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Xu Yi and the three elven elders rushed to the experiment site set up outside the main base. They saw that Cassandra was in her dragon form and was flying in the air. The magic power wrapped around her and various types of different elemental magic energy flowed back and forth, looking very powerful.

“What is she doing” Xu Yi looked at the figure floating in the sky before asking Akali who was writing down notes on the side in a nervous voice, “Moreover, how can you have her change back into her dragon form Didnt I say that we cant reveal this”

“Ah Sir chairman, youre here.” Akali looked at Xu Yi before turning to look at Cassandra. Then she casually told her subordinates to do some things.

Seeing that she was busy, Xu Yi shook his head and moved to the side.

The three elders that came with Xu Yi flew over. Elder Undine looked at Cassandra before saying in a doubtful voice, “It seems like shes using some kind of special Dragon Word Magic”

“Dragon Word Magic” Elder Illusia and elder Lisanya looked at each other before shaking their heads.

The Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe didnt come from the elven royal family like the Azshara Tribe, so they didnt have that many inheritances from the elves. They had heard of the Dragon Word Magic, but they didnt understand it that much.

Now that they had seen it, they found that this magic was different from the elven magic or the magic improved by the humans, so it was very likely that this magic was the legendary Dragon Word Magic.

But the problem was……why was Cassandra using this Dragon Word Magic here

The three elders stood with Xu Yi as they watched Cassandra condense more and more elemental magic energy. After condensing it, it created a giant sphere around her dragon form.

Then this giant sphere that was made of different elemental magic energy separated from her body, slowly floating there in the air.

The researchers on the ground pulled out a weird looking machine from an unknown place and the tip of it was pointed at the elemental energy ball in the air. After a dazzling display, there was a light blue magic glow that appeared at the tip that was injected right into the elemental energy ball.

The elemental energy sphere reacted and a glow that contained the aura of different elemental magic energy shot back. It followed the light blue glow that had been shot out earlier and landed right at the tip.

All the researchers including Akali revealed looks of wild pleasant surprise. They came closer to the strange machine and then kept discussing it in loud voices.

“Hey, chairman Xu, what are they doing” Elder Lisanya couldnt help asking Xu Yi.

Xu Yi shook his head, “Dont ask me, I dont know.”

“You dont know” The three elders looked at Xu Yi in disbelief, “You are the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, how do you not know the research of your subordinates”

“This isnt strange.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “There are many categories of magic machine research right now. Although I have been driving this research, it is impossible for me to know every part of it. But……they should be conducting research into magic signal feedback. This is a very important project for the magic communication network.”

The three elven elders were confused when they heard this. After looking at each other, they gave up asking about this.

At this time, Cassandra found that Xu Yi was standing on the side and with a flap of her wings, she flew over.

“Hey, Xu Yi, you found me this quickly. Is it because youve already prepared the things that you want to give me”

“How could it be that quick” Xu Yi shook his head before pointing at the three elven elders, “Its the three of them that have something to discuss with you.”

“Its you three again.” Cassandra looked at the three elders and didnt hide the look of impatience in her eyes, “Didnt I already answer your questions last time What else is there to ask Im busy watching the illusion films, I still have the ones from yesterday to watch.”

Seeing looks asking for help from the three elders, Xu Yi gave a cough before saying to Cassandra, “Right, Cassandra, I forgot to introduce you. This is elder Undine, our companys Magic Illusion Projector was based on the related Illusion Magic developed by elder Undines Azshara Tribe. Also, although the illusion films that you watched were mainly filmed by the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, the Azshara Tribe has played a large role in making them.”

“Oh” Cassandra revealed a look of interest as she looked at elder Undine, “Then you can come with me. Ill talk to you while watching the films.”

She flapped her wings after saying this and flew towards the valley that she hid in.

The three elders revealed helpless bitter looks as they followed along shaking their heads.

After the team led by Hart also followed them, Xu Yi came over to where Akali and the researchers were.

“Hey, Akali, explain to me now, just what was going on here”

Akali looked at the researchers discussing among themselves and after hesitating a bit, she brought Xu Yi to the side.

