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Five days later, there were five large transport Magic Ships, thirty guard ships, ten Magic Airships, one hundred small Magic Speed Boats, and two thousand Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that left the harbour outside the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base.

This fleet could be considered the largest and most heavily armed fleet that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had established in their history.

Other than the two thousand guards, there were also reinforcements from each department. The ship also had three hundred people from the Lampuri Kingdom and one hundred and fifty elves from the three elf tribes, which made the member distribution very complicated.

For this fleet, their core duty was to bring goods and manpower to reinforce the Frestech Chamber of Commerces open sea exploration fleet, helping them explore the local area, building an advance base, and also creating an appropriate communication channel.

Other than this, the extra people that came with the fleet had different missions.

For example, the people sent by the Lampuri Kingdom and the three elf tribes would be there to explore the Magic Cloud Continent. Akalis small team was there to see if they could cooperate with the elves on their research. The Amrit Chamber of Commerces construction force was to help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce set up an outpost, while also inspecting the conditions of Fire Rock Island…….

In short, this fleet had many different missions. So when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent this fleet, they used half of the Magic Ships that they had built over the years, as well as squeezing out two thousand troops from their guards that were already short handed. It was all to make sure that this mission would go as smoothly as possible.

According to the information that Cassandra provided, this fleet should arrive at Fire Rock Island in a month if there were no accidents and meet up with the open sea exploration fleet.

Then they would stay on Fire Rock Island for half a month before sending people to explore the Magic Cloud Continent that Cassandra said wasnt far away.

Because it was only preliminary exploration, they wouldnt go too deeply. They would just learn a few things about the Magic Cloud Continent.

For example, the terrain, the weather, the society, and other things……

The main thing was to figure out the distribution of forces on the Magic Cloud Continent, making it easier to land in the future.

Because the dragon race didnt care about this, they couldnt provide any information and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to gather it themselves.

The most important hindrance to them gathering information was that according to Cassandra, there were no humans on the Magic Cloud Continent. So when the Frestech Chamber of Commerces group that was mainly made of humans stepped on the Magic Cloud Continent, they would attract the attention of the locals and it would be hard to predict how they would react.

But Xu Yi wasnt worried about this.

Based on the level of technology on the Sines Continent previously, the Magic Cloud Continent that was in the same world shouldnt have been much better.

Otherwise, Cassandra wouldnt have found the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines so new and strange.

The only thing that they needed to worry about was if there was a local race of the Magic Cloud Continent that had powerful battle strength.

But Cassandra had stated that there wasnt an intelligent race on the Magic Cloud Continent that could threaten their dragon race. Even if there was such a race, they wouldn't be so strong that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards loaded with military magic machines couldnt deal with them.

Because knew nothing about the Magic Cloud Continent, it was unknown how long this would take.

But Xu Yi had ordered the two fleets to send back reports on the first of every month so he could understand the general situation.

Of course, that didnt mean that Xu Yi could direct them from long range.

Because it would take a month for Xu Yi to receive the reports, it was impossible to direct them with this information.

So most of the main things on the Maglc Cloud Continent would rely on the people of the fleet to handle.

Although Xu Yi didnt feel relieved about this, he was forced into this situation.

Thinking of this helpless situation, he could only hope that Akalis team would make a breakthrough and create the long distance communication signal as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi was a bit happy that Akali was bringing her team to Fire Rock Island to work with the dragons.

With Cassandra as an intermediary……Eh, intermediary dragon, the dragon race should have a reason to have peaceful contact with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Then with the novel magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to build a good relationship with the dragons, this would be very helpful to Akali working with the dragons.

But no matter how smoothly Akalis research went, it was impossible to build this high latitude communication network that quickly.

So Xu Yi had no other choice.

There was no shortcut in developing technology.

He had brought the mechanical engineering theories from earth, but he had already used them all. If he wanted to depend purely on this mechanical engineering knowledge to quickly develop magic machines on the continent, that would be nothing more than wishful thinking.

In the beginning, he had played a huge role and the magic machine industry had developed very quickly, but the reason for that was because before he appeared, the Sines Continent was like a blank slate.

Now after ten years of development and research, the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent gradually became more specialized and had distinct classifications, so there were various kinds of experts appearing.

Even Xu Yi wasnt able to become familiar with every aspect of the magic machine industry.

He was still the most knowledgeable person when it came to mechanical engineering theory, but when it came to magic, that wasnt necessarily true.

In the end, even if he was a powerful Five Star Great Magician, he wasnt an Arch Magus in the end. He wasnt able to participate in the peak research like those true Arch Magi.

But when it came to the foundational and most essential magic research, Xu Yi surpassed all other magicians.

Seven years ago, Xu Yi had proposed analyzing magic with data and had turned the mysterious magic in the eyes of the people into a data driven study subject.

After two years of working with Arch Magus Camilla, the theory of magic data analysis method that Xu Yi proposed four years ago had officially been accepted by the magicians circle of the Sines Continent.

After many successful experiments, the Frestech Academy had allowed many normal people who had been deemed to not have any magic talent become capable of learning magic, so the magicians of the Sines Continent had gradually accepted this new theoretical knowledge.

On the current Sines Continent, this theory was being promoted which created a new method of researching magic.

Like the team that Akali led, they paid great attention to data when it came to their magic signal research. With Akali as their leader, all the magicians of this research team couldn't take the vague concepts like “feeling the magic fluctuations” or “gathering more and more elemental magic energy” like they had heard when they learned magic.

This time, they were planning on working with the dragons. Akali would definitely have to put in quite a bit of effort to understand the even more vague concepts of the Dragon Word Magic.

“But…..this doesnt matter to me.” Xu Yi gave a shrug. He took one last look at the horizon before heading back into the room.

The fleet had already set off and because the communication wasnt established, he could only wish them well in his heart and couldnt do anything else.

Compared to this, he should pay more attention to the matters of the Sines Continent.

The third day after the fleet departed, the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» announced a piece of news that had attracted the attention of everyone on the continent.

This news was reported as major news on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but just the title was enough to shock everyone.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces second open sea exploration fleet sets out! Goal, the new continent!”

New continent!


Was there actually a new continent

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had actually found a new continent

When people read the content of this report, they found something even more shocking.

The one that brought the information of the new continent was actually a dragon!


Its the dragon race!

It was the dragon race that only existed in legends!

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces open sea exploration fleet had actually met a dragon!

New continent and dragon, these two phrases were like two daggers that had stabbed everyones hearts.

These two things had already become legends on the Sines Continent and no one had believed that they existed.

But now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has confirmed these two things at once!

Everyones first reaction was that……this was a joke!

However, when they thought of how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had no reason to play this joke and not to mention that the news published in the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» was usually true, instead of being published in the «Banta Times» which people thought was the mouthpiece of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this should prove that they werent joking at all.

Then…..this was true

But even if the dragon race and the new continent truly existed, the implications hidden would be too much……

So after this news was posted in the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», there were countless people on the Sines Continent that made their moves.-

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