperor, he would never feel that the land under his name would be too much.

Perhaps his majesty wanted to incorporate the entire Sines Continent under his rule.

“Your majesty, as long as we keep up our efforts and increase our national strength, our Candra Empire will become stronger and stronger.” Russell said in a deep voice.

Emperor Candra gave a laugh. He moved the stick in his hand and pointed at the white space to the left that represented the endless seas.

“You might think that our Candra Empire is big enough, but if you think about it, the empire only has a small piece of land on the Sines Continent. There is still the Magic Cloud Continent and three other continents that havent been proven yet. When it comes to the world, our Candra Empire isnt worth anything.”

Russells heart trembled. He looked at the emperor and seeing the sad look on his face, he also felt emotional.

“Your majesty, youve also seen the newest issue of «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly»”

“Right.” Emperor Candra gave a nod, “The newest issue of «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» announced the newest report of their open sea exploration fleet. The report said that they had already proven the existence of the Magic Cloud Continent and based on the survey results of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this Magic Cloud Continent is even bigger than our Sines Continent.”

“Other than the Magic Cloud Continent, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce also reported that there might be the existence of three other continents. If they could verify this, then there would be four more continents in this world, it wouldnt just be our Sines Continent.”

After saying this, Emperor Candra gave a laugh filled with self ridicule.

“We had thought that the continent was the entire world, but now it seems like those things of legends were true and we had stayed on the Sines Continent like trash!”

Russell knew that his majesty was only venting his feelings and there was no need for him to speak, so he remained silent.

As expected, after Emperor Candra was emotional for a bit, he suddenly hit the map with his stick and raised his voice.

“Russell, after learning this, do you still think that our empire is very big”

There was a strange look that appeared in Russells face.

After thinking about it, he said in a low voice, “Your majesty, if you wish to conquer the broader world, this minister is willing to fight to the death on your order.”

Emperor Candra gave a satisfied nod.

“Your ideas are good, but they are only ideas right now. Even if we wanted to conquer the new continent, we dont even have a ship that can reach it, so talking about it now is just nonsense.”

Russell raised his head as a sparkle appeared in his eyes.

“Your majesty, as long as you give the order, the empires navy wont complain even if we have to sail tens of thousands of kilometers!”

Emperor Candra revealed a smile before turning back to sit down and hinting for Russell to sit in front of him.

“I am very happy with the royal navys loyalty to me, but as I've said before, the navy doesnt even have a single ship that can sail ten thousand kilometers to the new continent. Even if you are loyal, it doesnt mean that you can do anything for me.”

Hearing this, Russell had confirmed his majestys intentions. He was filled with excitement as he kept asking, “Your majesty, are you…..”

Emperor Candra raised his hand to cut Russell off as he asked, “Russell, tell me, do you think that its possible that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would sell their seafaring Magic Ships to our royal navy”

Russells heart was filled with joy, but he revealed an awkward look. After knitting his brows to think for a bit, he shook his head, “Im afraid that it would be difficult. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has only started mass producing these seafaring Magic Ships in recent years. Until now, as far as I know, there are only a hundred and no more than a hundred fifty large transport Magic Ships and Magic Guard Ships that can sail the seas. They dont even have enough of those ships to use themselves, so they wouldnt have any extras to sell to us.”

“Theres nothing in this world that cant be bought.” Emperor Candra said in a very certain tone, “The reason that it wouldnt sell is because the starting price isnt high enough.”

“But your majesty……the royal navy doesnt have that much money……” Russell deliberately revealed a helpless look.

Emperor Candra revealed a faint smile and raised a finger to wave at Russell before saying with a smile, “Dont act like that in front of me, Im very clear on the situation of the royal navy. I called you here this time was to have you test the Frestech Chamber of Commerce first to see what kind of price theyre willing to sell the seafaring Magic Ships for. If the price is good, I wouldnt mind proposing to the empires parliament that we increase the navys budget next year.”

After finally getting the answer that he wanted from the emperor, Russell was filled with joy. He quickly stood up to give him a bow before respectfully saying, “This minister represents the entire navy to thank your majesty!”

“Im doing this for the future of the empire.” Emperor Candra turned to look at the giant map on the wall and gave a sigh, “When the legends were still legends, we could still sit here watching them. Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has put a whole new world in front of us, if we still act the same as before, it would be impossible to guarantee the empires future.”-

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