“Sir chairman, do you remember how you proposed that we build something like the magic signal tower in the sky, so we can avoid the limitations of terrain and send magic signals to any place more conveniently”

“Of course.” Xu Yi nodded.

This concept without a doubt came to Xu Yi when he thought of those man made satellites on earth.

In his opinion, if this world had something similar, then it wasnt a problem to communicate over tens of thousands of kilometers.

“Could it be that you had some success”

“How could that be possible” Akali stuck out her tongue before pointing at the elemental magic energy sphere floating in the sky as she said in an excited voice, “But with Cassandras help, weve made a very important breakthrough in this matter!”

“You want to use that thing as a magic signal transfer station” Xu Yi looked at the strange elemental magic energy sphere and knitted his brows, “This thing clearly isnt stable, so its feasibility is close to zero.”

“That doesnt matter. The main process of creating this elemental magic energy sphere is using Dragon Word Magic to gather elemental magic energy, so its essence is still magic. As long as its magic, we can use a Magic Array to simulate it in theory. Isnt this what sir chairman told us before”

“Un……that is right. But the Dragon Word Magic is very different from the magic that we humans and the elves use, so are you certain you can develop this” Xu Yi asked.

“No problem!” Akali gave a fist pump, “But sir chairman, can you have Cassandra stay for a bit longer Our research is at a critical point and we need her.”

“That isnt possible.” Xu Yi shook his head, “The schedule has already been set, you cant make her stay because of this research. Dont forget, the countless people in the fleet that we sent out last year are waiting ten thousand kilometers away.”

“Right……” Akali revealed a depressed look, “Sir chairman, theres finally hope of making a breakthrough in my research and Im certain that this will change the history of magic communication on the continent! If you let Cassandra leave like this, wouldnt there be no hope for this research”

“Who told you there was no hope Cant Cassandra come back after leaving this time”

“Un” Akali was surprised, “Shes coming back Why Didnt the dragons already leave the Sines Continent a long time ago”

“But she came back this time. Since she came back once, there will be a second time and other times. After all, its very likely that our company will become business partners with the dragons in the future. When that time comes, not to mention Cassandra, I might even be able to invite several dragon experts to help with your research. How about it Are you satisfied”

“It would be great if it was like that!” Akali immediately became excited, “Sir chairman, you have to invite those dragon experts as soon as possible! The dream of no communication barrier that you mentioned before will depend on them!”

“Dont be excited. Itll take at least two months to go back and forth from the habitats of the dragons and itll take time to negotiate with the dragons. I think…..that it will be at least next year when this happens.”

“Next year” The happy look that Akali had immediately fell, “Sir chairman, can you go a bit faster”

“You want to go faster Only if you go to the dragon race to invite them, otherwise……”

When he was halfway done, Xu Yis heart skipped a beat. Seeing the excited look in Akalis eyes, he knew that he made a mistake.

As expected, after Akali was in a daze, she suddenly waved her hands.

“Right! Well do this! Sir chairman, since the dragons cant come here, then well just go to them! My research is at a critical stage right now and it cant be delayed! Sir chairman, Ive decided, I want to lead my team to go with the reinforcement fleet!”

Xu Yi helplessly covered his face and said with a sigh, “Akali, are you crazy That place is ten thousand kilometers away, you want to run that far”

“For research, distance is no issue!” Akali said in a fervent voice.

“But if you go, what about your research work here”

“Just leave the basic research here to others. Im only responsible for the most cutting edge theoretical research and now that Ive finally found a way to break through, how could I let it go Sir chairman, dont try to convince me, Ive already made my decision!”

Seeing Akalis two glowing eyes, Xu Yi who knew her personality knew that she wouldnt listen to anyones persuasion at this time.

But thinking of how the reinforcement fleet would now have this magic communication research team, he felt a deep sense of absurdity from it.

It was clearly only a fleet that was providing materials to the first open sea exploration fleet, why were there all kinds of different things mixed up with it now-

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